Health Care for Everyone

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In a perfect world everyone would be happy, healthy and we would not have to worry about going to the doctor or medical expenses.   Our country, no matter what else we think or feel, is still the best country in the world, although it is not perfect.   Unlike what you have heard or been hearing  there is no great unwashed mass that do not have insurance available to them.  In our  country of 250 million people only 45.7 million people were not insured at one time or another in 2007.  Folks, that is only 18% of the population.

There is no doubt that our health care industry is not messed up and that the insurance companies do make it worse.  I do believe like most people that the health care system could be tweaked to work better.

According to research of the 45.7 million who did not at some point have insurance last year 26% of those did not choose to accept a form of public coverage.  That reduces the number of people uninsured by 11.88 million.

Another 21% that are not insured are immigrants here legally or illegally.  So that once again reduces our uninsured number by 9.59 million.  For those of you keeping count that brings our total uninsured to 24.23 million.

The next group is actually the one most hurt by a lack of insurance.  20% of the uninsured make at least $75,000 but are not offered insurance by their company.  These individuals actually make enough to afford private insurance, but can not get it becasue of a health situation.   Subtracting this 9.14 million from the total leaves us with 15.09 million uninsured.

The last group that we have is made up of the younger generation.  40% of the uninsured either consider themselves healthy or do not have it available to them.

Now that we know who is not insured and how their groups are divided does it help us find a cure for the uninsured.  No, but now that it is known what the groups are, does it sound so horrifying that 10 million of the people not insured (and I feel that is incredibly low based on the number of illegals in our country) are immigrants legal and illegal.

Our country was not founded to give free health care to all of us.  It is simply not feasible to expect it, those who know the truth realize that our country is responsible for protecting our borders, not providing health insurance.  If we can get real torte reform that will help lower overall cost of health care.  If we don’t allow illegal immigrants to make use of our facilities illegally that would also decrease our cost.  If we could all step back and take a look at the situation we would realize that the government is not the one that should be running our insurance.  If you need more proof simply look at how Medicare and the VA are run.

If the goverment can not take care of the men and women who have protected us why would we think they could take care of our health needs.  I hope that these measures are not passed and that we can find a diffrent way to help those who trully need help.

A Good Judge

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It has not taken long for Obama to have the opportunity to select a new Supreme Court Justice.

To be completely honest with you, I am not surprised that his selection is a female minority.

I am most surprised that his nominee as a record of not being a good judge.

The simple fact is you can only judge how good a Judge has been by a ratio of the number of cases judged versus the number of cases over ruled.

Using this standard, a judge would had to have a large percentage of their cases over ruled to be deemed not qualified.

I call your attention to the startling fact that Sotomayor has been over ruled 60% of the time. That is a very large number and there are only two possible reasons for such a number.

  1. Lack of knowledge of the prescribed law
  2. Legislating from the bench (most probable reason)

Congress makes laws and the Judicial branch is designed to enforce them.

Barring a miracle, Sotomayor will survive her confirmation hearings and take a seat in the Supreme Court.

The nomination of Sotomayor, as unethical as she appears to be, will mark another sad day in US History.  I am thankful that she is only replacing an existing liberal leaning judge.

I guess every dark cloud does have a silver lining.

Fact Check Statistics

History 101

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After listening to commentary by Rush Limbaugh regarding President Obama’s latest and greatest speech on his denigrate the US tour, I decided to do some fact checking of my own. I researched statements Obama made about the historical achievements by the Muslim world at large. If the President’s speech is any indication, everything I have heard about how terrible our education system is true. The remarkable President in his most recent tour to apologize for how great the USA is has given me irrefutable evidence to support this fact. In his address today he spoke highly of the contributions and greatness of the Muslim history. The Muslim nation does have a long and storied history, most of it marred in blood; nonetheless they do have along history. The nation of Islam began around 610 AD when Mohammad was enlightened by Allah, prior to being kicked out by his own people at which point he decided to start his own nation. I digress, my blog is not going to be about the history of Islam or its contributions, but rather what they did not do.

In his speech the President stated that the Nation of Islam was responsible for inventing Algebra. The only problem with that is that, as stated above the Muslim nation did not begin until 622 AD and, I hate to break it to Mr. Hussein, but the origins of algebra are from Egypt and Babylon . Although these areas are Muslim today, circa 1800-1600 BC (at the advent of algebra) those countries were pagan by today’s standards.

