Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Video

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Alan Keyes also visited Boiling Springs on July 4th to speak at their Tea Party.  With over 2000 people spread around the park, it was reported as the largest crowd ever at the community park.

Dr. Keyes took the opportunity to share with Boiling Springs his thoughts on Independence Day and the steps that needs to be taken to restore the republic.

And one last thing.  DSL 6.0 in Spartanburg SUCKS!  What has taken me several hours to upload at home I was able to upload in 20 minutes here in Indianapolis.

Anyways, here are the videos:

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 1

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 2

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 3

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 4

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 5

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 6

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 7

Dr. Alan Keyes – Westside Church Video

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Alan Keyes Speaks to Boiling Springs Tea Partiers

Alan Keyes Speaks to Boiling Springs Tea Partiers

Dr. Alan Keyes came to the Upstate for the Fourth of July to share his thoughts and visions for America.

He began the day eating breakfast and speaking to a group of 60 at Westside church about the role of religion in politics and what we really should do on Independence Day.

Below you will find videos from his morning event at Westside Church in Simpsonville, SC.

Westside Church Part 1

Westside Church Part 2

Westside Church Part 3

Westside Church Part 4

Westside Church Part 5

The Declaration of Independence

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On this July 4th, 233 years since we declared our freedom from Great Britain, I would like everyone to think about what the Declaration of Independence means to them.  To me I have sat and read it again this morning, and I still believe the truths that our fore fathers wrote about still stand today.

Our country seems to be torn between what we were and what some would have us to be.  We, as written by Thomas Jefferson, were given certain unalienable rights.  Those are the things I would like to focus on today.

The first unalienable right is the right of Life.  Seems to me a simple term, and to the framers of our Declaration I am sure it was also.  The people of that time wanted to be able to live free of the tyranny of a king across the sea.  We today as a nation do not respect Life.  We have found over the course of time that it is ok to kill the unborn and call it choice.  We have turned our back on these principles and yet many believe we are honoring our past.

The second unalienable right is the right to Liberty.  Liberty is term that has been misqouted or miss used today.  In essensce liberty is a synonym for freedom.  Our fore fathers wanted a word to define their freedom from undue and unjust goverment control.  We still have liberty today, although today its meaning has been perverted by our goverment and the media.  We have our liberty or freedom as long as it does not interfere with someone else liberty or freedom.  Our government today is chipping away at the very liberty’s and freedom’s we all hold dear.  We as a country have to stand together, not as Republican, Democrat or Independent, but as Americans and make sure our government does not take away the freedoms of any group or people.

The third unalienable right is the right to the pursuit of Happiness.  This means that we should be allowed to pursue what makes us happy and or fulfills our dreams.  It is not promised in the Declaration that we will be happy or that the governments job is to make us happy.  We are only promised the opportunity to pursue our happiness.  To that end if you fail in life or can not make your own happiness you can not blame your neighbor, your community or the government.  We have choices in this life and it is up to us to take control of our lives and strive to be great and happy.

There is more to the Declaration that just these rights.  If you have the time today please take the time to read it.  Share it with your children, and let them know that our country was set up to allow them to be great and to succeed.

If you do not have a copy of the Declaration you can access it at:

If you would like a copy of the Declaration or our Constitution you may Visit and they will send you one.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th and remembers it is not only about fireworks and cookouts, but is about the greatness of our country and what it stands for.  God bless the USA.