SC Congressional Redistricting Hearing

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SC Congressional Districts

South Carolina Congressional Districts - 2000 Revision

This is the second hearing in Greenville, the first by the House. Here’s the information from the Greenville County GOP.

EVENT ALERT – Redistricting Public Hearing for Congressional and State House Districts

WEDNESDAY April 13th 2011 @ 5:30pm

The SC State House Judiciary Redistricting Subcommittee is holding a series of public hearings around the state to receive public comment and answer questions regarding the re-drawing of SC’s Congressional Districts and State House Districts.  The one public hearing scheduled for the Upstate will be held Wednesday April 13th @ 5:30pm at Greenville County Square in the Council Chambers located at 301 University Ridge, Greenville, SC.

This meeting is of great importance because there are several scenarios being considered.  One scenario could result in Greenville & Spartanburg counties being split into different Congressional Districts.  Another scenario would result in dividing Greenville County in half putting each half of the county into different Congressional Districts! Your State House representation could possibly change as well.

For more information about these hearings, go to this link:


Dan Herren
State Executive Commiteeman
Greenville County Republican Party

Jim DeMint is Coming to Spartanburg

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Jim DeMint will be coming to Spartanburg on July 2nd for a book signing at Costco starting at 3pm.

He is promoting his latest book “Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism

Check back for details.

Spartanburg GOP Precinct Reorg Makeup Meeting

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If you were a law abiding citizen on March 2nd and weathered the nasty weather to organize your precinct, prepare to do it again on March 23rd.  That’s right, we have some sources that said packets are being thrown out on technicalities.  We have contacted Rick Beltram and he stated that some individuals had been in question because they were not registered voters, but that entire packets had not been “thrown out”.

By SCGOP Party Rules, the county party is allowed to hold make up meetings for those precincts which were unable to organize. This can be found in the under Rule 4.1.b:

The county chairman shall also set a date no later than five days prior to the county convention for precinct clubs to meet, that have failed to organize or re-organize or clubs that need to conduct further business. The meeting for all precincts shall be held in one central location in the county.

So, if you want a say in the direction of the Republican Party, want a say in its leadership, this is one of two (2) meetings that you need to attend.

Those individuals researching and counting numbers may base their decisions to take on the embattled 10 year county chairman if you are willing to sacrifice a few hours and have your opinion heard by party leadership or by even becoming party leadership.  It is in your hands.

As for my candidacy, I have been approached by several individuals before and after the infamous audio release.  I will be making a decision in the next few weeks.

The makeup meeting is currently scheduled to be conducted at the Country Hearth Inn at the I-85/I-26 intersections starting at 7pm on March 23, 2009.

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Check Out Jason Spencer’s Blog

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Check out the excellent reporting by Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal.  Be sure to comment and let him know that the people of Spartanburg want the truth and to see these articles in the paper.

Despite a snow-covered Spartanburg and the dangers of black ice on the road, the Spartanburg County Republican Party, at first glance, seems to have done well with its biennial precinct reorganization.

The blandly named “precinct reorganization” isn’t exclusive to party activists – Democrats and Republicans alternate the years they do it – but it is the front door to any registered voter who wants to have a say in county or state party leadership and/or present resolutions that could affect their state party’s platform.

Monday morning, when I was making calls about things I cover, trying to determine what was cancelled and what wasn’t, I was told that reorganization – advertised on the radio for the past week – would go on. Organization is largely a formal process, but a necessary one, to elect precinct officers and file the appropriate paperwork to become a county and/or state delegate – i.e. to have a vote at the county or state conventions, which are in April and May, respectively.

Read more here at Crazyworld

Reorg Is Tonight

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Apparently Jason Spencer has talked with Rick Beltram and has posted the following tweet.

Spbg GOP precinct reorg on for 7 p.m. Make-up meeting March 23 at Country Hearth Inn for those unable to go or find polling place closed

Be careful, but don’t be fooled.  If you can get to a precinct meeting and it is closed, place a note on the door and go to another business across from the location.  You must get your precincts organized!

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