Graham Votes in Favor of Hate Crimes

October 13, 2009 by  
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Senator Lindsey Graham (SC - R)

Senator Lindsey Graham (SC - R)

We learned today that the Senator everyone loves to hate in South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, did not vote on the amendment to include Hate Crimes in the National Defense Authorization Act and subsequently voted in favor of passing S.1390 (87/7) to be presented to committee and eventually the President.

The legislation was completely hidden from public view.  Why you may ask?  Because America and the media outlets granted their full attention to the Sotomayor confirmation hearings.  We know good and well Senator Graham was in Washington because he was taking part in the confirmation hearings.

After the hearings, Graham voted on an amendment to S.1390 at 5:40pm on July 16th.  The hate crimes amendment was voted on at 10:51pm on July 16th, passing 63/28.

Granted, Senator Graham’s absence did not effectively cause the bill to pass, but being the coalition builder he is, one would have hoped that he could have convinced the leadership to keep this out of the National Defense Authorization Act.

Senator Jim DeMint voted no on the amendment and bill passage.

There was a motion to adopt Amendment 1611 that would have killed the Hate Crimes Legislation.  Sen. Kyl entered in the record for Senator Graham that he would have voted on the amendment that would have called for a study and effectively axe the Hate Crimes Legislation.  This can be found in roll call vote 231 also taken on July 16, 2009.  Here is the link to the Congressional Record you will need to click on the link inside the congressional record to Page S7633 (this may be a temporary link).

Mr. Bishop from Senator Graham’s office has left a comment below and you can read further to see where Senator Graham voted no in the conference committee meeting.