Exercising Our Gun Rights

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MP-5 Automatic Machine Gun

MP-5 Automatic Machine Gun

My father-in-law and I decided to take Thursday afternoon and exercise our 2nd amendment rights.  Allen Arms Indoor Shooting Range in Greenville is a great location to go and enjoy a few hours shooting your weapons and working on your aim for hunting.

We continue to hope that our government will continue to protect our rights to bear arms.  Some of the rules being proposed by Bobby Rush would damage this market and our rights.  Some of the bill calls for bullets to be bar-coded so they can be traced back to the owners. Other bills being proposed would outlaw the weapon above, the MP5.  The shear cost for the weapon alone would outlaw it ($17,000+).  But we were doing some research and found what else it would take to purchase this weapon.  We found this on Yahoo Answer’s:

Since the Heckler & Koch MP-5 is a fully Automatic Machine Gun, you will need to order one thru a Class III Dealer, but before that you will need to complete an application for purchase of a machine gun thru BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) You will be subjected to a complete background investigation, and you will be required to submit fingerprints as part of the application process. When and if approved you will in addition also be required to purchase a $200 Federal Tax Stamp. You will then have to figure out where you are going to come up with the cost of the MP-5 itself. They can cost as much as $20,000 and UP, depending on what model and version you choose.

Needless to say, it’s pretty hard to get one with the current process.  Thankfully, to enjoy shooting the weapon, Allen Arms currently rents it for about $20.  Ammunition for the gun was about $12/box of 50.  Needless to say, we only shot it for about 15 minutes, as it gets expensive to shoot.  Overall though, this weapon shoots like a charm.

Inauguration Day – Purple Ticket Let Down

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It is inauguration day and we are standing in line in the 395 tunnel under the capital.

We will be sitting in the Purple Standing area when and if we make it above ground to the US Capital grounds. Check back throughout the day for various updates and pictures.

We would have brought more updates, but the Internet connection in the subway was horrible. Not to mention the fact that I never made it to the inauguration.

That’s right, we got up at 4am this morning to go to the event to stand in the I395 tunnel for close to 6 hours. Then we get to the entrance and they are closing it up.

From what I heard, the speech was awesome.

Oh well, congrats to the President.

Our Wrecking Crew in Washington, DC

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Tammy, Megan and Tyler Scherbarth and Gary Coats

Tammy, Megan and Tyler Scherbarth and Gary Coats

We made our long voyage to Washington DC today for the inauguration of Barack Obama.  For some of us (myself) this is my first time in DC, while the rest of the crew has been here at some point in the past.  Each of us are enjoying the opportunity to see history, the swearing in of the 44th President of the United States.

We had an interesting ride with the one and only Rick Beltram who somehow managed to ramble for 1 hour and 20 minutes about several things.  I shouldn’t say ramble, but he discussed DC in general and reviewed the itinerary with everyone.  Me, I enjoyed watching The Dark Knight on my iPhone and laughed with my friends above.

The Spartanburg Herald Journal is along for the ride and they are making sure to talk to everyone and get their pictures.

We’ll provide some updates throughout the day tomorrow, hopefully, and the next night.

Mike Huckabee Struggles For Money Again

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In an e-mail to supporter’s this evening, Huckabee acknowledged that they must win Texas to have hopes of a brokered convention. I must admit, like many other conservatives, I’m not hip on McCain being our nominee. In it though, he again is encouraging all to donate as much as they can to win Texas. Text can be found below.

I find it simply amazing that Huckabee is beating Paul in the delegate count, yet he cannot muster the money to compete against McCain. Latest figures show the Huck running around $9 million total, Paul more than $28 million. We all have witnessed that money can’t buy you this election, but why can’t the Huck raise the money yet he has more support in the voting booths?

Before we get to a brokered convention however we will need to win Texas and seize the momentum. For this to happen however, we must have your immediate financial support. We are laying it all on the field in Texas and we need you to join us.

Will you make an immediate contribution of $25 or more? Will you stand with me and fight for Texas and reclaim the momentum in the race for the Republican nomination?

This race is about issues. This race is about you.

The fight for Texas is critical. We will invest your support into television ads, targeted voter contact efforts and new campaign materials. Every dollar counts. To compete in the March 4 Texas primary we estimate we must raise an additional $1.5 million by then. To accomplish this, we need you to renew your financial support today. Remember a contribution of $25 or more will help us move closer to the goal and you can be certain we will invest it wisely.

