House District 38 Poll

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Before the old poll system died, I was able to recover the voting data for the House District 38 race.

With that said, I would like to offer these disclaimers:

  1. Polling before and during January probably is not the best practice
  2. Web polling typically is not scientifically accurate.
  3. Our polls do there best to prevent users from voting multiple times

Things don’t look good for the incumbent, Joey Millwood.  Millwood, who is an outsider and doesn’t play by the standard rules of politics, appears to have upset the political establishment.  That doesn’t bother him though.  He’ll continue to do what he believes is right, stirring the pot when necessary.

With that said, here are the results of our first poll.  You can always vote in the new poll below if you don’t believe these results…

Candidate Votes Percentage
Doug Brannon 4 5.5%
Joey Millwood 15 20.8%
John Moore 46 63.8%
Bob Walker 4 5.5%
Other 3 4.4%

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Spartanburg House Race Update – District 38

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The race for House District 38 should prove to be one of the most interesting races this election cycle.  Don’t forget to vote in our House District 38 poll at the bottom of this post!

The incumbent, Joey Millwood, who ousted 8 term Education and Public Work Chairman Bob Walker with a surprising upset to start off the 2008 election cycle finds himself in a heated race going to win a second term.  Currently there are two announced opponents and the former incumbent is still filing ethics reports.

And  despite rumors posted by a commenter (Charlotte Watchdog, by the way, where has the watchdog gone?) earlier this year, I am not moving into the district to challenge Joey Millwood.

Joey Millwood

Contributions:  $5,600.00
Expenditures:  $375.01
Cash on hand: $9,158.43

Joey Millwood, a supporter of school choice, has made several in roads and is proving himself to be a reliable vote in the State House with the group FITS News termed the “Back Row Boys”.  Joey changed consultants during this cycle, moving away from the Sandlapper group led by Chad Connelly to what many consider to be a rising star in consulting, Chris Sullivan.

Millwood’s most recent financial report is surprisingly small. The majority of his contributions came from the school choice crowd, ~$4,000.  The former “David” of Landrum has had zero contributions from his local district.

Doug Brannon

Contributions:  $5,550.00
Expenditures:  $11,51.20
Cash on hand: $4,898.80

Doug last held a public office in 1997, mayor of Landrum, before attempting to run a write-in campaign in 2008 after Millwood upset Walker.  That write-in campaign, to get his name on the November ballot, failed as he was unable to obtain the 915 signatures required.  Other than that, we don’t know much about Brannon besides some wild rumors that have not been validated.

All of Brannon’s contributions came from attorney’s during this cycle, none of which are within the district.

John Moore

Contributions:  $15,628.69
Expenditures:  $3,470.76
Cash on hand: $25,927.88

Moore has hired Kerry Wood, of Dark Horse Strategy, to be his consultant.  Kerry’s most notable win was the Senate 13 upset against sitting Senator Jim Ritchie.

Moore matches the profile of typical DHSG candidates and can raise money.  Moore’s supporters range across a variety of occupations and he has built a solid fundraising base in the district and across Spartanburg county.

Bob Walker

Contributions:  $7.01
Expenditures:  $8,232.00
Cash on hand: $21,321.23

It is pretty much understood that Bob Walker is not going to run again.  What is interesting about the former representative is that he paid his consulting group (Campaign Research & Strategy) $8,000 for campaign services 16 months after he was defeated by Joey Millwood.  We did some more digging and found he paid the organization another $8,000 in May of 2009.  What is Walker expending his past fundraising money on?

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