Fake Audra Shay Twitter Account Pops Up

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It appears that the attacks are on full string against Audra Shay.

Recently accused of making and supporting racial slurs, her online social media precense had disappeared as of July 9th.

We received a comment today saying a new twitter account has been created but after quickly looking over it, there appears to be a lot of inaccuracies.  Check out the screen shot.

So what is wrong with it.  Well first of all, the web address is completely wrong on her profile.  It points to www.youngrepublicans.com which is not the website of the organization she now leads.  It is www.yrnf.com.

Secondly, alot of the accounts look brand new that have linked to her account.  And every single post is laced to look as if she is still actively acting in the manner she is accused of.  It all seems to fishy.

We’ll keep you up to date on what we find out.

Audra Shay Not Found on Social Media

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While browsing the wires today, we decided we would follow both candidates for chairman to see what was developing via Facebook and Twitter.

Surprisingly, we could no longer find Audra Shay in Twitter or Facebook searches.

Shay, who is the YR Renewal candidate for chairman, has found herself in a media hail storm over the last 2 weeks over several comments that could label her a racist.  We do not know the reason behind the sudden secrecy, but it definitely raises questions as to why she has suddenly become invisible online.

Shay was recently caught in a situation where it appeared that she agreed with a racial comment on her Facebook account, followed by removing the individuals who called her out for her apparent support of the racial comments.  Later in the week, it was discovered that more comments were made concerning President Obama and a noose.

Either way, it appears that there is more to this story if she is not leaving her profile open to the public anymore.

We were able to search and add Rachel Hoff, Next Level candidate for chairman.

Plea to Vet Audra Shay Further

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We received this in a comment and felt it should be shared.  Thanks to Cassie for allowing us to post this.

Members of the National Committee,

I am sorry to take your time with another email, but I feel I can add a fresh firsthand perspective to this situation and want to make sure everyone is fully informed as it is extremely important. If we do not thoroughly vet this situation it reflects very poorly upon Young Republicans (if you are not familiar with what I’m referring to, please see: http://www.arktimes.com/blogs/arkansasblog/2009/07/race_and_young_repubs.aspx). Audra Shay’s response to several media articles and blog posts which expressed concern regarding her remarks on Facebook have troubled me. Audra’s response claims that she was “responding to the first post, to continue the fight against big government spending.” This is one of the worst attempted cover ups I have ever seen. Let me tell you why:

Firstly, Eric Piker’s first post, as you can see by this screen shot http://www.arktimes.com/assets/documents/audrashayfacebook.jpg, is not about big government spending. Secondly, Audra made her comments eight minutes after Eric’s racist comment, saying, “You tell em Eric! lol”. Also if Audra really did find these remarks to be “outright disgusting,” then why was her response to immediately de-friend those who made statements against Eric’s blatant racism? I was blocked for stating that Eric’s racist comment was “NOT OKAY. And it is not funny.” Please take a moment look at the entire screenshot linked above, and ask yourself: which comment would lead you to de-friend someone, mine, or Eric’s?

If you look at the screenshot posted on HipHopRepublican.com, http://hiphoprepublican.com/wp-content/uploads/audrashayfacebook-21.jpg, you will see that more than twelve hours later, long after she removed me as a friend, Eric Piker was STILL posting racists remarks saying “…if your ass is black don’t let the sun set on it in a southern town…” Even that comment didn’t cause Audra to remove Eric Piker as a friend. It seems it was only after the media started calling the next day that she knew she HAD to remove him.

I also want to address one other very serious accusation in Audra’s statement. She told the media that this was a “desperate” attempt by her opponent and painted herself as a victim. I can set the record straight firsthand, and this is why I felt the responsibility to email you. What happened did not come from Rachel Hoff or anyone on her ticket. The comments came from me and other offended people who were Audra’s Facebook friends. No one told me to comment, nor did anyone force Audra to make her comments. I saw something that was morally wrong, and as a conservative I took it upon myself as an individual to stand up, and I do not regret it at all. I was attacked for wanting better for Young Republicans – in my lifetime of work for the Republican Party I have never been accused of being a “RINO”, until now, by Audra’s supporters.

I continue to hold that stating “You go get ‘em” and “LOL” to racist remarks are not acceptable for YRs. Her continued inappropriate responses to the situation and utter lack of an apology are quite disconcerting. I do not want to see infighting as we are all on the same team ultimately, but this is unacceptable especially from any of our elected officers. Even despite the red flags of spin pointed out above, and giving Audra the benefit of the doubt regarding racism, at the very best this was extremely poorly handled by turning it into a political attack on people completely uninvolved and by showing allegiance to those making racist statements while choosing to squarely turn her back on those speaking against racism.

All in all, this is a plea to my fellow National Committee Members to look at how this was handled and decide in your own heart and mind if this was appropriate, and if this is how we want to be represented to our country.

Thanks for your time,

Cassie Wallender
National Committeewoman
Washington Young Republican Federation

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Audra Shay Responds to Race Allegations

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Audra Shay, Candidate for Chairman of Young Republicans

Audra Shay, Candidate for Chairman of Young Republicans

Audra Shay, YR Renewal Candidate for Chairman of the National Young Republicans, issued a statement concerning the racial allegations that are popping up all over the internet.

Shay is claiming this is a “desperate” attempt by the Next Level team to topple her candidacy for Chairman.  Her statement is below:


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Yesterday on Facebook, an unfortunate incident occurred. An individual posted two comments on my Facebook wall, the first comment arguing against big government and the second filled with racially charged comments. I responded supporting the individual’s first post, to continue the fight against big government spending. I was not aware of the racial comments until sometime later, when a third individual brought it to my attention. I immediately deleted the derogatory and outright disgusting comments and subsequently posted a statement on my Facebook Status stating that in no way, shape or form are the comments posted by other individuals a reflection of me or my beliefs as an American, a Veteran, a Mother or a Candidate. I do not, nor would I ever, condone that type of language or behavior.

Unfortunately, my opponents have now spun a web of misconception and untruths, desperately trying to paint me as a racist. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, I have made it part of my Young Republican life to ensure that we did not just focus on outreach, but inclusion. Under my leadership as Chairman of the State of Louisiana’s Young Republicans, we were able to raise $90,000 for a minority outreach media campaign. Also under my leadership as Louisiana Chairman we brought the largest minority delegation to the YRNF Convention in 2007.

It is a disgrace that these types of political attacks are taking place and once again, it proves that my opponents will stoop to the lowest levels to steal this election from the jaws of victory. Our Team is one of honor and integrity. We take this service to heart and will not allow others to tarnish our reputations. If you have any questions or concerns about this matter or any other matters, please email, call or Facebook message me. I’m always available.

Many believe she was aware of the comment because of the 8 minute time lapse after the derogotory comment was made by the other individual.

Courtesy the Arkansas Times

Audra Shay Not Found on Social Media
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