The Conservativist – 2 Years Ago

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The Conservativist

The Conservativist

Believe it or not, 2 years ago this past weekend, The Conservativist began it’s ascension into the Blogdom of SC Politics.

Originally titled “A Conservative Voice”, The Conservativist was just a college project.  It sat in the obscurities of “blogger” for 3 odd years until a grumpy old man took the stage one hot May evening in Columbia.

A few weeks later I attended Congressman Bob Inglis’ Let’s Talk event at Wade’s Restaurant.  Me being the one who is not afraid to ask questions dropped one about that grumpy old man to Inglis and why he was so hated. Something along those lines anyways.

But before I left, Jason Spencer stopped me to ask me a few questions about the grumpy old man and Rick Beltram.  Jason informed me in the interview that Beltram had banned the grumpy old man from attending events and he asked my comments.  He was working on a bigger story than Inglis’ event that day.

July 4th, 2007, Jason Spencer’s article landed on the doorsteps of the people in Spartanburg, GOP maverick Paul shunned in Spartanburg.

The Conservativist immediately began building a readership with Ron Paul supporters. The first thing we wrote about was Beltram’s response to the article.  Some of those individuals who were already engrosed in the campaign picked up on it fast and forwarded it around.  I saw how much traffic we were getting and thought, traffic is good, lets write more about Paul.  10 of the first 11 articles we wrote in 2007 concerned Ron Paul and Rick Beltram.

It became an effort to post any press release we received.  Even if we disagreed with it, we would still run it just for coverage sake.  We may not write about the issues, but I believe people want to hear multiple sides of the story and we wanted to make that information more available.  I wanted to know when the candidates were going to be in town, I wanted to hear all of them speak.

I was also hoping to provide my daughter an opportunity that I did not get.  Being a Navy brat, we traveled a good bit and by the UCMJ, my father could not really attend any of the events.  I thought how cool it would be to be in Kindergarten and be able to say I have met the President of the United States.

A passion also began to develop.  I grew more concerned with our leadership and the direction of our State and Nation.  So we began expanding and getting involved in local politics.

It aggrevated me that things these candidates were saying never left the meetings.  You never saw it on the news or heard anything about it.  So it was time to start reporting on some of this.  We tried covering events when the candidates came to town, but our coverage was sporadic at best.

A lot has changed since then.  We have built up a network of contacts and people provide us with a lot of insight.  My job also allows me to take a little more time to contribute to the site, creating more content.

With all of that said, thanks for your readership for the last two years and if you have any information or would like to write for The Conservativist, let us know.

Check Out Jason Spencer’s Blog

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Check out the excellent reporting by Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal.  Be sure to comment and let him know that the people of Spartanburg want the truth and to see these articles in the paper.

Despite a snow-covered Spartanburg and the dangers of black ice on the road, the Spartanburg County Republican Party, at first glance, seems to have done well with its biennial precinct reorganization.

The blandly named “precinct reorganization” isn’t exclusive to party activists – Democrats and Republicans alternate the years they do it – but it is the front door to any registered voter who wants to have a say in county or state party leadership and/or present resolutions that could affect their state party’s platform.

Monday morning, when I was making calls about things I cover, trying to determine what was cancelled and what wasn’t, I was told that reorganization – advertised on the radio for the past week – would go on. Organization is largely a formal process, but a necessary one, to elect precinct officers and file the appropriate paperwork to become a county and/or state delegate – i.e. to have a vote at the county or state conventions, which are in April and May, respectively.

Read more here at Crazyworld

Reorg Is Tonight

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Apparently Jason Spencer has talked with Rick Beltram and has posted the following tweet.

Spbg GOP precinct reorg on for 7 p.m. Make-up meeting March 23 at Country Hearth Inn for those unable to go or find polling place closed

Be careful, but don’t be fooled.  If you can get to a precinct meeting and it is closed, place a note on the door and go to another business across from the location.  You must get your precincts organized!