PULSE – 4th Congressional Candidate Forum

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This event will be held at the BMW Zentrum on October 12th, 2009 starting at 6:30pm.  More details can be found on the PULSE website.

Take this opportunity to listen to the views of the candidates for the 4th Congressional District’s 2010 race.

You will hear from Congressman Bob Inglis, SC Senator David Thomas, 7th Circuit Solicitor Trey Gowdy, Christina Jeffrey and Jim Lee.

WYFF 4’s Nigel Robertson will moderate the event, which will conclude with drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

You will be given the chance to ask questions to the candidates and meet the candidates.

Do not miss this unique forum where you will be able to mix and mingle with the candidates and other young professionals. We hope to see you all there.

This event is free to PULSE members, Greer Ignite and Spartanburg Young Professionals if you register before October 1st, 2009. Late registration is $5 for PULSE members and $10 for non-members.

Lee Responds to Inglis’ Vote to Reprimand Wilson

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Jim Lee, Candidate for SC 4th Congressional District

Jim Lee, Candidate, SC 4th Congressional

Jim Lee, candidate for the Fourth Congressional District, issued the following statement regarding the House of Representatives’ resolution expressing the disapproval of Congressman Joe Wilson’s behavior during the joint session of Congress on September 9, 2009. Congressman Inglis joined with the Democrats and voted in favor of this resolution.

“It is frustrating that Congress has no time to read legislation it proposes, spends money it doesn’t have, fails to provide proper oversight over the Executive branch, and continues to treat with contempt the people of this country.” Lee stated. “It is infuriating that the House, in a disingenuous display of hypocritical, self-righteous indignation, was more worried about the supposed honor and decorum of the House that they swiftly passed a resolution expressing disapproval of Congressman Wilson’s behavior. Perhaps if there were more candor and truth within the House like that expressed by Congressman Wilson I might consider seriously the possibility that any member of Congress were truly offended.”

“Like Congressman Wilson, I regret his brief moment of incivility. I am proud that he immediately and without equivocation apologized to the President. However, all that does not diminish the truth in what Congressman Wilson said.  Congressman Inglis apparently felt it was more important to go along to get along and side with the Democrats and voted in favor of the resolution. It is clear that the Congressman, like the other out-of-touch representatives in Washington, is more concerned with being a part of the club than standing for principle.”

“I saw first-hand the overwhelmingly supportive response by over 1.7 million patriots to Congressman Wilson during the March on Washington this past weekend. All of this is just further proof that we need not just a new Representative in Washington; we need new representation for ‘We the People’.”

Jim Lee is running for South Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District which encompasses precincts in the counties of Greenville, Spartanburg, Union and Laurens. Jim is an Air Force veteran and a current Air Force Reservist for over 29 years, and working in the technology industry for 25 years. For more information, please visit www.JimLeeForCongress.com.

Inglis Hangs Wilson

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Congressman Bob Inglis

Unfortunately, Adam Fogle over at the Palmetto Scoop beat me on the scoop in the 4th Congressional District.  I guess that is one of the disadvantages of being a parent and raising the family in the world of news stories.

Today, the US House voted on H. Res. 744, The Joe Wilson Resolution.

Resolved, That the House of Representatives disapproves of the behavior of the Representative from South Carolina, Mr. Wilson, during the joint session of Congress held on September 9, 2009.

The idea was to publicly reprimand the Congressman Joe Wilson because of his “You Lie” outburst during Obama’s speech to the nation.  Joe Wilson had issued apologies to the President after the incident and Obama had accepted those apologies.  Wilson felt that was good enough.

With that said, you figured most of the Congress would be logical and vote against this resolution.  They didn’t and our very own Congressman Bob Inglis decided his public apology was not enough.  Here is the screenshot of his twitter feed.

Part 1: Joe Wilson apologized to President. Part 2: He should apologize to House for rule violation. That would end the matter.

Joe Wilson analogy: I speed, lose control of my car and hit your car. Part 1: I fix your car. Part 2: I pay my speeding ticket. Case closed.

In our next articles, we will speculate on the logic and reason behind this vote.

Let’s Talk with Bob Inglis

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Bob Inglis - SC 4th Representative

Bob Inglis - SC 4th Representative

Congressman Inglis will be hosting his monthly Let’s Talk events on Monday, August 17th in Greenville and Spartanburg.

A staple of Inglis’ campaign, the Let’s Talk events allow skeptics and supporters alike an intimate forum to address their concerns and look for solutions to the nations problems.

This months event concerns “Health Care” which should lead to more interesting discussions.

Details on the events are below:

Greenville Let’s Talk
Tommy’s Ham House
7:30 am

Spartanburg Let’s Talk
Wade’s Restaurant

Did Inglis Read the Defense Bill?

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US Air Force C-37 | Gulfstream G550

US Air Force C-37 | Gulfstream G550

For those of you who made it to the Boiling Springs Town Hall meeting last Thursday night, you may have witnessed Congressman Bob Inglis flounder on a few questions.

One of those questions regarded the recent approval by the US Congress to purchase eight (8) brand new Gulfstream 550 (C-37) and Boeing 737 (C-40) aircraft.

Buried somewhere in the 170+ pages of H.R. 3326, a line item exists concerning these purchases and according to roll call vote 675, Congressman Inglis voted in favor of the bill (check out opencongress.org for an easy to use interface).

In the same meeting, Congressman Inglis vowed to “skim” through the bills and read some sections after admitting earlier this month that he had not read H.R. 3200.  Given the Congressman’s loss for words over the question raised Thursday night, one may question whether or not he actually read H.R. 3326.

So, I decided to see how hard it would have been for the Congressman to have read the bill and see if he knew about the provision.

Upon reading the bill at 2 am this morning (Congressman work late right?) for about an hour and a half, I was unable to find the provision.  Even given some of the facts found on news sites such as Politico and RollCall.com, not enough information was provided to clearly identify the provision.

There were several sections where I was able to find transfers of funds and allocations of funds in the amount of $550 million, there was still no clear cut evidence where the money was going.

With this said, I cannot legitimately call him out for not reading this bill.

So you tell us, can you find the previsions and if so, do you think the Congressman read the bill?

Full Text of Bill:  OpenCongress.orgLibrary of Congress
Charts and Data: Library of Congress (click on the house reports link to see this information)

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