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It has been a while since we have commented on our lastest thoughts or happenings.  I have been pretty busy working on a few other projects.

First, some changes we have made here at The Conservativist.  Our old comments engine has been replaced.  To help eliminate some comment spam and promote transparency, we have implemented Facebook’s commenting system.  Secondly, I am moving anything that is not political over to my personal site. Only politics here from now on.

Also, my goal is to promote discussion, exchange ideas, and share opinions.  Occasionally, we will do some investigative research and share some findings, but I want to change how this was working. I will continue posting press releases and the such as we have in the past.  I’m glad to see our friends over at FITSNews picked up one of our popular trends.

Also, make sure you bookmark our events page.  As the Presidential Primary season heats up, I will be updating this as often as possible.  Use the contact form to get your event announced.  Make sure you give us a decent notice to ensure your event gets posted in time.

Don’t forget to check out my other political news site,  It’s a powerful news aggregator, only picking up blog political opinions, that is constantly growing.  No opinions will be found there.  Just news.  We are constantly adding new blogs and states to the vise.  So check it regularly.

Here are a few random thoughts and observations I have made over the past few months.  Tell me what you think.

The Economy – Upstate, SC

Our elected officials can tout that we are business friendly and they support business etc all they want.  But if you look at the job market in the Upstate, it does not appear to be as promising as they want you to believe.

GSP Airport

Since the death of Mr. Milliken, Spartanburg politics has been in a spiral.  The latest comes in the battle for the GSP Airport commission seats recently vacated, as mentioned in Jason Spencer’s recent blog.

From sources, we have learned that the jockeying is more so to keep one person off the commission as there is to getting on it.  As it is, there have been four names submitted:  Doug Cobb (current Spartanburg GOP Exec. Committeeman), Doug Smith (former SC House Speaker Pro Tem), Bill Barnett (former mayor of Spartanburg) and Elizabeth Carroll Belenchia (according to Google, an international real estate consultant).

Supposedly, a unnamed senator is lobbying to get Doug Smith on the board and keep Barnett off.  Who does he want? Doug Cobb.  This is supposedly about a power struggle between Smith and Barnett.  And according to sources, this is almost a done deal.

The Comeback?

I have seen this coming for some time now.  Starting immediately with the formation of the Piedmont Republican Club after being defeated in April of 2009. Beltram has been linked to running for Spartanburg Country GOP Chair and SCGOP Chair.  Although nothing has been made official.  Not only that, he has started his own blog claiming transparency and no ads, eliminating an obligation to candidates, officials etc.  I know Beltram well enough not to believe everything he writes or says…

Spartanburg Legislative Delegation Chairman

Sources have indicated that Representative Steve Parker (HD37) is working hard to become the next chairman of the Spartanburg delegation.  A deal brokered  in 2009 after a contest over rules and weighted voting resulted in the county delegation chairmanship alternating between the Senate and the House.

SCGOP Chairman

So, we’ve known for about a month or so that Karen Floyd would not be returning as SCGOP Chair in 2011. The front runners appear to be Patrick Haddon (Greenville County Chairman, SCGOP 1st Vice Chair) and Chad Connelly (Newberry County Chairman, Political Consultant).  Rumors are abound that there is a potential third candidate.  None of my sources have been willing to say any names for sure though.

As for me, I know Patrick personally and I have met Chad a few times. I know people close to Chad. I haven’t talked to them about their plans for the SCGOP and I’m not sure which way I will go.

The End of an Era – Per Say

Congressman Trey Gowdy was sworn into office on January 5, 2011, officially ending the era of former Congressman Bob Inglis.  Inglis has been unrelenting on his criticism of the American people since his defeat in June 2010.  He didn’t waste any time chiming in on the tragic events in Tuscon, making sure to place blame on conservatives nationwide.  But this has been his call sign since he lost in June.  Inglis fails to realize that he wasn’t ousted because he didn’t call Obama a socialist.  Mr. Inglis’ votes and arrogance over several years led to his defeat.

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Check out this relatively new credit card site that makes credit card hunting easy.

