SLED Claims Sanford is Clear

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According to SLED’s investigation of Sanford’s travels, they have declared that their is not any evidence of criminal activities made by the governor.

Director Lloyd said that if there is any information provided that justifies a criminal investigation, then it will be further reviewed.  He stated that this was not a criminal investigation, but a review.

Lloyd also states that this was a state sponsored business trip that state business was conducted on.  The governor can choose to do what he wants in his personal time.  It is no different than a state employee seeing a ball game after spending the day in conferences.

This is the same argument we made the other day.

Questions still linger as to whether or not he should resign or if he will be impeached.  Only time will tell.

Senator Knotts… Sic em boy… Sic Sanford

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It is well known in South Carolina that Governor Sanford has his enemies.  The General Assembly has worked against him multiple times to stop his reform initiatives and efforts to reduce spending in the state.

Did I mention that the General Assembly is a Republican Majority?  Sounds like the US Congress of old.  Anyway…

Senator Knotts, one of Sanford’s greatest arch-enemies, took to the airwaves of CNN today to continue to blast Sanford.

Listening to Knotts interview just turned my stomach upside down at times and at others, I fell out of my chair laughing so hard over a few of his statements.  Including the following:

“I’m a watchdog for the taxpayers money…”

Let’s see how good of a watchdog he is:

But lets take a look at something Knotts is calling for.

He is accusing Sanford of using taxpayer money to fund a rendezvous with his mistress.

“Taxpayers paid for him to rendezvous with his mistress down in South America, is non-excusable…..

…I can’t explain to my people how the governor can take money and rendezvous with his mistress and when he gets caught, pay it back.  It’s like a bank robber saying hey give me your money and if they happen to catch him, I’ll pay it back and everything will be ok”

Granted, we don’t know how much if any was used.  My issue with this is how many other state business trips ended with a night on the town, in a strip club, at a casino.  We know this happens in business across America.  And I’m not just talking about Sanford.  What about the legislators who have been traveling across the country on different studies and such.

Just like Sanford’s other adversaries, they immediately draw a comparison to the worst case scenario.  I immediately reminded of the stimulus debate:

You know, if you don’t take stimulus money, teachers will lose their jobs.

Oh, now that we have the money, you are still loosing your job.

What about Obama’s Broadway show.  How much money did that cost the taxpayers to fly Air Force One, the Presidential caravan, and everything else it takes to transport the President to Manhattan for a night on the town.

The fact of the matter is, this is common practice.  He was in Argentina on state business, secured jobs for South Carolinians, then enjoyed a night on the town.

One last parting thought……

If it is illegal to have sex on the taxpayer’s dime, then a whole hell of a lot of you are in trouble.

What Happens to the Conservative Reform Agenda

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Mark Sanford and reformers Joey Millwood, Shane Martin, and Lee Bright

Mark Sanford and reformers Joey Millwood, Shane Martin, and Lee Bright

Besides our concern for Sanford’s family, we also mentioned our concern over the Conservative Reform Agenda in South Carolina politics.  So we took to the phones and called some of the state legislators and operatives to see what they think may come of the Conservative Reform Agenda.  We want to know, was Sanford the kingpin pushing this agenda and will it survive?

Joey Millwood – House District 38 – Landrum
Joey campaigned against Bob Walker who was the education and public works chair to win this seat in 2008.  He didn’t receive much support from Sanford during the campaign but his campaign was based on the same general principles.

“If there is one thing the establishment has proven in South Carolina, it is that the Governor has no power.  It is with the General Assembly.  Until the leadership in the House and Senate changes, none of the conservative reform agenda will progress.”

Kerry Wood – Strategist – Dark Horse Strategy Groups
Kerry Wood ran Shane Martin’s campaign that knocked out incumbent Senator Jim Ritchie.  DHSG founds itself of the conservative reform movement and only runs candidates that are favorable to the movement.

“The movement is not one person.  The movement does not begin or end with Gov. Sanford.  It will go on regardless.”

Eric Bedingfield – House District 28 – Mauldin
Eric has been a champion of the movement for some time now.  He took up the mantle fighting for immigration reform and pension initiatives over the last several years.

