Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Video

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Alan Keyes also visited Boiling Springs on July 4th to speak at their Tea Party.  With over 2000 people spread around the park, it was reported as the largest crowd ever at the community park.

Dr. Keyes took the opportunity to share with Boiling Springs his thoughts on Independence Day and the steps that needs to be taken to restore the republic.

And one last thing.  DSL 6.0 in Spartanburg SUCKS!  What has taken me several hours to upload at home I was able to upload in 20 minutes here in Indianapolis.

Anyways, here are the videos:

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 1

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 2

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 3

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 4

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 5

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 6

Alan Keyes Boiling Springs Tea Party – Part 7

Independence Day Tea Parties Across South Carolina

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It is tea party time in Upstate South Carolina.

I just wish they had a larger affect on the opinions of our leadership in Washington, or in SC for that matter.  A protest is great, but it is not changing policies.  Make sure you are calling your elected officials and let them know how “mad” you are.

Here are the events we know about.  If your event is not listed, let us know.

Boiling Springs Independence Day Tea Party

The American Freedom Day July 4th Tea Party in Boiling Springs  is not being hosted by a political organization, but is being organized by individuals in the community.  Christina Jeffery has worked with the individuals to get some publicity for her campaign and is bringing in Dr. Alan Keyes to speak at the event as well.  Louis Wilson Engram will also be a guest speaker at the 3 hour event starting at 11 am.

The event will be held at the Boiling Springs Community Park off of  Double Bridge Road (just past the library). See the Boiling Springs Tea Party website for more information.

Charleston Tea Party

Hosted by the Charleston County GOP, the event will be held on July 4th at Cannon Park (261 Calhoun St).  Activities begin at 10:30 am.

Columbia Tea Party

This tea party is planned to be held on the State House grounds from 11 am to 2 pm.  Guest speakers include Bill Connor (Candidate for Lt. Governor), Jim DeMint, Nikki Haley (Candidate for Governor), Sheri Few (Stand Up SC) and Talbert Black (Campaign for Liberty)

Fountain Inn Independence Day Tea Party

This event is being hosted by the Upstate Young Republicans based out of Greenville, SC.  The one hour tea party is set to begin at 10 am on July 4th at the Fountain Inn City Hall.

A Sad Day in Boiling Springs

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Tonight, the doors will close at Ron’s Family Restaurant (Ron’s Hog Pen) in Boiling Springs.

Ron has been running the restaurant since the early 2000’s and has been fairly successful.

He started in a small building off of Parris Bridge Rd, moving to a parcel in the old Seven Sea’s Building around 2005.

He was so successful there he had to move to his new location on Hwy 9 beside the Pizza Hut in Boiling Springs.

Unfortunately, the economy finally gotten the best of him.  He had made several attempts to reorganize and hold on to his great business, even seeking an additional funds from Bank of America to be told by the representative a rather questionable response that we won’t air here.  It was along the lines that you as an individual do not meet the social requirements.

Ron told me today that he hated to have to shut his doors.  He was very thankful to the people of Spartanburg and Boiling Springs for allowing his restaurant to survive as long as it had.

Ron had become very active in the GOP community providing catering needs for events as well as opening his doors to host executive committee meetings and forums.

Ron will continue to run a catering business out of an unknown location and has said he is considering returning to a small location with his famous pigs and familiar BBQ.

Ron, we at The Conservativist wish you the best of luck in your new ventures.

Another Sellout Event by the Spartanburg GOP

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The Steve Parker Campaign and the Spartanburg GOP packed out the Boiling Springs High School Cafeteria last night.

We all know that South Carolina Politics and Food means it is time for some good ole fashion BBQ.  Wise’s in Newberry trucked up I-26 and provided great food for the packed house.

For the first time in a long time (maybe ever), the entire Spartanburg GOP Delegation was in attendance at a GOP sanctioned event.  Each candidate was given a minute and a half to speak about their respective campaigns and what they hope to see happen in November.

And yes, the “Lipstick” theme carries on as we now have learned that “Baseball Moms” or “Baseball Grandmas” are pitbulls too.

Of the approximate 400 people to show up, the event managed to also get a few extra GOP volunteers (50 to be exact) to man phone banks and work booths at festivals over the next month in a half.

After last weeks 200 person rally for the Democratic Party, the GOP again showed that it knows how to get people to show up and participate.  The GOP Brand appears to be alive and well here in Spartanburg County.

Volunteer Recruitment and Free BBQ

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SPARTANBURG – The Spartanburg County Republican Party will host a FREE family BBQ on Monday September 22, 2008 at Boiling Springs High School at 6PM.

After the BBQ and some brief speeches from local candidates, the GOP will have a volunteer recruitment and training session.  The activity at Spartanburg County GOP HQ in co-ordination with Victory 2008 has been ramped up and additional volunteers are needed. The food will be sponsored by Steve Parker.

Precinct officers have also been invited in order to co-ordinate activities within individual precincts.

Additional activities are also on the calendar:
1) Volunteers at HQ and also extensive phone banking (6 days/week)
2) 09/27  all day…Man GOP booth at Inman Harvest Day festival
3) 09/27 5-7PM  Littlejohn BBQ at Broome HS and volunteer meeting
4) 10/04 all day….Man GOP booth at Fall in the Park (Boiling Springs)
5) 10/04 5PM…. Volunteer Appreciation Cook-out at the home of Rick Beltram and the unveiling of the McPalin SC Pork Sandwich.

Other activities will be discussed in later Press Releases.
For more information , please call 864-542-1992


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