Mark Sanford and Spartanburg County Candidates

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Mark Sanford and Spartanburg County Candidates

Mark Sanford offers his words of support to the Spartanburg County Republicans seeking office on Nov. 4th, 2008

Governor Mark Sanford made a special trip to Spartanburg today to offer his support to the Republican Candidates running in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties. The event was held at The Junction Too restaurant on Hearon Circle at noon today.

After a few minutes of meet and greeting, the Governor made a short speech offering his support of the candidates. He made sure to remind people that the current financial situation that the state is in is due to the excessive spending in Columbia. He said Spartanburg did an excellent job selecting “reform minded individuals” and he looks forward to working with them.

Sanford also gave props to Representative Nikki Haley (SC House 87) for her efforts to push a bill that would require roll call votes so that legislatures can be held more accountable.

The people of Spartanburg are now holding their noses hoping that their chosen candidates act on what they promised, and that is to Reform the State Government.

Attendees from Left to Right: (Rick Beltram, Spartanburg County Chairman; Wright Gaines, Mayor of Inman; Rusty Clevenger, Candidate for Coroner; Joey Millwood, Candidate for House District 38; Mike Gardner, Candidate for Senate District 11; Danny Stacy, Candidate for House District 29; Steve Parker, Candidate for House District 37; Derham Cole, Candidate for House District 32; Shane Martin, Candidate for Senate District 13; Lee Bright, Candidate for Senate District 12; Mark Sanford, Governor)

Round 1 – Candidate Forum

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The night was marked with comedic over tones provided by Jimmy Tobias, Joey Millwood, and Rick Beltram. 

Beltram began the night highlighting that Reese was not there by wearing a Krispy Kreme Hat and then passing out Dunkin Doughnut napkins.  Needless to say, that pissed a few people off, republicans and democrats.

Millwood took a shot at opponent Mark Chambers (who was not in attendance) stating:

I have debated my wife over seeing Reese Witherspoon Friday night, my dog for sitting on the couch, but never air.

Of course, in popular belief, the Spartanburg Herald had to take a shot at Millwood concerning the support he has received from SCRG.  Millwood responded with the following:

Conservatives get mad when big liberal organizations make contributions and liberals get mad when big conservative organizations make contributions…

I have one question though…Where was the Herald Journal when the NEA and large homosexual and abortion groups raided the state a few years back trying to stop the marriage bill that was before us?  No where.  Not one word about it.

A very valid point by Millwood.  The Herald Journal just did another article criticizing SCRG but failed to mention the money received by Harold Mitchell from out of state sources.

In the end though, Jimmy Tobias (D – Senate 13) stole the show.  His no holds bar to the issues provided relief to the mundane political speak.  There was no political correctness and he closed the night with:

We need brass balls!

About 200 people attended the event and each candidate did a fair job getting their positions across.  The biggest loser may have been the Media.


Shoot For Candidates

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Date: 13 October 2008 – For Immediate Release

Subject: Shoot for Candidates

Donna Hicks, candidate for County Council District 1, is sponsoring a Fun Shoot (skeet shooting) at the Spartanburg Gun Club to benefit many of Spartanburg’s Candidates.

Candidates expected to attend include:

Shane Martin – State Senate District 13
Mike Gardner – State Senate District 11

Derham Cole – State House District 32
Joey Millwood – State House District 38
Rita Allison – State House District 36
Rusty Clevenger – Spartanburg County Coroner

WHEN: Friday, October 17th, 1PM – 5 PM

WHERE: Spartanburg Gun Club, 180 Fretwell Rd, Pacolet, SC  29372

The cost to attend is $100 to the candidate of your choice and this event is open to the public. Shotgun shells and clays are provided (must bring your own shotgun).

Food and drinks will be provided by the Spartanburg County Republican Women.

Door prizes provided by The Southern Sportsman owner David Corn.

RSVP by email to:

RSVP by phone or for more info: Nicole Cobb – 864-316-5628

PDF Document with event details can be obtained at:

All media inquiries should be directed to Kerry Wood at 864-921-6205.

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