President Obama – “You Lie”

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President Barack Obama, Spartanburg SC

President Barack Obama, Spartanburg SC

SC Congressman Joe Wilson took to the national airwaves tonight during President Obama’s healthcare speach to a joint session of the Congress.

As if on queue, Congressman Joe Wilson let out a “YOU LIE”, immediately after President Obama stated that his plan did not allow for illegal immigrants to participate.

You tell us, after reading the section of the bill below, did Obama lie?


(d) Individuals –

(1) INDIVIDUAL DESCRIBED- Subject to the succeeding provisions of this subsection, an individual described in this paragraph is an individual who-

(A) is not enrolled in coverage described in subparagraphs (C) through (F) of paragraph (2); and

(B) is not enrolled in coverage as a full-time employee (or as a dependent of such an employee) under a group health plan if the coverage and an employer contribution under the plan meet the requirements of section 312.

Paragraph 2 subparagraphs C-F as mentioned in 1.A

(C) MEDICARE- Coverage under part A of title XVIII of the Social Security Act.

(D) MEDICAID- Coverage for medical assistance under title XIX of the Social Security Act, excluding such coverage that is only available because of the application of subsection (u), (z), or (aa) of section 1902 of such Act.

(E) MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES AND DEPENDENTS (INCLUDING TRICARE)- Coverage under chapter 55 of title 10, United States Code, including similar coverage furnished under section 1781 of title 38 of such Code.

(F) VA- Coverage under the veteran’s health care program under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, but only if the coverage for the individual involved is determined by the Commissioner in coordination with the Secretary of Treasury to be not less than a level specified by the Commissioner and Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, in coordination with the Secretary of Treasury, based on the individual’s priority for services as provided under section 1705(a) of such title.


Health Care for Everyone

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In a perfect world everyone would be happy, healthy and we would not have to worry about going to the doctor or medical expenses.   Our country, no matter what else we think or feel, is still the best country in the world, although it is not perfect.   Unlike what you have heard or been hearing  there is no great unwashed mass that do not have insurance available to them.  In our  country of 250 million people only 45.7 million people were not insured at one time or another in 2007.  Folks, that is only 18% of the population.

There is no doubt that our health care industry is not messed up and that the insurance companies do make it worse.  I do believe like most people that the health care system could be tweaked to work better.

According to research of the 45.7 million who did not at some point have insurance last year 26% of those did not choose to accept a form of public coverage.  That reduces the number of people uninsured by 11.88 million.

Another 21% that are not insured are immigrants here legally or illegally.  So that once again reduces our uninsured number by 9.59 million.  For those of you keeping count that brings our total uninsured to 24.23 million.

The next group is actually the one most hurt by a lack of insurance.  20% of the uninsured make at least $75,000 but are not offered insurance by their company.  These individuals actually make enough to afford private insurance, but can not get it becasue of a health situation.   Subtracting this 9.14 million from the total leaves us with 15.09 million uninsured.

The last group that we have is made up of the younger generation.  40% of the uninsured either consider themselves healthy or do not have it available to them.

Now that we know who is not insured and how their groups are divided does it help us find a cure for the uninsured.  No, but now that it is known what the groups are, does it sound so horrifying that 10 million of the people not insured (and I feel that is incredibly low based on the number of illegals in our country) are immigrants legal and illegal.

Our country was not founded to give free health care to all of us.  It is simply not feasible to expect it, those who know the truth realize that our country is responsible for protecting our borders, not providing health insurance.  If we can get real torte reform that will help lower overall cost of health care.  If we don’t allow illegal immigrants to make use of our facilities illegally that would also decrease our cost.  If we could all step back and take a look at the situation we would realize that the government is not the one that should be running our insurance.  If you need more proof simply look at how Medicare and the VA are run.

If the goverment can not take care of the men and women who have protected us why would we think they could take care of our health needs.  I hope that these measures are not passed and that we can find a diffrent way to help those who trully need help.

SC State Legislature Sending the Wrong Message?

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All of the recent debates in the State Legislature to “stop the invasion of illegal immigrants” (Patrick Haddon Candidate for Senate District 6) and the method that we should take to accomplish this task has left me a little concerned. I believe that we must get the correct policy in place to crack down on illegal immigration in our state, but is e-Verify the correct solution?

Now before you jump all over me for my reservations and accusing me of hiring illegal aliens or taking payouts, let us look at the stance our Legislature has taken over the past few years, particularly the Real-ID.

