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We will update from the event throughout the evening.

Please pardon any typos as I an updating from the WordPress app on the iPhone.

7:17 pm
Katon Dawson just welcomed Rep. Moss to the Republican Party.

7:36 pm
Enjoying dinner with republicans from Lake City & Greenville @ table 14

7:51 pm
We have seen Bobby Harrell, Henry McMaster, Rick Beltram, Bill Connor, Doug Cobb, Adam Fogle, Gov. Sanford.

7:55 pm
Gov. Sanford speaking.

Never seen the excitement in the conservative movement like was seen in Tea Parties.

8:00 pm
There is no moderation in current administration.

Lindsey Grahm introduced. Receives decent applause.

Never met anyone more sincere than Sanford in politics.

Never met anyone with more potential than Bob Corker.

Thanks to Dawsons hard work and good luck to Karen.

Obama administration agressive agenda has run up more debt in 100 days than we have run up from Washington to W. Bush.

8:06 pm
We need a republican in PA and re-elect DeMont in 2010.

I wish one more person was here, Pelosi.

I don’t like Obama’s politics, but I do personally. Obama can sell, but Pelosi products are not selling.

She is trying to run the country by degrading Bush.

I do not want to be so hateful and accuse the CIA of lying.

8:10 pm
I promise you this, the patriots (CIA) ate not lying.

Nancy, here is some advice, when ur n trouble quit digging.

And If u don’t stop, I know one Senator who will callyou to the Senate for a hearing and find out what you really know.

Jim DeMint introduced.

Honored to serve with Lindsay Graham.

The party is growing, and we can show the nation how it is done.

Recognizes Kevin Hall for efforts.

Glad none of you Governor’s candidates decided to run for the Senate.

Five way primaries are difficult.

We expand the party when we discuss ideas n the primary.

Democrats have moved to the left of Europe.

We need to stand and fight for freedom.

We need to stop what I believe is a socialist agenda.

Introduction of Bob Corker.

We need to seven our country from some dangerous proposals. They believe n equal outcome, we believe n equal opportunity.

8:27 pm
About once a week, this administration sends us a Trojan Horse.

This administration sends attractive ideas to the people and we have to defend our values.

10 years of social spending in stimulus bill. They wan to change it permanently.

Cap & Trade, Employees Free Choice Act (ends secret ballot elections for unionization).

Next is healthcare reform. Daschle said we failed first time to pass government controlled health care because we shared it with the public.

8:34 pm
Why should American tax payer fund a private company so it can sell out to another private company.

I know every American is not as conservative as we are, nut I guarantee that they are not as liberal as they are.

8:36 pm
Our ideas have lifted millions ofnpeople out of poverty.

Administration treats financial success as it should be shameful. This thought process is not new to the world, but it is to this nation.

We need to make sure we conduct ourselves with integrity.

If we hold ourselves to a higher standard we will regai. The trust of the American people.

8:41 pm
Introduction of David Wilkins.

We are glad to be home, but I miss my job as Ambassador to Canada.

Look around this room, you can feel the energy.

Eventuall America will see what we already know, what is happening in Washington is tearing us down.

Katon has never stopped hitting me up for money.

He has done an excellent job building this party.

Dawson put SCGOP on the map.

Thanks to Katon, the Republican road to the White House starts right here.

8:56 pm
Remarks and words of thanks from Katon Dawson.

We are here because we believe we are given our liberties from God, not the federal government.

9:05 pm
Katon Dawson: Thank you, I did the very best I could.

Beltram’s Replacement Known Tomorrow?

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After the spanking that Rick Beltram has taken over the last few weeks over concerning his comments on Jim DeMint, the GOP HQ based out of a questionable building and the reported minimal support at the debates Monday, we have come down to the final 19 days before the votes take place to elect the next chairman of Spartanburg County.

The folks over at Upstate Update will be announcing their candidate for Spartanburg County Chairman. Who is it?  The only indication we have is a blurred picture of Nicole Cobb’s husband, Doug Cobb.

We spoke with Kerry Wood and he told us the announcement would be made Friday, March 20th at/after lunch.  He did not give us any indication as to who the candidate was though.

So, here is your chance to sound off.  Who do you think it is?

  • Rick Beltram
  • Gary Coats
  • Doug Cobb
  • Monica Hill
  • LaDonna Ryggs
  • Mike Dixon
  • Doug Smith

Leave a comment and let us know.

