GOP Presidential Debate

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Will be held at the Peace Center in Greenville beginning at 9pm.  Tickets are available through the SCGOP at or call (803)988-8440 (tickets are not available through the Peace Center Box Office).  This debate will be broadcast live on the Fox News Channel.

Courtesy Greenville GOP

2010 SCGOP Silver Elephant

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9:21 pm
Think about the number of trees those democrats killed writing this huge bill (health care) that everyone printed to read.

9:14 pm
Why can we buy auto insurance across state lines (GEICO) and not our health insurance.

9:00 pm
We are still a nation of personal liberty.  It’s not up to the government to tell you what to do.
The people are worried about jobs, but Barack Obama made 58 speeches over 51 weeks to promote healthcare.

8:55 pm
If Obama has his way, we will have a national debt at 135% of the GDP.  It will put Greece to shame

8:52 pm
Karl Rove says we cannot spend our way to prosperity.

8:48 pm
Karl Rove talks about all the pay raises government bureacrats received in the $787 million jobs bill

Karl Rove addressing SCGOP Silver Elephant

Karl Rove addressing SCGOP Silver Elephant

8:30 pm
The Architect, Karl Rove, is being introduced to the SCGOP.  Dad, I got you an autographed copy of his new book.

8:26 pm
Joe Eden receives first ever Roger Milliken Lifetime Achievement award.  New Milliken CEO Joe Salley is recognized by Karen Floyd.  Mr. Milliken was not able to be in attendance tonight.

7:58 pm
Lindsay says to Harry Reid now is not the time to bring up immigration reform because your behind in your race.  You are not helping America if you do that.

7:55 pm
Sen. Lindsay Graham reminds the Republicans in Greenville, SC to back Sen. Jim DeMint 100% in June and November.  For those of you who don’t know, Greenville voted against Lindsay Graham in the 08 Primary versus Buddy Witherspoon.  Greenville was the only county Graham didn’t take in the 08 primary.

7:44 pm
Gov. Mark Sanford introduced.  Thanks the GOP for their many years of support.  Sanford says we now have a Federal Government that says we’ll take care of your healthcare, your energy, your economy and on the seventh day, they’ll rest.

7:20 pm
We are going to try to do updates throughout the event.  As I said earlier, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.  Several of the bloggers on Blogger row are using the #scgop hashtag as well.  Fellow bloggers include Wes Wolfe (Wolfe Reports), Earl Capps (Blogland of Earl Capps), Brad Warthen ( and Wesley Donehue ( /

Special Programming

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Thanks to Wesley Donehue at Donehue Direct, he has aquired a “Bloggers Row” table for various SC bloggers at the SC GOP Silver Elephant banquet in Columbia, SC.

You will be able to follow events live via Facebook and Twitter and we will be interviewing various candidates throughout the night.  I hope to be able to provide a live blog during the keynote.

Karl Rove, former advisor to President George W. Bush will be the keynote speaker this evening.  Check back later for the details.

SCGOP Silver Elephant

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The SCGOP will be holding their annual fundraiser at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on April 24 starting at 6:30pm.  The keynote speaker will be Karl Rove, an advisor to former President George W. Bush.

SCGOP Convention – The Voting Begins

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Check here over the next hour as we provide updates on the nominations and the votes.

12:23 pm
Glen McCall is giving nomination speech for Karen Floyd for Chairman.

12:25 pm
Katon Dawson gave second nomination

Lin Bennett gives second seconding speech.

Kevin Hall giving third seonding speech in support of Kevin Floyd.

Karen Floyd is nominated by acclamation.

12:28 pm
Karen Floyd giving speech.

Katon, it is my honor and priviledge to follow after you.

12:30 pm
My son reminded me that we stand for bigger purposes than just our own.

Today, I’m proud to join the activist army of the SC republican party

It more than speaking. It is our actions.

The right to bear arms includes the right to buy ammunition.

12:35 pm
I am in awe of my new responsibilities. I am honored.

Nomininations for 1st Vice Chair.

Britton Pruett nominates Patrick Haddon.

Glen McCall gives seconding nomination for Haddon.

Motion to elect Haddon by acclamation

Haddon elected 1st Vice Chair

12:40 pm
Haddon introduces the activist army to SMS text messagng. It is time to reach out to 18-40 year olds.

12:43 pm
Charles Butler nomnated for 2nd Vice-Chair.

Butler elected via acclamation.

12:46 pm
Butler gives election speech.

The strength of our party is rooted in the attributes found in the word of God.

We need hand ups, not hand outs.

12:50 pm
Nominations for 3rd Vice Chair.

Adam Piper nominated.

Alexia Newman gives Piper second nomination.

State Rep Jenny Horne gives second seconding speech.

12:55 pm
Mitch Baroody nominated for 3rd Vice-Chair.

Rep. Phillip Lowe seconds nomination of Baroody along with Cong. Wilson’s wife.

Donna Hicks (Spartanburg) nominated for 3rd Vice Chair.

Justin Bradley (Spartanburg) seconds Hicks nomination.

Nominations are closed.

Piper is addressing the convention. He believes America is the greatest nation on the earth.

We must bridge the generational gap.

Encouraged to get involved by Bob Dole.

Piper gets the crowd extremely excited.

Baroody is giving his speech.

We must personally invest time in technology.

1:09 pm
Leading by example is my philosophy.

Baroody takes shot at Piper over being a hired political operative.

Hicks begins her speech.

I am a conservative, a member of the NRA and I own a handgun.

We must be real to the young adults.

5:42 pm
Sorry, we got lost n the fray of counting ballots and rule changes. Adam Piper wins 3rd Vice Chair.

I can provide more details when I return to Boiling Springs and see my family.