Division In Spartanburg

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As we mentioned in an earlier post, the division in the county delegation is apparent already.  And it’s not across party lines either.

I would like to share with you the vote weight scale for the county.  It is based on population amounts and is distributed to make a sum of 100.  This becomes key.  You will see in the video below where a last minute decision was made to ensure the desired outcome.

District Member Vote Weight
SD 11 Glenn Reese 17.893
SD 12 Lee Bright 17.310
SD 13 Shane Martin 13.791
HD 34 Mike Forrester 6.510
HD 36 Rita Allison 6.457
HD 32 Derham Cole Jr. 6.425
HD 38 Joey Millwood 6.403
HD 37 Steve Parker 6.356
HD 31 Harold Mitchell 6.230
HD 35 Keith Kelly 6.217
HD 33 Lanny Littlejohn 4.972
SD 14 Harvey Peeler 1.006
HD 42 Mike Anthony .430

View the picture below.  This is taken before the vote and it shows where each candidate remained seated for the rest of the meeting.  Note the 2 nameplates at the center of the platform and exiting House Speaker Pro Tempore Doug Smith.

Spartanburg County Delegation

The Vote for Chair(s)
It went down in style.  Below you will find the video of the event but here’s the quick vote count.  Littlejohn wins the vote based on a decision by Doug Smith that supposedly for procedural matters, vote count is the preferred method instead of a weighted vote.  The video shows some hesitation in the decision process. Kelly wins the vote using the same procedure determined from the previous vote.

Member Chairman Vice-Chairman
Martin Kelly Millwood
Lee Bright Y Y
Mike Forrester Y Y
Harold Mitchell Y Y
Mike Anthony Y Y
Glenn Reese Y Y
Keith Kelly Y Y
Lanny Littlejohn Y Y
Derham Cole Y Y
Rita Allison Y Y
Shane Martin Y Y
Harvey Peeler Y Y
Joey Millwood Y Y
Steve Parker Y Y
Total Votes 9 4 8 5
Weighted Vote 44.603 55.397 38.247 61.753

One question that leads me to believe that the division exists is based on the following question:

Why did half of the group expect it to be a weighted vote and the other half a count?

Two of eldest members of the group, Reese and Littlejohn, were on two different pages as to how the vote was counted.  This isn’t the first time that they witnessed the county delegation chairmanship proceedings.

And what caused the chair(s) to coincidentally be set up at the center of the stage?  There appears to be a rat afloat and we hope to get an answer.

Here is the video:

A Riff in Spartanburg Delegation

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It appears there is division in the county delegation just one week after the election.

The vote for chair went to Littlejohn (9) Shane Martin (4). We have learned that although by the numbers Littlejohn won, Martin won by a weighted vote. All 3 senators and Joey Millwood carried more weight than the other 9 voting members. I’ll get details later.

The same question could be posed for the vice chairmanship. Kelly gained 8 votes and Millwood 5. Again the three senators plus two house members voted for Millwood.

The question to raise is whether or not this vote was conducted accordingly by Doug Smith, exiting House Pro Temp.

If not, it appears that Doug Smith was not done with politics and left his exiting mark on the Spartanburg County Delegation.

South Carolina Candidates Listing for General Election

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The listing of Spartanburg candidates proved to be very valuable for the Primary. I have compiled a list of all candidates that are to be on the ballet on November 4th with links to their respective websites. If you see that I have missed any candidates or links, please feel free to contact me. I will be updating this throughout the season as more information comes available.

United State President
Chuck Baldwin/ Darrell Castle (C)**
Bob Barr/ Wayne A. Root (L)
John McCain / TBD (R)
Ralph Nader / Matt Gonzalez (I)
Barack Obama / TBD (D)

United States Senate
Bob Conley (D)
Lindsey Graham (R)

United States House of Representatives, District 1
Henry E Brown Jr (R)
Linda Ketner (D)

United States House of Representatives, District 2
Rob Miller (D)
Joe Wilson (R)

United States House of Representatives, District 3
J Gresham Barrett (R)
Jane Ballard Dyer (D)

United States House of Representatives, District 4
Paul Corden (D)
Bob Inglis (R)
C Faye Walters (G)

United States House of Representatives, District 5
Albert F Spencer (R)
John Spratt (D)
Frank Waggoner (C)

United States House of Representatives, District 6
James Clyburn (D)
Nancy Harrelson (R)

