Spartanburg House Race Update – District 35

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The Race for House District 35 could provide some fireworks, then again, it may provide zero fireworks.  Looking at the current fund raising totals, I was not thoroughly impressed.

The biggest note of this race could end up being the huge legislative delegation issue that existed for several months.  Kelly was elected vice-chairman of the delegation and in a compromise, he lost the seat to Sen. Shane Martin.  This ultimately has no real meaning, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this come up.

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Keith Kelly

Contributions:  $4,400.00
Expenditures:  $3,644.24
Cash on hand: $1,301.80

Kelly’s finances seem a little short considering his incumbent status.  Of the $4,400 we have listed here, $3,000 of it is a personal loan to the campaign and $450 comes from actual individuals.  I do not know the landscape of this district very well (I don’t know if the oil reservoirs in lower Spartanburg are in his district), but he received $600 from petroleum companies in the last cycle as well.

Expense wise, he paid “On the Mark, LLC” (believe this is a Tompkins organization) almost $3,000 for an invoice and other businesses for radio advertising.

Willie Casey

Contributions:  $0
Expenditures:  $0
Cash on hand: $0

Wilie Casey has his name listed as a potential candidate for the election, but no forms have been uploaded.  Is he running?

William “Bill” Chumley

Contributions:  $1,420.00
Expenditures:  $3,130.00
Cash on hand: $348.72

Bill Chumley, another Sullivan candidate, also loaned the campaign money, $500.00.  Bill’s fund raising efforts appear to come from individuals in his district, with one coming from the county.   Looking at his expenses, we see he had to pay Sullivan during this cycle, $3000. Since filing, Chumley’s largest expenses have been paying Sullivan $5,500 in consulting charges.  For fairness sake, consulting could include printing of materials, etc.

Ironically though, Millwood, another Sullivan client, did not have a payment to Sullivan in the last two cycles, which we believe is the time he changed consultants.

Contracts are contracts and I guess all contracts are not equal.

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