New BMW X3 Causes Bomb Scare in NYC

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American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

With tensions on high in New York City, New Yorkers are keeping their eyes out for the least little thing.

This time, a brand new BMW X3, that will be built here in Spartanburg, SC, was the source of the scare.

Reports state that a BMW executive forgot to turn the car off before leaving it parked outside of the American Museum of Natural History.  The new X3 was wrapped in heavy camouflaging to disguise it from the public which further fueled speculation outside of the museum. As to what he was doing, some say he went for a stroll in Central Park while other reports claim he was having a picnic with a girlfriend.

Police knocked the rear windows out of the vehicle while trying to determine if the car was a threat to the public.

Check out the new BMW X3 at

Spartanburg High Students Have Close Call

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I heard about this over the weekend and thought it was odd that 2 F-16’s would be scrambled for a drunk passenger.  I mean, a few passengers on the plane could not man handle a drunken fool?

I did a little digging and found a passenger on the plane that is reporting that, Muhammad Abu Tahir, was wielding a razor when he came out of the bathroom.  This information came via a twitter feed of a passenger on the airplane (@CELLSKI).

Passenger Comments on AirTran Flight to San Francisco

Who knows how much truth is behind this, but it definitely goes to question why the media is not sharing all of this information?

Photo provided by passenger via twitpic:
Muhammad Abu Tahir Apprehended #1
Muhammad Abu Tahir Apprehended #2
Muhammad Abu Tahir Apprehended #3