Some Changes at The Conservativist

March 12, 2009 by  
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Over the past few days, we have been making some subtle changes. Hopefully you have not noticed the changes and will continue to enjoy the open comment policy at The Conservativist.

If you have had trouble making comments (due to these subtle changes), please let us know using the new Contact Us form.

We have also started to broaden some of our topics outside of politics (mainly sports related) and provide you with information on issues that matter to us. We all like to hold our representatives accountable and what better way to talk about the bills and tell you who is on board and who isn’t.

Finally, we have seen in our traffic and had fellow readers tell us, “your website is hard to spell.”

So, we invested some well earned money and bought a few more domain names.  Our hopes is that one of these names will be easier for our readers to remember and share with their friends when you find an interesting article.  Either way though, you will still land at

Enjoy the changes and let us know what name is easiest for you to remember.