President Obama – “You Lie”

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President Barack Obama, Spartanburg SC

President Barack Obama, Spartanburg SC

SC Congressman Joe Wilson took to the national airwaves tonight during President Obama’s healthcare speach to a joint session of the Congress.

As if on queue, Congressman Joe Wilson let out a “YOU LIE”, immediately after President Obama stated that his plan did not allow for illegal immigrants to participate.

You tell us, after reading the section of the bill below, did Obama lie?


(d) Individuals –

(1) INDIVIDUAL DESCRIBED- Subject to the succeeding provisions of this subsection, an individual described in this paragraph is an individual who-

(A) is not enrolled in coverage described in subparagraphs (C) through (F) of paragraph (2); and

(B) is not enrolled in coverage as a full-time employee (or as a dependent of such an employee) under a group health plan if the coverage and an employer contribution under the plan meet the requirements of section 312.

Paragraph 2 subparagraphs C-F as mentioned in 1.A

(C) MEDICARE- Coverage under part A of title XVIII of the Social Security Act.

(D) MEDICAID- Coverage for medical assistance under title XIX of the Social Security Act, excluding such coverage that is only available because of the application of subsection (u), (z), or (aa) of section 1902 of such Act.

(E) MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES AND DEPENDENTS (INCLUDING TRICARE)- Coverage under chapter 55 of title 10, United States Code, including similar coverage furnished under section 1781 of title 38 of such Code.

(F) VA- Coverage under the veteran’s health care program under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, but only if the coverage for the individual involved is determined by the Commissioner in coordination with the Secretary of Treasury to be not less than a level specified by the Commissioner and Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, in coordination with the Secretary of Treasury, based on the individual’s priority for services as provided under section 1705(a) of such title.


Inglis Heckled / Heckles at Town Hall

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Bob Inglis - SC 4th Representative

Bob Inglis - SC 4th Representative

And this time it was not by me!

If anything, Inglis heckled me at an after meeting which I was personally invited to.   It didn’t bother me, I thought it was rather amusing to have him attack me, I feel honored.  Thanks Congressman Inglis!

Over 350 people turned out in Boiling Springs last night to let Congressman Inglis know what they think about health care…and him.  The mainstream media is claiming that the Republican party is pushing these individuals out in mass or that it is the party activists turning out in large numbers, but I would have to disagree.  I would be willing to say that only, ONLY, 5% of the crowd in attendance were party activists.

For those of us who attend his meetings regularly, we heard the same talking points.  I have heard the same things come from him since 2006, when I first started attending his meetings.  You know, the government pays for first $2000 of you medical bills, you pay the next $2000, then the government picks up everything over $4000.  The 5 points to immigration.  I’m sure I have listed them somewhere on The Conservativist but here they are on his website.

And before anyone claims I was not involved in 2006, you are partially right.  I attended my first Town Hall meeting at the Spartanburg County Library that August.  I vividly remember one individual jokingly tell me “you are to young to be here, this is supposed to be for us old folks.”  Bob, this was the one when you were asked about military entitlements and you did not know what they were.  This was also the same meeting where you fought against an increase in the minimum wage (I’m proud of you on that one!) and the Hydrogen “H-Prize”.  What happened to that anyways?

In regards to the August 2009 meeting, I will share a few things that Congressman Bob Inglis told the crowd.  In an attempt to not be scurrilous, I will leave out my opinion.  Feel free to comment freely :)

  1. At one point in the evening, Inglis stated his biggest problem in the bill was the clause for abortion.
  2. Inglis stated “Any time government competes with the private sector, the private sector looses.”
  3. Congressman Inglis admitted on Monday August 3rd, 2009 that he had not read H.R. 3200.  Again on August 6th, he stated he had not read the bill yet.  Inglis did state that he would “skim through the sections that he did not agree with”.
    1. Someone in the crowd shouted “Skimming’s not good enough Bob!”
  4. Inglis stated that the people should quit listening to individuals who are inciting fear in the public…Glenn Beck
  5. Congressman Inglis defended President Obama in the turmoil concerning Professor Gates.  Claimed that Glenn Beck’s comments were “racist” but Obama’s response was not.
  6. Claimed TARP was working and the people were getting the money back with interest.
    1. Commentary – Inglis did not mention that Barney Frank and others wanted to use the returned TARP money for urban development.
      1. Politico TARP Money Article
      2. NASDAQ Article
  7. Congressman Inglis argued with one group over “What rights are you losing?”, as if to say they had not lost any.
  8. Inglis is o.k. with President Obama’s 40+ czars because George H.W. Bush had a few.
  9. Defended his vote to mandate CFL light bulbs.
  10. Accused Christina Jeffrey of inciting fear and harboring the peoples fear in her campaign.

And it appears people have had enough of the Congressman as well.  We have just been informed of a new website titled “Anybody But Bob” with a YouTube video highlighting some of his comments.

So, with my opinion aside, please, tell us what you think about the Congressman, his positions, and his performance last night.

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