Prudence Called for in Time of Crisis

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JULY 3, 2009

Today, State Representative Tommy Stringer issued the following statement:

As an elected representative in the South Carolina House, I am please to learn that the SLED review of Gov. Sanford’s finances has not discovered evidence that he misused public funds during his various personal trips.

I have been reluctant to join in the chorus demanding Gov. Sanford’s resignation. Please note that my reluctance should not be taken as an approval of his personal actions.

We should remember that he is the elected head of the executive branch of our state government.  He was elected by the people, not by the Legislature. If he has committed an impeachable offense, then it is a matter for the Legislature to address. If he has not, then it should be his decision to resign based on what he perceives to be in the best interests of the people of South Carolina and for his family.

He has served the state well for six years as Governor and before that in Congress. Some people have not agreed with his stance on various issues. I have been a strong supporter of his desire to reform state government, but I have not agreed with him on every issue either.

His public and personal actions have forced South Carolinians to determine the true meanings of confession, contrition and redemption. We are also forced to determine whether his personal moral failure invalidates the service that he has rendered to the people of South Carolina. These are hard deliberations that should be done in a prudent manner, not in a media generated frenzy.

SLED Claims Sanford is Clear

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According to SLED’s investigation of Sanford’s travels, they have declared that their is not any evidence of criminal activities made by the governor.

Director Lloyd said that if there is any information provided that justifies a criminal investigation, then it will be further reviewed.  He stated that this was not a criminal investigation, but a review.

Lloyd also states that this was a state sponsored business trip that state business was conducted on.  The governor can choose to do what he wants in his personal time.  It is no different than a state employee seeing a ball game after spending the day in conferences.

This is the same argument we made the other day.

Questions still linger as to whether or not he should resign or if he will be impeached.  Only time will tell.