Spartanburg GOP Hosts “Back to School Fest”

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The Spartanburg County Republican Party

The Spartanburg County Republican Party

The community is invited to enjoy free ice cream, activities for children, and meet locally elected officials at the “Back To School Fest” on Sunday August 23, from 2-4 p.m. at the Cleveland Park Event Center in Spartanburg.

Our locally elected officials have volunteered to sponsor several activities.  Activities include miniature train rides, face painting, helium balloons and a variety of games for the children.  The Spartanburg County Sheriffs Office will also have a display for the children and most importantly on a warm August afternoon…ice cream sundaes with all the toppings.

A special thanks to the officials below who will be participating in our “Back to School Fest”:

Auditor Sharon West, Treasurer Oren L. Brady III, Probate Judge Ponda Caldwell, Solicitor Trey Gowdy, Coroner Rusty Clevenger, Sheriff Chuck Wright, and  Spartanburg County Council members Jane Hall, Tom Foster, O’Neal Mintz, Dale Culbreth, Jeff Horton, and David Britt.

This event is sponsored by the Spartanburg County Republican Party

Clarifying the Chaos

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Roberts Rules of Order
As we told you last night, we would be digging a little deeper to find out what should have happened and what was legal and what was not.

In my initial research after the meeting, it appeared that the process of allowing people to pay the $10 to be placed on the state delegate ballot was completely legal.  I was able to confirm today that my research last night was correct.

The only thing that would prevent the addition of these individuals would be a deadline that was put in place for the printing of ballots, which Spartanburg currently does not do for state delegates.

When we spoke with a few parliamentarian specialists, we discovered that Beltram never had to ask the permission of the Executive Committee to add these delegates.  Beltram essentially granted authority to the committee which has no authority over that matter.

I would be willing to say that the days of what would appear to be a head nodding committee is gone. That’s just my observation though.

For those in attendance last night, I would say we are all a little antsy and we all need to continue reading our Robert’s Rules of Order.

So moving forward, I hope Beltram will publicly recognize his errors just like I have mine.  I am not going to get my hopes up though, it appears he’s already pinning it solely on the majority.

Rick Beltram e-mail 9:16pm on April 1, 2009
The procedure that the majority voted last night (to table additional nominees as state delegates was NOT correct procedure).

Chaos, Rick Beltram, LaDonna Ryggs

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It's not a stop sign, but get's the point across

After spending approximately 45 minutes explaining the convention process, defending himself against allegations made by Upstate Update, all the while campaigning (I am honestly amazed to see how he does this), Rick Beltram ran into a brick wall when 76+ people stopped an effort that would allow him to add nominees to the state convention ballot.

We have since learned that adding nominees to the State Convention ballot appears to be allowed (we are still waiting for final clarification).

I decided to take a further look to see if the process used tonight was even valid.  After browsing some Robert’s Rules of Order, I discovered that a motion to suspend rules to have a vote requires 2/3 vote of the executive committee.  I’m still validating, but I believe state rules or party rules over rule this to read 50%.  Either way, rules not expressly designated are to bound by Robert’s Rules.  We would like to point out a few things that went wrong.

  1. The meeting was never properly called to order
  2. A roll call was never taken to determine if a quorum was present to conduct business
  3. The quorum would have to be based on the 88 precincts organized in 2007
    1. The newly reorganized precincts do not have a voice until the county convention
  4. Votes to suspend the rules must be done via roll call vote

This is just a quick synopsis, we don’t know how many other rules apply to this.

Although there was not a properly organized meeting, some individuals in the crowd raised a few of these points and after three rounds of voting on a table motion, order began to be restored.   The vote synopsis is below:

  1. Voice vote to table the motion passed, Beltram decided to have hand vote because it was hard to determine.
  2. Tried to do a vote via hand count which was counted improperly.
  3. Final head count vote the tabled the motion 76-24

So now I am left in a precarious position, who do I support?  There are arguments that LaDonna Ryggs should be attending these meetings and debating Rick Beltram.  She attended the meeting last night at West View B but not the executive committee meeting tonight.  There are also allegations that Ryggs failed her duties as executive committeeman in the re-organization process.

Among the many arguments against Beltram, new arguments are being raised concerning whether or not he is following the rules.

We would like to ask you:

With seven (7) days remaining until county convention, leave a comment and let us know who you are supporting.

Spartanburg GOP Precinct Reorg Makeup Meeting

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If you were a law abiding citizen on March 2nd and weathered the nasty weather to organize your precinct, prepare to do it again on March 23rd.  That’s right, we have some sources that said packets are being thrown out on technicalities.  We have contacted Rick Beltram and he stated that some individuals had been in question because they were not registered voters, but that entire packets had not been “thrown out”.

By SCGOP Party Rules, the county party is allowed to hold make up meetings for those precincts which were unable to organize. This can be found in the under Rule 4.1.b:

The county chairman shall also set a date no later than five days prior to the county convention for precinct clubs to meet, that have failed to organize or re-organize or clubs that need to conduct further business. The meeting for all precincts shall be held in one central location in the county.

So, if you want a say in the direction of the Republican Party, want a say in its leadership, this is one of two (2) meetings that you need to attend.

Those individuals researching and counting numbers may base their decisions to take on the embattled 10 year county chairman if you are willing to sacrifice a few hours and have your opinion heard by party leadership or by even becoming party leadership.  It is in your hands.

As for my candidacy, I have been approached by several individuals before and after the infamous audio release.  I will be making a decision in the next few weeks.

The makeup meeting is currently scheduled to be conducted at the Country Hearth Inn at the I-85/I-26 intersections starting at 7pm on March 23, 2009.

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Check Out Jason Spencer’s Blog

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Check out the excellent reporting by Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal.  Be sure to comment and let him know that the people of Spartanburg want the truth and to see these articles in the paper.

Despite a snow-covered Spartanburg and the dangers of black ice on the road, the Spartanburg County Republican Party, at first glance, seems to have done well with its biennial precinct reorganization.

The blandly named “precinct reorganization” isn’t exclusive to party activists – Democrats and Republicans alternate the years they do it – but it is the front door to any registered voter who wants to have a say in county or state party leadership and/or present resolutions that could affect their state party’s platform.

Monday morning, when I was making calls about things I cover, trying to determine what was cancelled and what wasn’t, I was told that reorganization – advertised on the radio for the past week – would go on. Organization is largely a formal process, but a necessary one, to elect precinct officers and file the appropriate paperwork to become a county and/or state delegate – i.e. to have a vote at the county or state conventions, which are in April and May, respectively.

Read more here at Crazyworld

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