Piedmont Republican Club Forum

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As you well know, a large percentage of our taxes go to public education at all levels.  There is always much discussion about the cost but when school board elections are held, the voter turn-out is very dismal!

The Piedmont Republican Club will host a candidate forum on Saturday October 17th (promptly at 10AM).

We have reserved the Panther Room at The Beacon.  We have access to the room at 9AM for those choosing to want to have Breakfast!

Please attend and participate as we will have time for audience questions!

Beltram’s New Gig – The Piedmont Republican Club

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Beltram has been all but quiet since leaving the GOP, challenging the party leadership and even blasting it at times.  Such as a comment made on his Facebook profile after being presented an award for his long service in the county party at last weeks Bronze Elephant in Spartanburg.

“I rushed home from my sales trip to attend the Bronze Elephant event…..we only had 125 people and the local Dems had 350 at their event.  It is really too bad that we have fallen so far in just 6 months!!!  What has happened????”

As many of you may know, Beltram founded the Piedmont Republican Club immediately (12 days) after the county GOP decided they would unite (~75%) and remove him from his long held position as Spartanburg GOP Chairman.

While doing a little research today on Beltram’s Piedmont Republican Club, I stumbled across a book about Greenville written by Archie Vernon Huff. The book titled “Greenville: the history of the city and county in the South Carolina Piedmont“, even discusses some political discourse that took place in 1976 during Reagan’s rise to national prominence.

A group of individuals from the conservative right became excited and went to work in the Republican Party to help nominate Ronald Reagan.  As a result, the current leadership (1976) was ousted from power.  Those ousted from power, well, they formed the Piedmont Republican Club.

“They withdrew and formed a rival organization, The Piedmont Republican Club and blamed their ouster on the influence of Bob Jones University…until 1980 Greenville County had essentially two Republican parties, and the result was disastrous in local races.”

One has to wonder, is Beltram working to accomplish the same thing in 2010.  Let us know what you think in our poll and in the comments!