Solicitor, Circuit 1
Benjy Lafond (R)
David M Pascoe (D)

Solicitor, Circuit 2
Strom Thurmond Jr (R)

Solicitor, Circuit 4
Will Rogers (D)

Solicitor, Circuit 7
Trey Gowdy (R)

Solicitor, Circuit 8
Jerry W Peace (R)
Robert Tinsley (D)

Solicitor, Circuit 9
Scarlett A Wilson (R)

Solicitor, Circuit 10
Chrissy Adams (R)

Solicitor, Circuit 11
Donald V Myers (R)

Solicitor, Circuit 14
Duffie Stone (R)

Solicitor, Circuit 16
Kevin Brackett (R)
Philip W. Jamieson (D)

State Senate District 1
Thomas C Alexander (R)
Polly Nicolay (CP)

State Senate District 2
Larry A Martin (R)

State Senate District 3
Kevin L Bryant (R)
Marshall Meadors (D)

State Senate District 4
Billy ODell (R)
Leonardo Ortiz (D)

State Senate District 5
Phil Shoopman (R)

State Senate District 6
Mike Fair (R)

State Senate District 7
Ralph Anderson (D)
John Langville (C)
Roan Garcia-Quintana (R)

State Senate District 8
David Thomas (R)

State Senate District 9
Danny Verdin (R)

State Senate District 10
Dee Compton (R)
Floyd Nicholson (D)

State Senate District 11
Mike Gardner (R)
Glenn Reese (D)

State Senate District 12
Lee Bright (R)

State Senate District 13
Shane Martin (R)
Jimmy Tobias (D)

State Senate District 14
Harvey Peeler (R)

State Senate District 15
Wes Hayes (R)

State Senate District 16
Mick Mulvaney (R)
Mandy Powers Norrell (D)

State Senate District 17
Creighton B Coleman (D)
Mark Bennett (R)

State Senate District 18
Ronnie Cromer (R)
Michael Ray Ellisor (D)

State Senate District 19
Chris Nelums (UC)
John L Scott Jr (D)

State Senate District 20
John Courson (R)
Harvey Elwood (G)

State Senate District 21
Darrell Jackson (D)

State Senate District 22
Steve King (R)
Joel Lourie (D)

State Senate District 23
Jake Knotts (R)

State Senate District 24
Greg Ryberg (R)

State Senate District 25
Greg Anderson (D)
Shane Massey (R)

State Senate District 26
Margaret J Gamble (R)
Nikki Setzler (D)

State Senate District 27
Vincent Sheheen (D)

State Senate District 28
Dick F Elliott (D)
Bill McKown (R)

State Senate District 29
Gerald Malloy (D)

State Senate District 30
Kent Williams (D)

State Senate District 31
Hugh Leatherman (R)

State Senate District 32
John Yancey McGill (D)

State Senate District 33
Luke Rankin (R)
Jara Uzenda (D)

State Senate District 34
Raymond Cleary (R)

State Senate District 35
Phil Leventis (D)
Karen Michalik (R)

State Senate District 36
John C Land III (D)

State Senate District 37
Larry Grooms (R)

State Senate District 38
Bill Collins (I)
Mike Rose (R)

State Senate District 39
John Matthews (D)

State Senate District 40
Brad Hutto (D)
John E Strickland (R)

State Senate District 41
Glenn McConnell (R)

State Senate District 42
Robert Ford (D)
Scotty Sheriff (R)

State Senate District 43
Chip Campsen (R)

State Senate District 44
Paul G Campbell Jr (R)

State Senate District 45
Clementa Pinckney (D)

State Senate District 46
Tom Davis (R)
Kent D Fletcher (D)

State House District 1
Bill Whitmire (R)

State House District 2
Bill Sandifer (R)

State House District 3
Jason Gale (D)
B R Skelton (R)

State House District 4
Davey Hiott (R)

State House District 5
Phil Owens (R)

State House District 6
Brian White (R)

State House District 7
Michael W Gambrell (R)
Richard Kelly (D)

State House District 8
Don C Bowen (R)
Tom Dobbins (D)

State House District 9
Michael D Thompson (R)

State House District 10
Dan Cooper (R)

State House District 11
Paul L Agnew (D)

State House District 12
Anne Parks (D)

State House District 13
Gene Pinson (R)