Spartanburg GOP Precinct Reorg Makeup Meeting

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If you were a law abiding citizen on March 2nd and weathered the nasty weather to organize your precinct, prepare to do it again on March 23rd.  That’s right, we have some sources that said packets are being thrown out on technicalities.  We have contacted Rick Beltram and he stated that some individuals had been in question because they were not registered voters, but that entire packets had not been “thrown out”.

By SCGOP Party Rules, the county party is allowed to hold make up meetings for those precincts which were unable to organize. This can be found in the under Rule 4.1.b:

The county chairman shall also set a date no later than five days prior to the county convention for precinct clubs to meet, that have failed to organize or re-organize or clubs that need to conduct further business. The meeting for all precincts shall be held in one central location in the county.

So, if you want a say in the direction of the Republican Party, want a say in its leadership, this is one of two (2) meetings that you need to attend.

Those individuals researching and counting numbers may base their decisions to take on the embattled 10 year county chairman if you are willing to sacrifice a few hours and have your opinion heard by party leadership or by even becoming party leadership.  It is in your hands.

As for my candidacy, I have been approached by several individuals before and after the infamous audio release.  I will be making a decision in the next few weeks.

The makeup meeting is currently scheduled to be conducted at the Country Hearth Inn at the I-85/I-26 intersections starting at 7pm on March 23, 2009.

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Rick Beltram Caught on Tape

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I have consulted with our lawyers and have confirmed that under SC law, it lawful to record a conversation as long as one party consents to the recording.  With that said, we have obtained audio with Rick Beltram’s comments on Jim Demint.

Text of Sound Bite:

When Jim DeMint comes by in 10, Karen’s not going to be county chairman, Kevin Hall is not going to be county chairman, Beltram will be county chairman and when he comes and wants to know what we can do for him, I am going to be on my hands.

Rick Beltram – Who Does He Think He Is

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Besides the fact they are all Republicans, you won't guess what links them together.

Over the last year and a half, I have become heavily involved in politics.  I enjoy it and am looking forward to seeing our nation progress.  However, in the following set of articles, I will put at risk my reputation in the political world at the sake of the people of Spartanburg County.

Last week, in a conversation with Spartanburg County GOP Chairman Rick Beltram, was the first time I have ever felt like I was being extorted.  After sitting on this for a week, I have decided I should share what one individual plans to do if someone does not work with him.

Last week, I kindly shared with Rick Beltram that I would not be working on his campaign for State Chairman.  At this meeting (which was supposed to be confidential), he shared with me the following information concerning my withdrawal from his campaign.  I hate to break trust in confidential meetings but the people need to know what one will do to remain in power.

Beltram first told me a story about another individual who chose not to endorse him publicly.  Simply, a current county GOP official will no longer be serving, they are “disloyal”.

Beltram then said (paraphrased), if you remain neutral, you will not be the nominee for Vice Chairman – North.

OK, so what, you are not the nominee.  Here is the issue, Beltram insists on using a nominating committee that will present a slate of candidates that he approves of.  This is his way to guarantee he stays in power in the event he is not nominated from the floor.  In conventions past, some Convention Presidents have been known to close the nominations for a position immediately after the nominating committee shared their recommendations, preventing other individuals the opportunity to “run from the floor”.

In Stalin”esque” fashion, he has told two individuals either you are with me or you are out of the county party.  Doesn’t this sound a little like “pay to play” covered in the name of “loyalty”.  Do we have our very own “Rod Blagojevich” in Spartanburg, SC?

It gets better.  It is well known that I supported Ron Paul for his positions on the Constitution and sound money during the primaries.  I will admit that I did not agree with him 100% of the time,  but I felt he was the candidate who best fit my beliefs.

So, Beltram proceeded in telling me about conversations he had in one of his private team meetings the weekend before and how they were questioning my “loyalty”.

A point was raised to Rick by one of those members…”Does he realize how much you have defended him concerning his support of Ron Paul?”

Rick continued, I don’t know but I will let him know.  He then proceeded in telling me that you realize those Ron Paul supporters are seen as kooks and crazy (pointing his finger to his temple and rotating) people.

To further make his point, he began discussing Senator Jim DeMint and his 2010 campaign.  He told me that because Jim DeMint endorsed Kevin Hall, the Spartanburg County GOP will be sitting on its hands in 2010 if and when he asks for assistance.

Is this the leadership and deceitfulness we need in our party?

Check out “Caught on Tape“.

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