Is Fred Thompson’s Campaign in Trouble?

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We all know Ron Paul supporters will come out of the woodworks when it is time for a “money bomb.” When the revolutionaries conjure up a new idea, they don’t take any chances. Goals are set high. So high they even have a blimp now (That has to be a Presidential Campaign First).

I received a series of e-mails from the Thompson campaign in the last 24 hours. As every other campaign is doing, they are trying to get that last surge of money before the end of the quarter. Ron Paul isn’t hiding how much he has raised and that must be concerning to many other campaigns. Below you will find the e-mails I have received. The first one came in at 12pm on 12/20.

I need to ask a personal favor this morning. Yesterday, Fred taped a special message from “The Clear Conservative Choice: Hands Down” bus tour of Iowa. My favor is to ask you to go to www.Fred08.com to see his important message.

Frankly, we need your financial help. Our tour in Iowa is going great, and the momentum is on our side. Just this week, Fred was endorsed by the highly regarded Congressman Steve King of the 5th Congressional District of Iowa.

This is a crucial endorsement and Congressman King will be on the bus with Fred while touring his district. (Be sure to check out our updated accounts of the tour with great new video footage of events and commentary from Fred Fans at each stop at www.Fred08.com. You will really enjoy it!) Also, the tone of the press coverage of the campaign has turned very positive. The foremost political writer in Iowa, David Yepsen, wrote on Tuesday to keep an eye on Fred. He’s poised to make a big move.

Others have noted the energy Fred is showing on the stump and the aggressive attitude toward retail campaigning. The coverage has been remarkable. Now we need to increase our media buy–so we need your donation today.

I know it’s the Holiday Season, but what could be a better gift for America than a clear, conservative President?
A President we can be proud of?
Fred Thompson.

Go to our website–hear it from Fred himself, and see the reactions of supporters all across Iowa. Then make your $50, $75, or $100 contribution today.

Don’t delay.

Thanks for your support–and Happy Holidays to you.

I begin to question how strong their grassroots effort is though after the second e-mail. Oddly enough, they must have some server problems somewhere too. The time stamp on the email is 6pm on the 20th. It arrives in my inbox approximately 27 hours later.

Earlier today you received an e-mail from me asking you to watch Fred’s message from the bus in Iowa. Hundreds have responded, and in just about five hours we have raised over $50,000. Due to this wonderful response, I would like to challenge everyone who hasn’t contributed today to join in. Please, help us double that amount and raise over $100,000 online today!

Fred is counting on you!

Here’s what I need you to do: First, watch Fred’s message at www.Fred08.com. It was taped on the bus during “The Clear Conservative Choice: Hands Down!” tour yesterday. As you probably know, Fred is making his way to over 50 key cities and towns before the Iowa Caucuses.

Second, make a contribution. I know now is a tough time, right at Christmas, but it’s a critical time for Fred. He needs your help.

Third, I will report the results to Fred in the morning–I know he would really be fired up if we can make this goal. He is working hard every day, and your support will mean so much.

The Iowa Caucuses are only two weeks from today. We are running out of time.

Please watch the video, and contribute today.Thanks so much for your help

As you progress through the second e-mail, I realize that only hundreds of people donated to raise $50K. Their response is positive, but the goal they set doesn’t seem to optimistic, it’s only $100K. I have not received the actual results of this fund-raising effort yet.

After reading these communications, I am quite sure there is some concern in the house of Thompson. I am not a political expert by any means, but the lack of small donations displays a huge flaw in his grassroots organization. The “Consistent Conservative” that should be reaching the average American (who should have internet access) doesn’t appear to be gaining any ground. I also read a sense of urgency in these communications. Not sure that it is desperate yet.

We have seen a restructuring of his campaign methodology as well. Iowa wasn’t a big priority in the beginning and neither was New Hampshire. Fred was counting on South Carolina. Suddenly, he is spending an awful lot of time in Iowa and has completely cut out New Hampshire. He hasn’t been in South Carolina much recently either.

A common joke earlier in the primary season is “Where’s Fred?” I think that statement may not be quite a joke any more. I think the real question should be:

Is Fred Thompson’s campaign in trouble?

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