South Carolina Senate Pledges

Below are the SC State Senators who signed the No New Tax Pledge in 2008. We will update this throughout their term (4 years) to let you know if they are keeping their word. Read the 2008 SC No New Tax Pledge.

If an asterisk appears by the individuals name, this indicates that they have violated their tax pledge.

Who signed the pledge:

Kevin Bryant (3) Mike Fair (6) * David Thomas (8) * Daniel Verdin (9)
Shane Martin (13) Harvey Peeler (14) * John Courson (20) * Jake Knotts (23) *
Greg Ryberg (24) Nikki Setzler (26) * Dick Elliott (28) * John Yancey McGill (32) *
Lawrence Grooms (37)

Bills that violate the pledge:
H.3560 – This is the general appropriations bill. I have not fully reviewed it, but thanks to FITSNews, they found one tax increase that all boat owners in the state would have increased fees. The appropriations bill also accepts the stimulus monies as well as cuts funding for education. Senators Ryberg/Davis had tried to propose another budget that did not cut funding for education, but it was shot down. Thanks to Senator Kevin Bryant for providing basic information on their proposed budget.

The signers who voted in favor of the bill which included the tax increase:

Mike Fair David Thomas Harvey Peeler John Courson
Jake Knotts Nikki Setzler Dick Elliott John Yancey McGill
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