Pictures – Joe Biden in Spartanburg 2007.11.03

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Joe Biden made a stop later in the day on Saturday that the world famous Beacon Drive-In. Had a very good stump speech, very methodical, not much fan fare though. Here are the pictures, look for video or audio soon.





Live Blog – Joe Biden

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Live from The Beacon Drive-In in Spartanburg, SC. We are awaiting the arrival of Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden.

  • 13:30
    • Senator Biden is scheduled to arrive at 1:45pm, stay tuned for details
  • 14:00
    • Senator Biden did the coin toss at the local Wofford Terriers College football game
    • He should be here in a few minutes. Sorry for the delay
  • 14:20
    • November 12, Democratic party luncheon, top floor at Wild Wings
    • Also, young democrats will meet at Sonny’s Brickoven Pizza.
    • Still awaiting Biden
  • 14:22
    • Liz Patterson speaking (County Chairwoman)
    • Democratic Presidential Primary moved to the 26th of January
    • February 23 Precinct Organization
    • March 20 is County Convention
    • May is State Convention
    • We welcome anyone to run, unlike our counterpart.
    • It doesn’t cost $500
    • Also, elections are this Tuesday
    • What about Steven Colbert not allowed to be on the ticket
    • Reason given is that he did not show a interest over a period of time.
    • Joe Biden has arrived
  • 14:25
    • Small states have become more consequential
    • Since Iowa and New Hampshire are so early, we will know who the nominee is going to be.
    • I’ll return multiple times between now and the primary
    • Polling Data in Iowa and New Hampshire shows that over 70% of voters have not made up there mind
  • 14:30
    • I came here today to say thank you for giving us a chance
    • You cannot exaggerate the consequences of you participation
    • Why am I running for President?
    • This is the single most import election we have had in a while
    • We are so isolated today, never been a time when nations have respected our judgement
    • Next President has the discretion to keep on this track or turn us around
    • He must help maintain the middle class
    • 60K – 70K would have used to been a comfortable wage, but not today
    • Healthcare costs have gone up 70%
    • The burden is coming back to the kids
    • 400K kids qualified for college, but could not go because they couldn’t afford it
    • Internationally, the world is looking to America to return to its value
    • One international leader look to America is an idea, but you are in jeporady of losing the force of the idea of America
    • I have been a Senator since I was 29 years old, I have gotten to meet and know most of the world leaders on a first name basis.
    • Don’t let the republicans tell you we cannot afford healthcare, education
    • What are your priorities
  • 14:35
    • We are comminted to 1.4 Trillion dollars to the war so far
    • 28,112 are wounded from this war
    • More amputeees than any war since the Civil War
    • The price for this administrations failure is incredible
    • I go to Iraq every 6 months
    • I’ve ridden down the rode @ 85mph (in Iraq) with a kid wearing night vision goggles…It is scary
    • What are we doing about the issues in Iraq
    • The military refers to each of the dead as “Fallen Angels” (silence)
    • I got on the C-130 with all of these flag drapped coffins
    • The administration continues to hide the cost of the war
    • Only people paying the price are the troops and the families
    • We have to end the war
  • 14:40
    • My son’s going soon
    • And I don’t want him over there, so we have to get us out of there
    • As you choose the next President, you need to make sure they can reach across the aisle and create solutions.
    • We as democrats alone cannot solve these problems, we must get 20% of republicans to work with us
    • Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget and I’ll tell you what your value (quote from his father)
    • How can a tax cut for those who make at 300K something good
    • I will not take the back seat against these Republicans, and I am ready to debate them
    • Many know there is something wrong with healthcare, global warming, education
    • We should trust the people more, they understand what is going on
    • The American people are smarter than either party gives them credit
    • Tell them the truth
    • In Conclusion, some may think that I am a little naive b/c I believe the people are ready for change
    • When has the public ever let the country down
    • I cannot recall a time
    • Greatest opportunity since FDR
    • Bush will be judged harshly by history, not b/c of 9/11, but the opportunities he squandered to unite the nation and the world
    • His first address 9/11, I empathize with the lost then he said, continue to Fly and go to the mall, so the economy wouldn’t fall
  • 14:48
    • After 9/11 NATO invoked article 5, which says If America is attacked, we are all war.
    • Even Iran said they would help and allow airspace and pick up downed pilots
    • Great Presidents always take advantage of difficult times to make a change
    • Join me in making hope and history rhyme
  • 14:53
    • Questions
    • What can we do now to prevent us from waking up the next morning that we have bombed Iran
      • Country is making it known to Congress now
      • Second biggest mistake in history
      • 10 of 12 battalions are in Iraq now
      • President has no authority to do this under the Constitution
      • Congress shouldn’t be so timid
      • Congress should not have voted to say that a 1/3 of Iran’s army is a terrorist org. The price of oil has shot up to $96 a barrel
      • Risk factor went up by 23%
      • They voted this way so we wouldn’t look “weak”
      • I challenge them to debate me whether or not I have the gumption to defend America
      • I believe Gates has told the President that if we go to war with Iran, then I am finished (Biden’s interpretation)
      • By attacking Iran, all we do is delay the time frame to when they get a nuclear weapon.
      • There are 300 tons of uranium sitting in Russia
    • What is the best means of communicating to your Congressman?
      • Write them a letter
      • I get 60K e-mails a month, I cannot read them all.
    • How are you going to vote on Mukasey (Attorney General Nominee)?
      • I am going to vote no
      • I couldn’t put one in charge of justice system if he doesn’t know water boarding is torture
      • Presidents policy has created more terrorist than prevented (February 07)
      • National Intelligence Estimate stated that Al Qaeda is now stronger (Sept. 07)
    • What is your stand on Guantanamo Bay
      • I’m not afraid of using force
      • I was the first to call for it closing, b/c it creating more terrorist as it is dissuading

The End

Stumpping In South Carolina

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I had to be away on business this weekend. I have been trying to take my daughter to see all of the candidates so that she can meet the next President of the United States. I check my e-mail Saturday to find that I have received an e-mail from Democratic Party Chair Liz Patterson….”Bill Clinton will Be in Spartanburg on Monday”. My heart dropped, it would have been neat to meet up with Former President Clinton, at least to hear what he had to say. The Spartanburg Herald Journal has a good article on the event.

We have several candidates coming to the Greenville/Spartanburg area this week to stump. A few more chances to get out and meet them and make up your minds.

16:30 – Ron Paul @ Grand Opening of Greenville HQ
19:00 – Ron Paul @ Spartanburg County GOP Executive Meeting

13:00 – Ron Paul @ Strom Thurmond Institute Bldg at Clemson University
16:30 – Joe Biden @ Stephenson Banquet Hall at Limestone College (Gaffney, SC)
19:00 – Ron Paul Rally in Columbia (TBA)

08:30 – Ron Paul @ Grand Opening of Columbia HQ
13:00 – Joe Biden @ The Beacon in Spartanburg, SC