SC State GOP Chairman’s Race

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Well, the race for state chairman has now taken an interesting twist.  We have been hearing rumors for several weeks now (10 or so) that someone else may be entering the race, but that name just surfaced in the past 2 weeks.  Karen Floyd, the former Spartanburg County Council Chairwoman, officially announced on Saturday that she was entering the race.

Her, like Rick Beltram, announced after Katon Dawson made it official that he was not going to run again for the seat.

This sets up an interesting situation in good ole Sparkle City.  Beltram and Floyd are both from Spartanburg and have pretty good name recognition.  Beltram is experienced at precinct organization in the county and Floyd made a valiant effort to unseat Beltram in 2003 (Check my dates please), so it will be interesting to see which way the county will float.

However, Beltram may have his hands full as there are rumors of multiple individuals looking to run for his county chairman post.  On that list is Mike Dixon, Monica Hill, Ladonna Ryggs and Karen Floyd.  We have spoken with Monica and Ladonna and they have confirmed that they are not interested.  We have not been able to speak with Dixon or Floyd at the time of this publishing.

Kevin Hall is currently the third cog in the wheel for state chairman.  He has been actively working the state trying to build a base and has landed a few big time endorsements. He recently unveiled a nice campaign site that was designed by an out of state firm in an effort to keep him out of the SC Political Consultant mess.  That didn’t work to well as he has been the scapegoat for Dawson’s loss and others.

Here are the endorsements that we are aware as of 02/16/2009:

  • Rick Beltram:
    • Samuel Harms (Greenville County GOP Chairman)
  • Karen Floyd:
    • Glenn McCall (SC RNC National Committeeman)
  • Kevin Hall:
    • Lindsey Graham (Senior Senator from SC)
    • Jim DeMint (Junior Senator from SC)

We hope to have an quick summary on Karen Floyd up in the next few weeks to go with our previous SC GOP Chairman story.  By the way, go over to The Palmetto Scoop and participate in their online poll.

As for endorsements and associations with campaigns (I need to know where to find political death certificates), I will not be working or endorsing any campaign for state chairman.  I am honored to have been asked to assist in these campaigns and wish the candidates the best of luck in their endeavors.

The Race for State GOP Chairman

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I have been privileged to talk with the two known candidates throwing their hat in the ring to succeed the popular State GOP Chairman Katon Dawson. As many of you are well aware, Mr. Dawson is making a run for the RNC Chairman post and is one of the favorites to win it. Here is a quick overview of the candidates history and qualifications.

Rick Beltram
At the age of 57, Rick Beltram is making his first run for State GOP Chairman. Rick Beltram is a husband and a father of 5 children and proud grandfather of 5 grandchildren. He owns his own business, B Square Enterprises, which is an umbrella business for sales and consulting.

Rick Beltram has been the chairman of the Spartanburg County GOP since 1999 and has established himself as a hard worker. In the 2008 cycle, Rick led Spartanburg County organization efforts that helped John McCain win 60% of the vote in the county and one all but three races in the county. Those being Democratic strongholds in House District 31 (Harold Mitchell), Senate District 11 (Glenn Reese), and County Council District 1 (Michael Brown).

Kevin Hall
At the age of 44, Kevin begins to build for a second run for the GOP State Chairman. He began organizing in 2006 for a run in 2007 if Katon Dawson chose not to run for re-election. Kevin is a husband and father of 4 and is a practicing attorney at the Nelson Mullins Law Firm in Columbia.

Kevin has been active in politics since 1984, when he volunteered with John Courson’s first Senate bid. He has worked on various campaigns since then from the State House to Governor’s races. He has also served as counsel to the state GOP party and the finance co-chair of the GOP Victory 2008 Committee. He worked to ensure GOP GOTV efforts were well funded and organized and worked with the Republican National Lawyers Association in nationwide efforts to prevent election fraud.

Our Synopsis
Both candidates are concerned for the state of the party and are eager to rebuild and regroup.

Rick Beltram appears to understand the ground game and willing to get his hands muddy.  He has a proven record of raising money and making Spartanburg a political hot bed in Presidential Politics.

Kevin Hall on the other hand seems to have the attitude needed to court the younger voters and is rock solid in organizing state wide efforts.  His legal knowledge will be key in GOP efforts to keep the playing field equal.

In the End:
We wish both candidates the best of luck.  Each have strong bases of support and will make sure that the State GOP Party is well recognized.