Pictures – Barack Obama in Spartanburg 2007.11.03

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I should get a lot of video and audio uploaded this weekend. Here are the pictures from Obama’s visit to Spartanburg at the local Krispy Kreme.





Videos – Barack Obama in Spartanburg 2007.11.03

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Below you will find the videos showing the crowd and intensity from Senator Obama’s visit to Converse College. Enjoy your education on the candidates.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Live Blog Barack Obama

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Live from Spartanburg…We’ll give a update @ 8:45

It is 9am, they finally let the media set up. We had to get searched and I was informed that folding chairs are a weapon. What is this world coming to?

  • 09:20
    • The auditorium is beginning to fill up.
  • 09:35
    • People are still filing in. Very diverse crowd.
  • 09:36
    • Working on a new method to provide video. Hope to have the videos up quicker after today’s event
  • 09:50
    • The auditorium is 3/4 full. Empty seats are in the balcony and press box. Several empty seats scattered through the bottom floor
  • 10:05
    • Awaiting Barack Obama
  • 10:20
    • Sen. Glenn Reese takes the stage to introduce Barack Obama
    • It’s important to register to vote, my first race I won by 4 votes.
    • I was amazed at how Obama won in Chicago, he is not a phone, he is for real and he is genuine.
    • We’re going to say RACK
  • 10:25
    • I’ve even practiced this in the bathroom at home
    • Here is “‘Rack Obama”
    • What a wonderful gathering
    • I am very grateful for all of you being here
    • By the way, free Krispy Kreme for everybody, just come on over to the store
    • I want to thank President Flemming (President Converse College)
    • Acknowledge Carrol Fowler (SC Democratic Chair)
    • A year from today, you will get to vote
    • Good news, the name George Bush will not appear on the ballot
    • And my cousin Dick Cheney won’t be on it either.
    • We’ve been trying to hide that for a while, we all have a black sheep
    • Crazy uncle in the attic
    • Era of Scooter Libby Justice and Rove politics of fear and cynicism will be over
  • 10:30
    • I’m running because we find ourselves in a moment of great challenge
    • America is less safe and respect
    • And closer to the day climate change becomes climate disaster
    • Most Americans are working hard for less money
    • George Bush said whatever the politics of the moment allowed to get elected
    • And resulted in less faith in the government
    • Promised conservatism and got Katrina and wiretaps
    • Promised unity and got a divider
    • Promised kinder Washington, and got a bitter town
    • Only mission accomplished was fear
    • War should have never been waged
    • Not just democrats are listening, but independents and republicans are listening
    • I know this b/c Republicans tell me they are supporting me
    • And I whisper…thank you, but why are we whispering
  • 10:35
    • We need to offer the people a different choice in 2008
    • A chance to solve the challenges that were made worse by Bush
    • But they existed a lot longer before he took office
    • Healthcare, Education….
    • But it’s not all Bush’s fault, they existed before he took office
    • The System in Washington has failed the American People
    • This is what the debate is in the Democratic Party
    • All Democratics candidates would be vastly superior in comparison to the incumbent
    • Much has been said between Sen. Clinton and myself
    • She is a collegue and a friend and has run a text book campaign
    • The problem is with the textbook itself (generous applause)
    • Says very little about uniting the country
    • Sen Clinton is not the only one who has played this game
    • I understand the concept, and the game ususally gets politicians where they need to go
    • But it doesn’t get America there
    • When it comes to issues like war, diplomacy, energy, and healthcare; the people deserve more than the textbook
    • When we led by principal, we have helped this country more
  • 10:40
    • When I’m running for President, it is because the leadership that I provide is what America needs (LOUD APPLAUSE)
    • I’m reminded daily not by events, but my wife, that I am not a perfect man
    • We cannot keep telling different people what they want to hear, we need to be honest and tell them what they need to know
    • When I told them we need to change fuel standards, I told it to the Detroit automakers, not the environmentalist
    • I listened to my gut, and said Iraq was the wrong war at the wrong time and Congress should stand up and say something
    • You deserve a President who is willing to fight for you everyday for the next 8 years
    • That is the change we can offer in 2008, not as a slogan, but what we can believe in
    • In a year, we can tell the corporate lobbyist that there reign is no more
    • I don’t take a dime of my money, and they won’t find a job in my White House (Loud applause)
  • 10:45
    • I will quit the tax breaks for corps that send jobs overseas
    • I will raise the minimum wage that reflects the economy
    • Workers deserve to know that someone is standing with them, I’ll picket with you
    • I helped reform healthcare in Illinois
    • We provided 150K people get healthcare
    • I will ensure that every individual get the same healthcare as Congress
    • And I will sign it by the end of my first term as POTUS of America
    • We will stop passing bills called No Child Left Behind with no funding
    • Recruit an army of new teachers and paying them better
    • So they are teaching to teach, not to a test
    • So college is in reach for every American child
    • One year from now, we can stop sending millions of dollars to foreign dictators for oil
    • Tell polluters they’ll have to pay for it
    • And use the money to invest in renewable energies
    • And that is the Change we can offer in 2008
    • Republican nominee will not be able to say i have flip flopped on war
    • I will close down Guantonomo and restore Habeas Corpus
    • We are not a nation who tortures, or wiretaps without warrants, and that is a change we can offer in 2008
    • Are you fired up? (Cheers)
    • When I’m President, I will end this war in Iraq
    • I will bring our troops home within 16 months
    • I will finish the fight against Al Qaueda in Afghanistan
    • I will lead the world against the common threats
    • That is what democrats stand for, and America should
    • I will send the message around the world
    • Your future is our future and the moment is now
  • 10:50
    • I want to lead the United States of America, not the red and the blue
    • This election is too important to settle for what we already know
    • I’m not running to fulfill plans,
    • It is unlikely that I was going to stand here today
    • I’m running for what Dr. King called the “fierce urgency of now”
    • I believe there is a thing that is “too late”
    • I don’t want to see the oceans rise
    • I don’t want to risk more American lives b/c we didn’t investigate
    • I don’t want to see veterans living on the streets
    • I run for the Presidency for the same reason I drove across America 2 years ago
    • I am standing here because someone stood up when it was unpopular….then everyone stood up

The end

John McCain Meeting in Spartanburg

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John McCain will be the next Republican presidential candidate to begin making follow up rounds to the Upstate. He will be at The Beacon from 11:45am to 1:30pm on July 28th.

I plan on attending and providing a live blog of the event and YouTube videos of the event afterwards.

Many thanks to Rick Beltram and the Spartanburg County GOP for helping organize and publicize this event.


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