State House District 14
Mike Pitts (R)

State House District 15
Jeff Duncan (R)

State House District 16
Michael Turner Jr (D)
Mark N Willis (R)

State House District 17
Harry Cato (R)

State House District 18
Tommy Stringer (R)

State House District 19
Dwight A Loftis (R)

State House District 20
Dan Hamilton (R)

State House District 21
Bill Wylie (R)

State House District 22
Wendy Nanney (R)

State House District 23
Justin Alexander (R)
Chandra Dillard (D)

State House District 24
Bruce W Bannister (R)

State House District 25
Karl B Allen (D)
Rick Freeman (R)

State House District 26
Rex F Rice (R)

State House District 27
Garry R Smith (R)

State House District 28
Eric M Bedingfield (R)
Jonathan David Smith (D)

State House District 29
Dennis C Moss (D)
Danny Stacy (R)

State House District 30
Bobby D Beattie (R)
Olin Phillips (D)

State House District 31
Harold Mitchell Jr (D)

State House District 32
Derham Cole Jr (R)
Will Rothschild (D)

State House District 33
Weldon Davis (D)
Lanny Littlejohn (R)

State House District 34
Mike Forrester (R)
Ronnie R Hart (D)***

State House District 35
Keith Kelly (R)

State House District 36
Rita Allison (R)

State House District 37
Eric Hayler (D)
Steve Parker (R)

State House District 38
Mark N Chambers (D)
Joey Millwood (R)

State House District 39
Steve Cain (D)
Marion B Frye (R)

State House District 40
Walt McLeod (D)

State House District 41
Boyd Brown (D)
Sean Schaeffner (R)

State House District 42
Mike Anthony (D)

State House District 43
Greg Delleney (R)

State House District 44
James M Neal (D)

State House District 45
Deborah Long (R)
Fred Thomas (D)

State House District 46
Herb Crump (D)
Gary Simrill (R)

State House District 47
Herb Kirsh (D)

State House District 48
Carl L Gullick (R)

State House District 49
John R King (D)
Marvin Rogers (R)

State House District 50
Grady Brown (D)

State House District 51
David Weeks (D)

State House District 52
Laurie Slade Funderburk (D)

State House District 53
Ted Martin Vick (D)

State House District 54
Douglas Jennings Jr (D)

State House District 55
(D) Jackie E Hayes
(I) Kenny McLaughlin

State House District 56
Denny W Neilson (D)

State House District 57
Jim Battle (D)

State House District 58
Liston D Barfield (R)
Fonzie Lewis (D)

State House District 59
Terry Alexander (D)

State House District 60
Zackery Cooper (D)
Phillip Lowe (R)

State House District 61
Lester Branham Jr (D)

State House District 62
Robert Q Williams (D)

State House District 63
Kris Crawford (R)
Barry Wingard (D)

State House District 64
Cathy Harvin (D)
Britton S Pruett (R)

State House District 65
Jay Lucas (R)

State House District 66
Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D)
Tim Hawkins (R)

State House District 67
Murrell Smith (R)

State House District 68
Thad Viers (R)

State House District 69
Ted Pitts (R)

State House District 70
Joe Neal (D)

State House District 71
Nathan Ballentine (R)

State House District 72
James Smith (D)

State House District 73
Chris Hart (D)

State House District 74
J Todd Rutherford (D)
Antonio Williams (G)

State House District 75
Jim Harrison (R)

State House District 76
Leon Howard (D)
Victor Kocher (L)

State House District 77
Michael Koska (R)
Joe McEachern (D)

State House District 78
Joan Brady (R)

State House District 79
Anton Gunn (D)
David Herndon (R)
John J C Nelums (UC)

State House District 80
Jimmy C Bales (D)

State House District 81
Tom Young (R)

State House District 82
William Bill Clyburn (D)
Brian Doyle (I)

State House District 83
Judy Hamilton (D)
Don Smith (R)

State House District 84
Russell W Curry (D)
James Roland Smith (R)

State House District 85
Chip Huggins (R)
Jim Nelson (D)

State House District 86
Jim Stewart (R)

State House District 87
Edgar Gomez (D)
Nikki Haley (R)

State House District 88
Mac Toole (R)

State House District 89
Kenny Bingham (R)

State House District 90
Bakari Sellers (D)

State House District 91
Lonnie Hosey (D)

State House District 92
Joe Daning (R)

