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I have found it fairly difficult to trackdown some websites over the past few weeks, so here they are. I will add more to this list as I find more candidates information. If I have missed any, please feel free to contact me.

Max Hyde, Shane Martin, Jim Ritchie Scheduled to Debate

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The race for Senate District 13 is heating up and the candidates are scheduled to duke it out.

The Spartanburg Young Republicans have scheduled an event at 7pm on May 19th at the USC Upstate Readiness Center. Max Hyde, Shane Martin and Jim Ritchie (incumbent) have agreed to participate.

Questions will be taken in written form from members of the audience prior to the event.

Contact Nicole Cobb ( or 864.316.5628) for more information.

Shane Martin Presents Dinner with Rusty Wallace and Friends

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Shane Martin (Candidate For Senate District 13) presents “Dinner with Rusty Wallace & Friends.” The event will be held on Tuesday, May 6th 2008 at Summit Pointe Conference & Events Center from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Seating is limited and tickets must be purchased in advance ($40 per person). Purchase securely online at or contact Nicole Cobb (864.316.5628). All sponsors should contact Nicole directly.

  • Cost includes Dinner & Desert
  • Rusty will share personal stories and behind-the-scenes information
  • Silent Auction of NASCAR items

Summit Point – Grand Summit Ballroom
Located behind City Range at Westgate Mall
805 Spartan Blvd, Spartanburg, SC 29301

Spartanburg County Bronze Elephant

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Live from Cleveland Park in Spartanburg, SC. Tonight the Spartanburg GOP will be hosting their annual county party event. Governor Mark Sanford will also be presenting. I’ll provide live blog updates throughout the night.

  • 6:50pm
    • Program begins in 2 minutes
  • 19:03
    • Special music by Brittany Hunter
    • Reading of the Republican Creed
    • Rick Beltram takes the podium
    • All money raised tonight goes to fund Republican candidates that go to the general election.
    • The party does help with strategy
    • Officials in attendance
      • Lindsey Grady
      • Lee Bright
      • Rick Cherry
      • Trey Gowdy
      • Mark Hammond
      • John Wilkins
      • Max Hyde
      • Mark Kitchens
      • Joe Mahaffey
      • Shane Martin
      • O’neal Mintz
      • Steve Parker
      • Bob Walker
      • Scott Talley
      • Jim Ritchie
      • LB Watson
      • Chuck Wright
      • Jeff Horton
      • David Britt
    • Mark Sanford introduced
    • What makes it so important to gather in this place on a Monday Night.
    • Want to say thank you for being in the trenches for many years
    • It’s my humble opinion that we need reinforcement and we need them now
    • I believe that we live in the most pivitol point in American history
    • Most threats have been external in nature (in the past)
    • Today’s threats are internal in nature.
    • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (Spiderman)
    • Everyone of you have great power in determining what comes next
    • Jefferson said “One person with courage is a majority”
    • One person can make a difference
    • It is important for each one of you to find a way to double your effort
    • Katrina is part of the human tradition….tragedy
    • Dependency was the most disturbing piece of Katrina.
    • Look at the reaction of the American public, most people believed the Bush was completely at fault for Katrina
  • 19:26
    • Something is awfully upside down if you begin looking at the government immediately after a tragedy
    • This is to be the party of freedom
    • Today’s world is extremely competitive world
    • When you looked at people on TV after Katrina, did you see the people has lions or gazelles. Lion doesn’t run faster than slowest gazelle, he dies. If the gazelle doesn’t run faster than the lion, he dies
    • We have to profound opportunities with taxes and spending
    • Your help is needed if you want to help, just don’t for get the little things
  • 19:31
    • Three points
      • Be a candidate or support candidates that are willing to lose
        • In real conflicts, there are tragedies
        • Name of the game is staying true to the principles that got you in office
        • Churchill said courage was going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm
        • Look at the big picture, and the principles you stand for
      • Insist candidates and support the vision
      • We typically found ourselves blocking things as Conservatives
      • One last observation
        • How powerful each of you can be with governmental growth on one side, and liberty on the other
        • At the end of the day, what are we all fighting for
        • Liberty, freedom, our kids
  • 19:41
    • Salute to first responders and their families
    • Introduction of Sheriff Chuck Wright
    • Integrity and Honor
    • We have a bunch of days where people are dragging their feet
    • People deserve the right to go home and see their children
    • You must stand up for your rights
    • I pulled a guy over and he wanted to speak to my boss
    • I responded “Well, that will take you a while, because the people of Spartanburg are the boss”
    • I carry 5 stones in my pocket at all times
    • In one debate with former Sheriff Coffey and Bill Norris
    • God I need to know what to say, when to stand up, when to sit down, when to shut up
    • The five stones are to remind me that it is not about me, but it is about all of us
    • I don’t want to hear how rotten the other guy is, I want to know what you can do for me.
    • Legislature needs to know what we need, don’t just bring problems, bring solutions
    • Why do I have to read a drunk driver there Miranda Rights 3 times, but a murder 1 time
    • I want to recognize my traffic division for the DUI enforcement
    • If you do not get off of your butt and tell the people who they should vote for, we are going to lose, and I hate losing to Democrats
    • We don’t mind Hispanics coming to America, just COME IN THE FRONT DOOR
    • Don’t tell me I cannot carry a gun
    • I’m going to quit before my wife hears this speech
  • 19:54pm
    • Introduction of Dr. Hugh Cort
    • It’s great to be in SC, it’s great living in south, we have it made!
    • I’m in touch with intelligence experts around the world, I’ve read the 9/11 book
    • We know Osama Bin Laden is planning an attack on America
    • He has a plan called the American Hiroshima
    • They have already obtained 26 suitcase nukes and already smuggled from Mexico into American Cities
    • And he hired 20 KGB associates to maintain those suitcase nukes
    • Bin Laden in planning a Nuclear Hailstorm, hitting 10 cities
      • Washington, New York City, Las Vegas, Valdez Oil Terminal
    • FBI refuses to search the mosques in the big cities
    • Don’t want to violate Muslims Constitutional rights
    • So they took it to Cheney
  • 20:00
    • I believe I am the only candidate that can stop Bin Laden’s coming attacks.
    • We need to bomb Iran’s 24 nuclear sites, and it can be done in 48 hours
    • If Iran gets nukes, it will kill 200 million people before we can stop him if we do not act now.
    • Secure to boarder and deport the illegals.
    • Issue Executive Order banning homosexuality and abortion immediately following inauguration speech.
    • 5 questions
      • Do you want to stop homosexual marriage and abortion
      • Do you want to stop Bin Laden’s coming attack
      • Do you want to win the war in Iraq
      • Do you want to stop Iran from getting nukes
      • Do you want to win the war on terror.
    • go to
  • 20:08
    • God Bless America and America Bless God
    • Introduction of Mark Hammond
    • We have been quite busy
    • Have made our government more business friendly than it has in many years
    • I have worked with the Sheriff to stop trafficking of counterfeit merchandise
    • Can get up to 5 years and 10 years for repeat violations
  • 20:15
    • Door prizes….
    • This is the end of the event, look for a synopsis later

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