H. 3047 Dead for 2009?

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Nikki Haley, SC House District 87

Nikki Haley, SC House District 87

Doing my morning read of the various blogs, I stumbled upon an interesting statement at Nathan’s News.

This past Friday was the “crossover” deadline (May 1st) which means that any bill that had not yet passed one chamber (House or Senate) will now need a 2/3 vote from the other chamber (instead of usual majority vote) to become law.

It appears that despite Haley’s valiant efforts, our 12 tax pledge violators on the House Ways & Means Committee along with possible outside influence from other members in the house have been able to stall the Spending Accountability Act of 2009.

In my humble opinion, I do not believe 62% of the Senators (need 19) that voted in favor of H. 3560 (General Appropriations Bill which cuts funding for education) will cross over and vote for  H. 3047.  According to the crossover deadline, you would need approximately 31 Senators to vote in favor of  H. 3047 to make the bill law this year.  Understand that this math is making the assumption that the 12 who voted against the appropriations bill will support  H. 3047.

Thankfully for the people of SC, the rule will still be in place in 2010 that calls for roll call voting, but without this bill, you could be up the creek in 2011.

Call your senators and representatives and encourage them to sign on and urge their colleagues to push  H. 3047 through this year before the end of the session.

And don’t forget to let Haley know you appreciate your efforts!

SC State House Votes to Take Stimulus Monies

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That’s right, $350M Budget Stabilization Fund passed the house today on a 108-8 vote.

It was decided via amendment that federal stimulus money be used to fund the stabilization fund.

So, again, we have 108 House members deciding to go with the status quo and not take the perfect opportunity to reduce state government spending appropriately.

What happened to all they campaign hype of zero-based budgeting and responsible spending?

We’ll get more details on this bill when it is published to the journal, but here’s who voted against the bill.

Joey Millwood Eric Bedingfield Dan Hamilton
Garry Smith Wendy Nanney Thad Viers
Nathan Ballentine James Stewart