Bill Connor Receives Boiling Springs Tea Party Endorsement

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Tea Party Movement backing Connor for Lt. Governor

WEST COLUMBIA, SC – Bill Connor’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor showed more momentum today as he picked up the endorsement of the Boiling Springs Tea Party organization, an Upstate organization with over 3000 members.

“We believe that Bill Connor’s advanced service to his country uniquely qualifies him for statewide office,” said Maria Brady, the group’s spokeswoman, in a release Tuesday. “Bill’s service as the leading US Advisor in Southern Afghanistan is proof of his commitment to our nation, and is well illustrated by his Bronze Star.”

“Col. Connor has been involved with the Tea Party movement since the first Tea Party in South Carolina back in Greenville in February. He has since been involved in more than a dozen Tea Parties across our state. Bill is committed to the ideals of freedom and liberty that are at the heart of our movement, and has shown that commitment in his articles and his actions. We are proud to support his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor,” Brady concluded.

“I am pleased to have the support of this great group of conservative and liberty-minded activists,” Connor said. “I have spoken at Tea Parties around our state for the past year about the need to get back to the ideals our nation was founded upon. I believe groups like this herald a new direction for our Republican Party, one where we refocus our efforts away from big government and towards the principles of freedom our Founders gave us more than two centuries ago.”

Bill Connor is the third candidate that the group has endorsed this primary cycle, joining Larry Grooms for Governor, and Dr. Christina Jeffrey for Congress.

Bill Connor is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves who received the Bronze Star for his service in combat as the senior American advisor in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Since returning from deployment, Bill continued his work as an attorney practicing corporate defense law in Columbia, and as the Chairman of the Board of Orangeburg Christian Academy. Bill is a graduate of the Citadel and USC Law School. Bill lives in Orangeburg with Susan, his wife of 18 years, and their three children Peyton, Brenna, and Will. They attend Christ Church of the Carolinas in Columbia.

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Rock Hill Freedom Rally

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A Freedom Rally will be held on Saturday, October 3, 2009, at 3:00 p.m at the Rock Hill City Hall Old Town Amphitheater.  An extension of the Tax Day Tea Parties and the 9/12 Freedom March on Washington, DC, the Freedom Rally will celebrate of the country in which we live, reflect on the sacrifices made by the Founding Fathers to secure the freedoms we enjoy today, and open discussion of ideas on how to ensure these freedoms are preserved and protected for future generations.

The theme of the rally will be “Know the Issues.”  “With Congress spending trillions of dollars and passing 1,000+ page bills, we need to understand how this complicated legislation will affect us on a local and personal level,” says Joe Thompson, rally coordinator.  Confirmed speakers include Park Gillespie, 2006 Republican candidate for The United States House of Representatives from SC District 5, and Marvin Rogers, former aide to United States Congressman Bob Inglis and, most recently, a 2008 Republican candidate for SC State House Seat 49.

An open mike format will be used for anyone wishing to ask questions or speak about current issues or concerns.  The public is invited to attend.  Questions or comments can be directed to Thompson at


Contact:  Joe Thompson
Our District 5

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Video

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Alan Keyes also visited Boiling Springs on July 4th to speak at their Tea Party.  With over 2000 people spread around the park, it was reported as the largest crowd ever at the community park.

Dr. Keyes took the opportunity to share with Boiling Springs his thoughts on Independence Day and the steps that needs to be taken to restore the republic.

And one last thing.  DSL 6.0 in Spartanburg SUCKS!  What has taken me several hours to upload at home I was able to upload in 20 minutes here in Indianapolis.

Anyways, here are the videos:

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 1

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 2

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 3

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 4

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 5

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 6

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 7

Independence Day Tea Parties Across South Carolina

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It is tea party time in Upstate South Carolina.

I just wish they had a larger affect on the opinions of our leadership in Washington, or in SC for that matter.  A protest is great, but it is not changing policies.  Make sure you are calling your elected officials and let them know how “mad” you are.

Here are the events we know about.  If your event is not listed, let us know.

Boiling Springs Independence Day Tea Party

The American Freedom Day July 4th Tea Party in Boiling Springs  is not being hosted by a political organization, but is being organized by individuals in the community.  Christina Jeffery has worked with the individuals to get some publicity for her campaign and is bringing in Dr. Alan Keyes to speak at the event as well.  Louis Wilson Engram will also be a guest speaker at the 3 hour event starting at 11 am.

The event will be held at the Boiling Springs Community Park off of  Double Bridge Road (just past the library). See the Boiling Springs Tea Party website for more information.

Charleston Tea Party

Hosted by the Charleston County GOP, the event will be held on July 4th at Cannon Park (261 Calhoun St).  Activities begin at 10:30 am.

Columbia Tea Party

This tea party is planned to be held on the State House grounds from 11 am to 2 pm.  Guest speakers include Bill Connor (Candidate for Lt. Governor), Jim DeMint, Nikki Haley (Candidate for Governor), Sheri Few (Stand Up SC) and Talbert Black (Campaign for Liberty)

Fountain Inn Independence Day Tea Party

This event is being hosted by the Upstate Young Republicans based out of Greenville, SC.  The one hour tea party is set to begin at 10 am on July 4th at the Fountain Inn City Hall.

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