Jan. 2010 House Race Update – District 33

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Lanny Littlejohn, Representative House District 33

With Littlejohn announcing his retirement a few weeks ago, we thought we would take a look into this race and see what is going on.  Let us know what your thoughts on this race and let us know who your pre-filing preference is in our poll below!

Lanny Littlejohn

Contributions:  $0.00
Expenditures:  $1,736.66
Cash on hand: $9,088.25

Littlejohn announced his retirement from public service back in November.  His latest contribution report affirms that has he has taken in zero dollars in contributions and he is calling it quits.

Weldon Davis

Contributions:  $0.00
Expenditures:  $39.00
Cash on hand: $756.39

UPDATE:  Davis is announcing today he is running as a Republican in District 33, courtesy the Herald Journal. We have updated the poll.

Our poll will not include Weldon, as of of now, he is uncontested as a democrat.  At least he was a democrat in 2008 when he ran against Littlejohn.  Lastly, we have only heard rumors that Weldon is considering a run again.  Looking at his filing reports, he hasn’t begun raising any money.

Manning Lynch

Contributions:  $0.00
Expenditures:  $0.00
Cash on hand: $5,721.64

Lynch was thought to be a big contender in this race, but latest rumors we are hearing state that he is not going to run.   Lynch did not raise any money in this last cycle.  This would tend to lend these rumors to be true, but I think it is still to early to tell.

Eddie Tallon

Contributions:  $29,233.98
Expenditures:  $914.40
Cash on hand: $30,269.58

Tallon by far raised the most money and has the best stock pile of any of the candidates.  Rumors on the street state he will probably take the primary without any real issues.

Tallon’s contribution report appears to be a who’s who of donors.  There are also several donors whose name is “X X” with an “X X X” address.  There are 18 of those records, but if memory serves me right, these are below the reporting threshold requirement for who the individuals are.

Corrected comments on Junie White, my apologies Mayor White.

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