Gaffney Peach Festival Parade 2009

July 21, 2009 by  
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I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend the Gaffney Peach Festival Parade in Gaffney, South Carolina. People began to line the streets at 8:00am when the parade didn’t begin until 9:30am and when it did begin there were a lot of people. If I had to estimate, I would guess that there were around 1,000 plus people there lined up all along the streets.

There were three political figures that were in the parade and this really surprised me, Senator Lindsey Graham, Councilman Ken Ard running for Lt. Governor and Alan Wilson for Attorney General. Graham was riding in a yellow convertible BMW, while Ken Ard and Alan Wilson rode in the back of their trucks with their guests. The Ken Ard campaign had balloons and t-shirts that were handed out throughout the parade; by the time they left every child had a blue or green balloon.

The amount of candidates running for office in 2010 in the parade really shocked me; where were the gubernatorial candidates and the rest of the lieutenant governor candidates. With the recent events that have occurred in Gaffney I was sure that these candidates would have made a showing to show that they support Gaffney and are that they are there for the people. Henry McMaster was at the Water Festival in Beaufort, SC, but everyone else no one is sure where they were.