The site provides most of the information needed for the consumer to make a conscious decision about their next credit card.  I must say, when I am searching for credit card information, I look for sites that have their act together.  Many credit card sites look very questionable; disorganized, purple backgrounds, images not lined up, inconsistent fonts, you name it. has their act together.

I have been browsing for a more rewards based credit card and this site made searching a lot easier.  The best part is, does not collect your private information.  All of the offers take you to a secured site hosted by the card issuer!

For those of you looking to consolidate credit card debt, I would check out the no interest credit card section and the balance transfer credit cards.  The balance transfer options make it easier to get out of the high 21% interest rates if you have accumulated credit card debt.

If your like me, you may want to look for rewards credit cards or airline credit cards.  These are great, if you pay the balance off every month.  I love these because I can pay my normal expenses on it and only write one check a month and get rewarded for it.  There’s nothing like flying to Vegas for $57, free if you have earned enough points.

The site owners are updating the site pretty often, so if you don’t find what you want today, check again in a few days.

* The Conservativist does not promote consumers to enter into risky financial situations.  This is simple technical article with information about what we feel is well designed site, with a hint of opinion.

SC State House Votes to Take Stimulus Monies

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That’s right, $350M Budget Stabilization Fund passed the house today on a 108-8 vote.

It was decided via amendment that federal stimulus money be used to fund the stabilization fund.

So, again, we have 108 House members deciding to go with the status quo and not take the perfect opportunity to reduce state government spending appropriately.

What happened to all they campaign hype of zero-based budgeting and responsible spending?

We’ll get more details on this bill when it is published to the journal, but here’s who voted against the bill.

Joey Millwood Eric Bedingfield Dan Hamilton
Garry Smith Wendy Nanney Thad Viers
Nathan Ballentine James Stewart

Ron Paul Makes Too Much Sense

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Listen to what CNN Reporter D.L. Hughley has to say about Ron Paul in an interview on March 8, 2009.

Restauranters Weigh In

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We just received an email from restauranter extravagant, Carl Sobocinski, to the economic tune.

For those of you who don’t know, Carl is the owner of Table 301, a group of restaurants in downtown Greenville, SC that truly enjoy food and providing the best hospitality.  His restaurants include the fabulous Soby’s (new southern cuisine), Soby’s on the Side, The Loft at Soby’s, Devereaux’s (new age and southern cuisine), The Lazy Goat (Mediterannean, International), Table 301 Catering and opening this spring, a new restaurant in the former Restaurant O.

For the promo piece, great food and awesome service.  My wife and I visit Soby’s, Devereaux’s, or the Goat at least once a month. We ate at Devereaux’s for the first time about 2 weeks ago and loved it.  Chef Green (Devereaux is his middle name) never left the floor while we were there.  He plated every dish and added his special touch each time.  We took our kids with us, sans Burger King, and were treated like kings.  The waitstaff was very helpful and Chef Green acknowledged the kids and treated them to his special Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  The kids loved it.

Carl got political though in January.  Fortunately for my family and I, we were able to cash in on the Table 301 “stimulus package” before the end of January.  Playing on the catchy phrase, Table 301 began offering $25 off coupons for parties of 2 during the evening dining hours.  By going by the end of January, you received another coupon for February for $25 off.  As long as you go every month, the coupon continues.  Needless to say, I believe this plan was very successful.

Today though, Sobocinski decided he was going to take on the machine and posted an editorial in which he challenges Oprah Winfrey and Suze Orman.

For those of you who don’t know what Winfrey said, she stressed the need to live simply during these challenging economic times and cited three steps from Orman’s money pledge.

  • Don’t spend any money for a day
  • Don’t use your credit card for a week
  • Don’t eat out in restaurants for a month

This all sounds well and good if your the casual diner looking to save a dime or two for the house payment.  But just like Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, when a businessman or city is attacked by an individual / federal government, you have to stand up and fight back.

Sobocinski shares several methods that Winfrey could have counseled her audience with instead of trying to kill another industry.

You’ll have to read Carl’s editorial to see his argument though.  In the mean time, head out to Soby’s, Devereaux’s, The Lazy Goat or your other favorite local restaurants and enjoy a peaceful evening and some of the best food in the world.

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