Election Night Parties

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There are several parties scheduled for Election Day after the polls close.  Below are the ones we have learned about.  If your party isn’t listed here, let us know.

  1. Greenville GOP will have their event at Furman University in the Younts Conference Center.  It will start at 7pm.  Congressman Bob Inglis is scheduled to speak to the audience.
  2. Spartanburg GOP will have their event at Wild Wings in Downtown Spartanburg.  The event will start at 7pm.
  3. Spartanburg Democrats will have their event at Spartanburg Marriott at Renaissance Park [downtown] 299 North Church Street Spartanburg, SC 29306.  No Time specified.
  4. SC GOP will have their Election Night Victory ’08 celebration at the Hilton Columbia Center’s Ballroom on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. The celebration begins at 7:00 PM.

    Event is being held in conjunction with Senator Lindsey Graham’s re-election campaign, Congressman Joe Wilson’s re-election campaign, and other local Republican candidates
  5. Shane Martin will host an Election Party at Basils Grille from 6:30pm-10pm. Come join us in waiting for the Election results! Feel free to Drop- in or have Dinner!
  6. Table 301 – A fine dining restaurant group will be having 2 for 1 drink specials in downtown Greenville.  You must have your “I Voted Sticker” to get the specials.  The Restaurants include: (The Lazy Goat, Soby’s, Restaurant O, Devereaux’s)

My Experience at the Presidential Debates in Myrtle Beach

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It Sucked.

I was fortunate to have my ticket paid for by a campaign, so I was not out too much money. The evening began with my wife dropping me off at the event. The plan was for me to catch a ride back to the hotel after the debate. Around 8:05pm, I was walking through the multitudes of cops to meet with the campaign that was providing my ticket. After waiting 15 minutes, he gave the officers clearance to let me go across the street towards the convention center. I make my way around to the general admission entrance and get in line to get searched. I get to the metal detectors, empty my pockets, I have a cell phone and camera. I am told that I cannot take these items into the facility. I needed to find something to do with them. So I begin trying to walk over to the hotel and am stopped by the secret service. Where are your credentials? I was told to cross the street, you are clear. Officers respond, you cannot go any further. I asked where do I get a “credential”. The GOP is handing them out in front of the building. So I stepped outside, and like when I came in, there was no individuals there handing out credentials. So now I am screwed. I have cell phones (work and personal), a camera, no where to store them and no credentials.

So what’s my beef. Come to find out, if you were not at the facility by 8:30pm, you were screwed. By all accounts I was there at 8:25pm. According to Verizon Wireless. Not only that, if you came via cab or were dropped off and had cell phones & camera, you were screwed. I had not been notified of either of these 2 scenarios before arriving at the debate. I do not know who to fully blame, me, the SC GOP, or the campaign that provided the tickets. I was never provided this information before hand.

I was one of many pissed off Americans.  I know I witnessed at least 10 other people have the same problem I did.

Thankfully it’s winter and Myrtle Beach is pretty safe, and my kids had not fallen asleep yet. So I proceeded in calling my wife as I walked from the convention center, needless to say, cops were keeping a close eye on me. Walked three blocks down 21st ave to Ocean Blvd, and began walking north to eventually run into my wife to get picked up and return to the hotel.

I really couldn’t bring myself to watch the debate once I returned to the hotel room. If I couldn’t be there, and was pissed already, I didn’t want to watch it. My night ended on the balcony watching the fog come in from the ocean, a strawberry daiquiri, and jewel quest on my daughters Nintendo DS.

SC GOP Presidential Debate Information

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I found this information today on the SC GOP Website concerning the GOP debate in Myrtle Beach on Jan. 10. Needless to say, the normal joe may have trouble attending this event.

Individual Event Tickets

  • Debate Tickets $150 per person
  • A First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner Tickets $75 per person
  • Behind-The-Scenes Debate Tour Tickets $35 per person
  • First Ladies Luncheon Tickets $50 per person
    **VIP tickets to the First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner and to the Pre-Debate Reception are available as part of select ticket packages only.

Palmetto Bronze Package: $200 per person

  • 1 general admission debate ticket
  • 1 ticket, A First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner

Palmetto Silver Package: $250 per person

  • 1 general admission debate ticket
  • 1 ticket, A First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner
  • 1 ticket, First Ladies Luncheon

Palmetto Gold Package: $500 per person

  • 1 VIP debate ticket (includes floor seating & 1 ticket to Pre-debate reception)
  • 1 VIP ticket, A First-in-the-South Celebration Dinner (includes reserved seating & VIP reception
  • 1 VIP ticket, First Ladies Luncheon (includes reserved seating)
  • 1 ticket, Behind-The-Scenes Debate Tour