“The reform movement will not disappear, especially with Senator Larry Grooms running for Governor.  His leadership will continue to progress the reform movement.”

Carl Clegg – Public Relations Director for SCFYR
One of the key organizers of the original Tea Party in Greenville, SC, Carl has focused his work across the state to promote the conservative reform agenda.

“Though Gov. Sanford was the public face of the conservative reform movement, he was not the entire movement.  The movement will continue on with new faces leading the charge.”

Nikki Haley gives her thoughts on the Conservative Reform Movement on her website.

Shocked! Sanford Admits Affair

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South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

Sanford meets the press today and drops a huge bombshell.

After 5 days of the Governor’s absence and questioning who is in charge, Governor Mark Sanford announced he was in Argentina for the past few days and that he had been having an affair with an Argentine woman for the last year.

We will definitely be thinking of his family and the steps they will be taking to move forward during these tough times.

Sanford announced his resignation from the Republican Governor’s Association and was asked if he would be resigning as Governor of SC.  Sanford spokesman responded with a no.

There are rumors afloat that there may be moves in the State House to impeach Sanford.  Their issue is that he has been out of the country and did not provide a means for the legislature or leadership to contact him in case of an emergency.

Over the past several years, there has been a movement to get more fiscally conservative individuals into positions of power in the state.  That is individuals with ideologies similar to Mark Sanford.  How will those candidates now be portrayed.  Is this the needed event to allow the blue wave to continue into South Carolina?

Conservatism in South Carolina may have taken a huge blow, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

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UPDATE 5:02pm
The Garnet Spy makes case for the resignation of the Governor.

Parents, Watchdogs Question Luxurious Educational Conference

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Contact: Neil Mellen
Communications Director
South Carolinians for Responsible Government (SCRG)

Deep budgets cuts have forced schools to furlough, even fire, hundreds of classroom teachers.

That’s what frustrated parents of public school children across South Carolina have been told throughout the last eight months.

From the first signs of sinking state revenues in the fall of 2008, through to the week after lawmakers forced Governor Sanford’s hand and secured the full portion of federal stimulus funding, public education officials have insisted student achievement would suffer from tighten budgets

Now many of the local superintendents who led the fight for higher state and federal funding are drawing fire for their own lavish spending.

An elaborate six-day administrators conference began Sunday at the luxurious Kingston Plantation resort in Myrtle Beach. Critics are questioning how South Carolina’s Association of School Administrators (SCASA), a professional group funded through taxpayer-subsidized fees, benefits and contracts, can afford plush accommodations at the four-star hotel.

Details of the conference posted at the SCASA website include links to lavish hotel menus with filet mignon and lobster tail dinner entrees. Among the scheduled speakers are embattled Superintendent Thomas White of Spartanburg District Seven, who earlier in the year used public funds to pay for a membership in an elite private country club, and State Superintendent Jim Rex, who called under-performing high schools “dropout factories” at a speech in May. Other speakers represent private firms enjoying high dollar consulting and service contracts with public school districts and the State Department of Education.

The meeting, a series of events headlined by a “Leadership Institute,” has been condemned by watchdog groups for years, but the recent publicity of tightened school budgets makes the 2009 conference particularly controversial.

“With 73,000 students trapped in failing public schools and 122 high school students dropping out each day, we need to focus our precious public resources on teacher salaries and classroom supplies, not on pampering and retreats for bureaucrats,” remarked Randy Page, President of South Carolinas for Responsible Government.

SCASA has even set up a closed circuit TV feed so that superintendents and other educational bureaucrats can “participate” from their rooms at the hotel without actually walking down to the conference center.

Scrutiny of the conference is also bringing attention to the political activities of SCASA in and around the Statehouse in Columbia. The group, whose number one stated organizational objective is to “be recognized as the leading force for education” in the State, hires professional political lobbyists to influence the policy decisions of legislators. Members have played a major role in calling for higher educational spending with lower levels of accountability and oversight.

“SCASA is a group of high salaried public officials,” continued Randy Page, noting that most superintendents enjoy compensation packages well over $100,000.00 per year. “They ought not use public money to lobby lawmakers and certainly not use public money for indulgent vacations disguised as professional development.”


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