Lt. Governors Race, what the ethics report tells us

July 16, 2009 by  
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ken-ardThe ethics reports filings were posted online July 15, 2009, and it seems like the only Lt. Governor’s Candidate who really has a grasps on this election is Ken Ard from Pamplico, SC. He is leading the candidates in more ways than one, number one is the campaign fundraising. It seems that Ard has grasped the concept of running a statewide campaign due to the fact that during the last quarter he doubled what Connor’s Campaign gained. Ted Pitts’ campaign has a lot to be desired if he wishes to be in the race for much longer. When a campaign only has $13,000 in the bank and the primary is a year away that leaves a lot of unanswered questions, as to what type of effort is being put on the table (i.e. what kind of fundraising is happening) for this campaign.

From my point of view I see Ken Ard making more progress through the next quarter, possibly doubling this quarter’s contributions. Bill Connor needs to step it up somewhat due to the fact that Ken Ard even has more contributions on hand, while Connor has had the advantage from being in the race the longest.  I’m not endorsing any candidate for Lt. Governor, but I am saying that it is pretty obvious that the candidate working the hardest to become the next Lt. Governor for the state of South Carolina is Ken Ard.

The primary for 2010 will be a tight one, as the top two candidates are Ken Ard and Bill Connor. These candidates are the only ones putting forth the effort that has yet to be seen by Ted Pitts.