The SC State legislature passed a law last year, S449, that prohibits the state to comply with the Real ID act. Now, let us take a look deeper into the reasoning provided for our unwillingness to comply as stated by the Governor.

  1. Passed without debate. The Real ID Act of 2005 was a rider to the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief in 2005. As a side note, this was co-sponsored by our very own Bob Inglis.
  2. A line has to be drawn with regard to unfunded federal mandates
  3. The exponential increase in wait times (increased costs) at DMV not taken into consideration by the DHS estimates.
  4. REAL Id represents another step against a limited federal government
  5. The creation of a centralized national database of personal information that has had its security issues of its own (uhn…reminders…oh…3 of the 4 remaining Presidential candidates passport files were accessed illegally).
  6. Provides no guarantees that it will make us safer, as it has no standing in foreign countries

Now back to e-Verify. e-Verify is a national database compiled of each individuals Social Security numbers. Social Security validation could be a concern in itself as they are so often stolen and in my perspective, hardly ever prosecuted because the twerps can not be found. This is a concern of point 5 above.

If you look into the e-Verify site on DHS, it also states that the database is expanding to contain biometric information for all individuals. This begins to bring into question point 4 above. It seems that the collection of all this data by the federal government is again stepping further into the states rights guaranteed in the 10th amendment of the Constitution.

This leaves me wondering what our State Legislature truly believes? They act in total disbelief and utter disgust over the Real ID, but accept it with e-Verify.

I would like to present an idea that equally levels the responsibility between the states and the federal government. It is my understanding that most all individuals who are born in the United States are presented a birth certificate. All states have this information already on hand and it is readily available. I filed a request last week and had my replacement certificates in my hand in less than 4 days. This provides the States with a valid method of validating employees using infrastructure that is already in place.

For non-natural born citizens and legal immigrants, they are provided documentation (citizenship papers, green cards, visa, etc) that is/should already be maintained by the Federal Government. This data can be easily checked by the employer and will also aid in identifying and removing those individuals who overstay the terms of their visas, also eliminating a homeland security threat.

~Gary Coats

Spartanburg GOP to Vote on Censuring

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Many may already know that on August 23th, 2007, the Spartanburg GOP held a rally / executive committee meeting. It was well expected that a resolution would be submitted to the effect of censuring SC Senator Lindsey Graham. For Graham’s sake, only 43 voters showed up to the meeting (44 was a quorum). The resolution was sent to the resolutions committee for discussion.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 1st. It is believed that the Spartanburg GOP wants the vote and the resolutions committee will be bringing forward the Lindsey Graham censuring resolution once again.

On two occassions that I have spoken with the County Chairman, it has been mentioned that he wants this resolution to come to a vote. He wants to see what the precinct presidents and the executive committee has to say about “Grahamnesty”. He (County Chairman) was chided after the rally on 8/23 because a quorum was not present. He stated many people may not have come knowing this resolution was “bound to be presented”. They do not want to have their name’s associated with it.

I will keep you informed as to what happens on November 1st, 2007.

Greenville Executive GOP Members Censure Lindsey Graham

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Unfortunately, I had to leave the meeting early and missed the call for the vote to censure Lindsey Graham over his positions on immigration. What I am able to bring light on though is the nature of the audience. Here is an overview of how the evening began and the resulting events.

Greenville GOP Chairman Samuel Harms had began to implement a new procedure to ease the voting process for committee members, resolutions, etc on this evening. All precincts represented had “green cards” (ironically, the green carders censured Lindsey Graham).

There are several individuals, including the Greenville News reporter Dan Hoover, who are claiming it was a small band of “RON PAUL Supporters” who led the censuring charge. The article can be found on The Greenville News website. Unfortunately, for Lindsey Graham and Dan Hoover, there are no known Ron Paul supporters that are a member of the Greenville Executive Board. And since I had to leave early, the opportunity for the video clips of the meeting and “censuring” were lost.

Although, Chris Lawton was still in attendance at the time of the vote, he was able to communicate to me that the group of Ron Paul supporters in the auditorium were silent. Before I had left, there may have been 7 sitting on one row outside of the committee member seating area. The other supporters were outside the auditorium staffing (volunteer staffing that is) a table to distribute Ron Paul materials.

With that said, there was no way a influx of Ron Paul supporters could have influenced the vote.

There are also individuals calling into question the validity of the vote. The questions arise around if there was a quorum present to vote. I have video of the quorum discussions at the beginning of the meeting. Unfortunately, sound quality isn’t the best, but you should be able to hear them. I’ll have those posted soon. Subscribe to to be notified when the video is posted.