The YR National Convention

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Today is the day we all have been waiting for. The showdown between Rachel Hoff and Audra Shay. Who will win, who knows?

We will say that you can check back hear throughout the day for updates from the Convention floor. We will be updating as often as we can via iPhone as long as the battery lasts.

Feel free to comment on the situations on the floor because I know I will not catch everything.

An update on yesterday’s events. Texas and Pennsylvania Delegations were seated last night. This came after hours of debate and sources indicate that the Next Level team helped resolve those issues.

We know 5 delegates from Kentucky have not been credentialed yet. Sources claim the delays in the Texas proceedings are the source of those issues.

It was also learned that ranking members of YR Renewal were responsible for trying to block the Nevada delegation from being chartered and seated. Sources claim that they allowed them to be seated once they realized Nevada’s delegates supported Renewal.

And finally, we started hearing rumblings that there may be a third party candidate running from the floor.

Sources have indicated that this individual may be from YR Renewal, showing fracture in the group. Other sources claim that the 3rd candidate may run between the ideaologies of the Next Level and Renewal candidates and has no ties to either organization.

We are having a delay in the start. Word is someone had medical issues.

Aaron Shock speak to convention. Discusses opportunity to travel with Obama to CAT to discuss stimulus.

More recess, no action. Still can’t get everyone credentialed. This is the largest unorganized piece of work I have ever seen.

Finally accepted credentials. Oh then we decide 5 hours later we need to pledge and pray

Reading the rules

Currently have a roll call vote to see if the YR protects voters rights to a secret ballot.

Secret ballot failed 522-410

We are finally voting on Chair.

Shay wins 470-415.
SC votes 12-4 against Shay

Lisa Sticken wins co-chair.

Election for vice-chair

We have lost track, chaos on the floor and Next Level candidates are dropping out of contested races.

Sunday July 12th
Updating from the airport, it appears the final tally was 472 for Shay and 415 for Hoff

Credentials Issues at YRNC

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Twiitter is a buzz concerning credentials at the YRNC tomorrow.

We just arrived onto the hearing, keep tune in for updates and follow #yrindy and #yrnc2009 on twitter for the latest.

still in recess at credentials meeting. Both teams are eagerly working the floor.

Call to order, loud applause.

Paliamentary inquiry on floor requiring 2/3 vote

Reading rules from 2007 convention regarding credentialing process.

Challenging the chair, a call to question has been ordered.

Motion withdrawn to call the question

Ammendments being presented.

This meeting is making tr Greenville Convention look calm and clear.

Still debating amendments

Understand this is an executive committee meeting, not a credentials hearing.

Amendments passed unanimously

We will try to get the amendments and post for the people to see.

Trying to block Nevada charter now.

Nevada is chartered unanimously now.

Meeting adjourned.

Audra Shay Not Found on Social Media

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While browsing the wires today, we decided we would follow both candidates for chairman to see what was developing via Facebook and Twitter.

Surprisingly, we could no longer find Audra Shay in Twitter or Facebook searches.

Shay, who is the YR Renewal candidate for chairman, has found herself in a media hail storm over the last 2 weeks over several comments that could label her a racist.  We do not know the reason behind the sudden secrecy, but it definitely raises questions as to why she has suddenly become invisible online.

Shay was recently caught in a situation where it appeared that she agreed with a racial comment on her Facebook account, followed by removing the individuals who called her out for her apparent support of the racial comments.  Later in the week, it was discovered that more comments were made concerning President Obama and a noose.

Either way, it appears that there is more to this story if she is not leaving her profile open to the public anymore.

We were able to search and add Rachel Hoff, Next Level candidate for chairman.

The Gloves are Off, Shay vs Hoff

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Good morning from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

We are beginning our journey to Indianapolis to participate in this weeks convention at the Hyatt Regency – Indianapolis.

Some latest news on the campaign front.

A new blog has been thrown up in the last few days attacking Next Level chairman candidate Rachel Hoff over her past conviction of voter fraud in the 2004 South Dakota Senate Race.  Hoff’s response in a recent Politico article

She called the misdemeanor, made when she was just 22 and in the process of “cutting corners,” a mistake, and said it had taught her a “harsh lesson.”

They also continue to attack Hoff on her position in support of civil unions.

According to our sources though, YR Renewal candidate Audra Shay cannot make up her mind on whether or not she supports civil unions.  It has been reported that she supports civil unions in one state and upon entering socially conservative states, she claims she does not support it.

We have seen new reports of more racially laced comments being made by Audra Shay as well.  Here is the newest comment:

“What, no Obama in a noose?”

Now this comment was supposedly prefaced as a response to a Sarah Palin noose comment/photo.  Either way, both were wrong and the double standard exists.

The question is, why does she continue to open her mouth and screw herself further.  I am quickly reminded of our great Governor Sanford who kept providing intimate details about his Argentine affair.

Either way, I have a decision to make this week.  Rachel Hoff or Audra Shay for Chairman of the National Federation of Young Republicans.

Unfortunately for me, I just realized I left my Robert’s Rules of Order book at home.  Time to find the iPhone version.

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Race Bites Another Republican Leader

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Audra Shay, Team Renewal Candidate for Chairman of Young Republicans

Audra Shay, Team Renewal Candidate for Chairman of Young Republicans

Today, a candidate for the Chairman of the National Federation of Young Republicans, Audra Shay, had a Rusty DePass moment while commenting on Facebook.  Last month, Rusty DePass made media headlines after he made racial comments on Facebook concerning Mrs. Obama and apes.   Apparently, people do not learn from history.

An individual responding to her comment about Wal-Mart regarding unions and employee mandated healthcare made the following comment:

“…. obama is the new terrorist … muslim is on there side … need to take this country back from all these mad coons … and illegals”

Audra responds:

“You tell em Eric! lol”

We talked to our very own Joshua Gross, who is running for Southeast Regional Director for the National Federation what he thought about Audra’s comments:

“We have to continue to stay vigilant to make sure that racism, in any form, does not find a home in the leadership of the Republican Party”

It appears next week is going to be a lot more interesting.  Not only will the South Carolina delegation have to offer comments on Mark Sanford, we will probably be asked about Audra Shay as well.  Be very careful with your choice of words.

The South Carolina Federation changed their endorsement to Rachel Hoff and the Next Level team during their state convention on May 31st.

Arkansas Times Article
Screenshot of Face Courtesy of the Arkansas Times

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