NAACP Blocks ACC Baseball Tournament in SC

July 9, 2009 by  
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It looks like South Carolina has lost the ACC baseball tournament for the next three years.  This tournament was suppose to bring in a million dollars to the Myrtle Beach area.  The people who live and work in this area could use this money.  Whether it be the waiter, the business owner, or the maid in the hotel.  There will be no tips, there will be no increased business, and there will be more vacancies in the hotels.  The majority of the income in this part of the state is driven by tourism.

The NAACP who imposed this supposed boycott in 1999 has been fairly ineffective in actually keeping activities or other things out of this state.  I do not know why now they decide to push away money from an area badly in need of it.  For an organization supposedly around to Advance Colored People it is only serving to keep those people down but keeping money out of their hands.

Why is this boycott now being pushed or being pushed at all.  This whole thing was suppose to be over in 2000 when the agreement to move the flag from the state house down to the state house grounds.  According to state Reps D- Vida Miller:  “I’m very troubled,” Miller said. “When we debated this issue in 2000, the consensus of the General Assembly was that a compromise was agreed to … so that we could put this issue behind us and move this state forward and deal with quality-of-life issues.”

The ACC is as much to blame as the NAACP.  The ACC acted cowardly and backed down to a thug group who is serving no purpose with this act.  According to state Rep  R- Thad Viers:  “The bottom line is they’re letting political correctness dictate policy,” Viers said in a telephone interview. “I don’t know who to be more upset with, the state chapter of [the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] or the ACC commissioners for caving in to political correctness.”

Those comments were the weakest of the ones Rep Viers had to say.  In a tweet on Tuesday he poseted:  “the ACC= the girly men conference for athletics!”  After this he posted:   “i apologize for my last tweet … the ACC is fine; its [sic] not their fault that their commissioners don’t have the gonadic strength of a goat!”

As I am not a fan of John Swofford or his stance on this issue I feel that Rep Viers second opinion on the ” gonadic strength” of Mr Swofford is correct.

In the long run the people of SC are caught in the middle of an issue that will not be corrected anytime soon, and truely is a non-issue to most people.  The NAACP needs to find an issue they could actually help people with and the ACC needs to grow a pair.  If the NAACP would have tried this with the SEC I feel sure that they would have laughed at the NAACP and slammed the door in their face.