Ashley Lane Elected New Chairman of Spartanburg Young Republicans

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Spartanburg Young Republicans

Spartanburg Young Republicans

Contact: Ashley Lane

Phone: 864.316.7820


Spartanburg, SC – On Tuesday, April 7, 2009, the Spartanburg Young Republicans held a board meeting to elect a new chairman of the county organization.

The outgoing leader, Gary Coats, who will be heavily involved in a congressional campaign in 2010, has decided it was in the best interest of the group for him to step down. Coats will remain an active member of the organization.

Ashley Lane takes the lead of the organization while the entire Republican Party is showing true colors of its turn around especially in Spartanburg County.

Ashley stated the following about being elected Chairman of the SYR:

“I am very excited with the opportunity given me to lead and build this organization. We are working hard to make sure that the Young Republicans (18-41) are well represented and can assist in rebuilding the party. It is our time to pick up the torch and run with it. We are not just volunteers, we are here as leaders, ready to bring the party back to its conservative roots.”

The next meeting of the Spartanburg Young Republicans will be on Thursday, April 16th at 6pm at the Beacon Drive-In as the group will participate in the Tea Party to demand fiscal responsibility from their elected officials.

Clarifying the Chaos

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Roberts Rules of Order
As we told you last night, we would be digging a little deeper to find out what should have happened and what was legal and what was not.

In my initial research after the meeting, it appeared that the process of allowing people to pay the $10 to be placed on the state delegate ballot was completely legal.  I was able to confirm today that my research last night was correct.

The only thing that would prevent the addition of these individuals would be a deadline that was put in place for the printing of ballots, which Spartanburg currently does not do for state delegates.

When we spoke with a few parliamentarian specialists, we discovered that Beltram never had to ask the permission of the Executive Committee to add these delegates.  Beltram essentially granted authority to the committee which has no authority over that matter.

I would be willing to say that the days of what would appear to be a head nodding committee is gone. That’s just my observation though.

For those in attendance last night, I would say we are all a little antsy and we all need to continue reading our Robert’s Rules of Order.

So moving forward, I hope Beltram will publicly recognize his errors just like I have mine.  I am not going to get my hopes up though, it appears he’s already pinning it solely on the majority.

Rick Beltram e-mail 9:16pm on April 1, 2009
The procedure that the majority voted last night (to table additional nominees as state delegates was NOT correct procedure).

Responding to Rick Beltram

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If there is one thing I have learned since diving into politics head first a couple of years ago, you must learn how to win friends and influence people.  You also must know what battles to fight and which ones to let pass by.

In releasing my story about my experience with Rick Beltram and the corresponding audio tape, I have caught some heavy flak by a few individuals.  It would be very easy to fire back with more audio from the 58 minute conversation we had on that cold February 16 morning at the Skillet Restaurant to further prove my point, but I must ask, “At what cost?”

The fact of the matter is that Rick Beltram’s very own track record explains and validates my claims.

If we really want to see the members of our Grand Ole Party return to a true limited government, fiscally conservative, free market, and personal freedoms platform, we must remove those who hamper that cause.  We need leaders who are honest and ethical.  We cannot afford to have anymore talking heads that say one thing and do another.

As we move forward in the re-organization of our precincts and our party, I hope people will quit sitting on their hands.  We all have busy schedules, but we must be more involved.  Voting every two or four years will not fix the problems we have.

It starts here and your chance to make a difference is on March 23rd.  I will be there and I hope you will too.

Beltram’s Replacement Known Tomorrow?

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After the spanking that Rick Beltram has taken over the last few weeks over concerning his comments on Jim DeMint, the GOP HQ based out of a questionable building and the reported minimal support at the debates Monday, we have come down to the final 19 days before the votes take place to elect the next chairman of Spartanburg County.

The folks over at Upstate Update will be announcing their candidate for Spartanburg County Chairman. Who is it?  The only indication we have is a blurred picture of Nicole Cobb’s husband, Doug Cobb.

We spoke with Kerry Wood and he told us the announcement would be made Friday, March 20th at/after lunch.  He did not give us any indication as to who the candidate was though.

So, here is your chance to sound off.  Who do you think it is?

  • Rick Beltram
  • Gary Coats
  • Doug Cobb
  • Monica Hill
  • LaDonna Ryggs
  • Mike Dixon
  • Doug Smith

Leave a comment and let us know.

I Finally Agree with President Obama

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I never imagined the day coming so soon.  That is the day that I would finally agree with President Barack Obama.

Today, the President unveiled his NCAA Tourney bracket, and lo and behold, he chose the Tyler Hansbrough led Tar Heels to win it all.

That is about the only area we agree though because I am hoping to see 3 ACC teams in the final 4.  Here are our brackets.

President Obamas NCAA Tourney Bracket

President Obama's NCAA Tourney Bracket

Gary's NCAA Bracket

Gary's NCAA Bracket

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