Is it Gutter Politics or Extreme Irony in the SC 4th?

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By Carl Clegg

I received an email yesterday from Brian Frank, a Christina Jeffrey supporter. In the email he called Candidate Jim Lee a Nazi and posted an out of context video of Jim answering a question as proof. Like me, Jim has sworn to uphold the Constitution and served his country honorably in the Air Force for many years and I take personal offense to this kind of pathetic, last ditch effort by one of Jeffrey’s minions.

Gutter Politics will not be tolerated! The irony here is that Jeffrey was once the victim of gutter politics when she was wrongfully and publicly accused of anti-Semitism.

I am now calling on Christina Jeffrey to publicly denounce this vicious rhetoric and the public embarrassment that is Brian Frank.

Carl Clegg is Republican Activist from Greenville, SC

Police Report Filed from Greenville GOP Fiasco

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Greenville GOP Bob ConleyIt appears the fiasco from Monday nights Greenville GOP Executive Committee meeting has moved to its next phase.

I have received a copy of the police report that was filed today at the Greenville Tech University campus against Mr. Doug Wavel.

According to Mr. Frank, he attempted to contact Mr. Wavel on August 5th and 6th to try and settle the issue, but his phone call was never returned.

Mr. Frank stated (paraphrased) that not many people liked Mr. Wavel and his antics.

We don’t need Hitler neo-nazi Republicans.  We need more old school Republicans.

It will be interesting to follow this further.  Hopefully tomorrow I can make contact with Mr. Wavel and hear what he has to say about the situation.

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