State House District 93
Harry L Ott Jr (D)

State House District 94
Jenny Horne (R)

State House District 95
Jerry N Govan Jr (D)

State House District 96
Kit Spires (R)

State House District 97
George Bailey (R)
Patsy G Knight (D)

State House District 98
Annette D Young (R)
Jeff Young (D)

State House District 99
Jim Merrill (R)

State House District 100
C David Umphlett Jr (R)

State House District 101
Kenneth Ken Kennedy (D)

State House District 102
Joe Jefferson Jr (D)

State House District 103
Carl L Anderson (D)

State House District 104
Tracy R Edge (R)
Patricia Matthews (C)

State House District 105
George M Hearn (R)

State House District 106
Nelson Hardwick (R)

State House District 107
Alan Clemmons (R)

State House District 108
Jill Kelso (R)
Vida Miller (D)

State House District 109
David Mack III (D)
Steven Smith (R)

State House District 110
Chip Limehouse (R)

State House District 111
Wendell G Gilliard (D)
Clay N Middleton (WF)*

State House District 112
Mike Sottile (R)

State House District 113
J Seth Witherspoon (D)

State House District 114
Bobby Harrell (R)

State House District 115
Anne Peterson Hutto (D)
Eugene Platt (G/WF)*
Wallace B Scarborough (R)

State House District 116
Robert L Brown (D)

State House District 117
Tim Scott (R)

State House District 118
Bill Herbkersman (R)

State House District 119
Chris H Cannon (R)
Leon Stavrinkis (D)

State House District 120
Bill Bowers (D)

State House District 121
N Bonnie Adams (R)

State House District 122
Curtis Brantley (D)

State House District 123
Richard Chalk (R)

State House District 124
Jim Brown (D)
Shannon Erickson (R)

** Will not appear on ballot (according to scvotes.gov)
*** Dropped out of race

The Incumbent Blues

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Well, it looks like it has become pretty official in the land of the Upstate. The incumbent blues continues as we seek Jim Ritchie and Rock Adams go down in defeat this evening. Another newcomer brought out the votes and beat a veteran in a battle for Senate District 12 ( Lee Bright over Scott Talley).

The final tally…only 3 Republican seats will have individuals with General Assembly experience. My advice to the winners…

Remember who voted you in, remember what you stand for, because the people of Spartanburg are no longer afraid to oust the incumbents.

Lee Bright v Scott Talley – Who Wants Vouchers?

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I have heard a lot of debate on the he said he said between Bright and Talley.  I am not endorsing one candidate or the other, but did find this information interesting to read. It appears both candidates have ties to the voucher program, Talley voted for it here & here and Bright is being constantly accused of it.

Below is Sanfords letter of endorsement.

Dear Friend,

I hope this email finds you well. As you probably know, last week I endorsed Lee Bright in the Senate District 12 race and I thought I would write to briefly explain why I think he would be a great Senator for Spartanburg County.

Lee strikes me as a principled conservative who would not only represent the area’s interests well, but also be an advocate for important changes in the way our state does business. He shares our goal of making our state more competitive in the global marketplace and improving the overall lives of all South Carolinians – and sees how important changing things in Columbia is to getting there.

I think his experience in starting and building a small business makes him appreciate how hard people work to earn a living, and the importance of treating “government money” like money that actually belongs to taxpayers.

As you head to the polls next week, I would ask that you consider the following.

– Government spends about $20 billion of our money every year. In fact, state spending has increased by over 40 percent in the last three years – much faster than family income.

– In some cases, those funds are wasted on balloon festivals and Elvis impersonators while the legislature leaves deficits for fuel for our school buses and securing prisons.

– We have more than $20 billion in unpaid political promises and these IOUs will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren.

– We have an antiquated and fractured government structure that creates more overlap and duplication and less accountability. In fact, we are the only state in the country with a Budget and Control Board that handles the administrative functions handled by the other 49 governors in the country.

I won’t bore you with more examples, but the bottom line is that I believe we are close to achieving some significant reforms in Columbia – but that we too often find ourselves falling just a few votes shy of essential change. Sending Lee to the Senate would be a huge help to our efforts, so I hope you’ll support Lee in Tuesday’s runoff.

Take care,

Mark Sanford

PS – To view the television commercial that explains why I endorsed Lee, please click here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=GPkIliv1lT0

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