Who Violated the No-New Tax Pledge

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Who failed to keep their No New Tax Pledge?

Who failed to keep their No New Tax Pledge?

Today I was sitting at lunch with a friend of mine discussing taxes and I was reminded of the no new tax pledges signed by our Legislatures in the 2008 campaign.  Here is the text of the no new tax pledge:

“I, _______________, pledge to the taxpayers of the ______ District of the State of South Carolina, and to all the people of the State of South Carolina, that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

Read that last section of this pledge again:

I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

I bring this up because there was a bill passed by the House earlier this month that has been somewhat controversial.  That would be H. 3584, which passed 97-22, otherwise known as the Cigarette Tax Increase bill.

H. 3584 imposes a 2.5 cents surtax on each cigarette.  Last time I checked, there are 20 packs in a box resulting in a 50 cent tax increase on a box of cigarettes.  The overall intent of the bill is to really reduce smoking and the legislatures claim that they are going to help small businesses by providing an insurance plan.  Go read H. 3584 for more details.

If that is truly the case and they reduce the amount of smoking, then they will eventually increase the tax on all citizens when the consumption of cigarettes no longer funds the programs.  What’s next, tax the people who drink regular coke? the obese?

So looking at that line in the no new tax pledge, let us see who violated their pledges.  Below is a list of all no new tax pledge signers, the bill, and an asterick (*) to indicate that they voted for the tax increase.

Also, look for a “Tax Pledge” page coming soon to keep you up to date on all tax pledge violators.

Pledge Signer

House District

H. 3584

Bill Sandifer 2 *
Bryan White 6 *
Don Bowen 8 *
Michael Thompson 9
Dan Cooper 10 *
Harry Cato 17
Dwight Loftis 19 *
Glenn “Dan” Hamilton 20
Wendy Nanney 22
Bruce Bannister 24 *
Rex Rice 26 *
Garry Smith 27
Eric Bedingfield 28
Lanny Littlejohn 33 *
Rita Allison 35
Steve Parker 37
Marion Frye 39 *
Gary Simrill 46
Herb Kirsh 47 Leave
James Lucas 65 *
Murrell Smith 67 *
Thad Viers 68
James Harrison 75 *
Joan Brady 78 *
Jimmy Bales 80 *
Roland Smith 84 *
Chip Huggins 85 *
Kenneth Bingham 89 *
Annette Young 98 *
James Merrill 99 *
Tracey Edge 104 *
Mike Sottile 112 *
Tim Scott 117
William Bowers 120 *