Jeffrey to Lose Liberty Candidate Endorsement?

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As of 4:30 pm on Friday March 12th, Christina Jeffrey is no longer listed as a Liberty Candidate on their website.  The link to her former endorsement page has been broken.

If you recall, The Conservativist discovered Wednesday that Jeffery was working for / supporting Rudy Giuliani during the 2008 Presidential Primaries and that her fellow South Carolinian’s were “inbreds”.  During a recent debate, Jeffrey stated she supported Duncan Hunter in the primary.

We have contacted the Liberty Candidate organization to find out the reason why she was removed as a Liberty Candidate.  A response from the organization at 4:40pm stated the committee was meeting and that they would be taking everything into consideration.

We will let you know when the Liberty Candidate organization makes a decision.

Jeffrey No Longer Listed as Liberty Candidate

Who Did Jeffrey Support in 2008?

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Christina Jeffrey

Christina Jeffrey

We were going to give Jeffrey a break for a little while and focus on our main issue, Bob Inglis, but this landed on our laps today and we feel the 4th Congressional District should know.

A commenter on a previous post brought this question “Who Did Jeffrey Support in 2008?”

Thanks to a private ballot, we will never know who Jeffrey truly pulled the lever for in 2008.  But thanks to media outlets across the country, we know who all she claims to have supported.

For the last year, we have heard Jeffrey talk about her close relationship with Ron Paul.  The way she has talked about him and her relationship would lead one to believe she was a fervent supporter.  She has worked feverishly to gain the Campaign for Liberty support and has used this relationship to help solidify her status as the Tea Party candidate.

On November 17th, 2009, she told the Spartanburg Herald Journal’s Jason Spencer, well, wouldn’t tell him who she supported.

On March 5th, 2010 she claimed she supported Congressman Duncan Hunter in the 2008 Presidential Primary in the News Radio WORD debates.  At 43:00 minutes into the debate, Bob McLain asks the telling question and at 44:50, Jeffrey responds.  You can see her response here.

And the kicker is……

Today, we discover and article from April 24, 2007 in the Rocky Mountain Times, out of Denver, Colorado.  What did Jeffrey have to say to Mike Littwin of the Rocky Mountain Times besides being “inbred like all South Carolinians”?

Read the excerpt below:

But Christina Jeffrey has found her candidate. She’s serious enough about Giuliani that she’s standing in the Dorman High School gym, pulling the tape from the back of “Rudy” posters and stacking them for the next event.

I’m trying to understand her devotion, other than the fact that she does freelance work for a public relations company employed by Giuliani.

She’s a South Carolina conservative who can trace her roots here to the 1600s. “We’re inbred like all South Carolinians,” she said, pulling away another piece of tape. “I did my duty by marrying an Iowan to improve the gene pool.”

She has five children. And her most important issue, she says, is abortion. And Giuliani’s stance is: He says he personally hates abortion, which is the default position for most pro-choice candidates.

“I want the United States of America to win the war against the terrorists,” Jeffrey said, explaining her support of Giuliani. “I think abortion is the No. 1 issue facing the people of America, but it’s not the No. 1 issue that a president can influence.”

Of course, Giuliani has problems other than abortion for social conservatives, and I’m not including the multi-marriage issue. When I point this out to Jeffrey, she points to a white-haired man in a suit. She says he’s a “famous” social conservative in the state who used to work on Wall Street when Giuliani was mayor.

“He tells me you have to march in the Gay Pride parade if you want to be elected in New York,” she said. “And it’s hard to get elected there if you’re pro-life.

“He says that Giuliani is not really pro-choice. He insists he’s not. I know Giuliani is a Catholic who was raised Catholic. Even if he is pro-choice, if he’s really pro-choice, at least he understands the argument.”

I tell her it’s all on the record. I can show her Giuliani saying government should pay for abortions for poor women. It’s as easy to find as YouTube. Isn’t she guilty, I ask, of wishful thinking?

“We want to win here in South Carolina,” she said. “We know math. We know how to add.”

She stops and laughs.

“I’m as capable of wishful thinking as anybody.”

Problems that don’t pass

Now I begin to understand. Obviously, many people now drawn to Giuliani – people like Jeffrey – don’t agree with him on basic issues. But it isn’t that they don’t know what he believes. It’s that they don’t want to know what he believes.

I know, I know, I know.  Tell us what you think…..

PoliticalNetTV has picked up on this story and has provided their insight on the situation.

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