Mr. Obama also said that the Muslim people were responsible for inventing the compass. Once again the timing and even the continent are off this time. The Chinese are credited with inventing the compass between 221-206 BC. Even though much of Asia is Muslim today, China never has been, nor is it currently a Muslim country.

B. Hussein Obama then went on to say that the Muslims were responsible for the printing press and calligraphy. For the first time during his speech, Barry was correct in that the Muslims are to thank for the advent of calligraphy. But once again the Muslims were not responsible for the printing press. Most historical authorities recognize Gutenberg, a German, as the inventor of the ‘modern’ printing press in 1439 AD. There is a reference to a Buddhist who used a press first in 888 AD. Never the less, Buddhist is not the same as Muslim and therefore credit for the printing press cannot be bestowed to the Muslims.

Once again Mr. Obama overstated the contribution of the Islamic world. This time the Nation of Islam supposedly invented spires and arches in architecture. The Greeks and Romans are typically credited for first use of arches in architecture between 850 BC and 476 AD. The French are typically credited with the use of spires first in the 12th century.

So as stated in the beginning the lack of a good education is evident by the fact that even our great and mighty President does not know his world history.

Perhaps the President needs to go back to school and take a refresher course in world history before he continues on his Apology Tour. While he is brushing up on his historical facts, maybe he should reread the Constitution of America.

Littlejohn, Tenenbaum, Swine Flu, and Elbows

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Lanny Littlejohn, Representative House District 33

Lanny Littlejohn, Representative House District 33

So, it’s been about a week since I posted here at The Conservativist and for good reason, I guess.

For those of you who don’t know, I love sports and when I play, I play hard.  The latest chapter in the saga ends with a awesome looking dive that ends with a nasty flip and a severely messed up elbow.  So here’s a quick overview concerning a few topics over the last week.

Senator Arlen Spector – Some say this is not a big loss, others say it is huge.  The fact Spector admitted the fact that he didn’t want to lose his seat to angry Republican primary voters and that was the primary reason he changed parties is this biggest problem with politics in America today.  Some people get so used to the power that they cannot let it go.  Kind of like me forgetting that I’m not 19 anymore and the body doesn’t take a beating like it used to.

Spartanburg County Delegation – The fued is over in Spartanburg over who is chairman and vice-chairman.  Monday, May 4th, the delegation reached a compromise naming Lanny Littlejohn the chairman and Shane Martin the vice-chairman.  Part of the deal that was arranged is to have the leadership positions rotate between members of the House and Senate in future terms.  Still at question is weighted voting.

Air Force One & the Statue of Liberty – Just when you thought it was safe to take to the streets of Manhattan after 9/11, Obama’s staff decides to send one of his aircraft to perform a flyby at the Statue of Liberty.  Some individuals had been notified of the events, excluding Mayor Bloomberg, and panic was amuck in NYC as this low flying aircraft buzzed Manhattan.  To add to the egginess, an F-16 was in hot pursuit…to take photographs.  This taxpayer funded fly by was to replace the photo of the aircraft over Mt. Rushmore.  I guess Washington is becoming Wall Street’s best friend.

Swine Flu – A panic is created over the rapid spread and 150 deaths linked to a swine flu out of Mexico.  CNN reports that 250,000 – 500,000 people die a year from the regular flu.  Your guess, manufactured panic or a real threat?

Tenenbaum Appointed by Obama – South Cakalaki’s most recent past Superintendent of Education and one time rumored candidate for Governor was tapped by Obama to head up the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  This is somewhat concerning to us.  I read some stats somewhere today (if you know where the link is, please forward) that stated she was in charge of the State Education Department thru the years we dropped from 46th to 50th in the nation.  So if she tanked our education department, what is she going to do to our consumer products?

Well, it’s time to go ice the elbow again and do real work.  Let us know what you think.

I Finally Agree with President Obama

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I never imagined the day coming so soon.  That is the day that I would finally agree with President Barack Obama.

Today, the President unveiled his NCAA Tourney bracket, and lo and behold, he chose the Tyler Hansbrough led Tar Heels to win it all.

That is about the only area we agree though because I am hoping to see 3 ACC teams in the final 4.  Here are our brackets.

President Obamas NCAA Tourney Bracket

President Obama's NCAA Tourney Bracket

Gary's NCAA Bracket

Gary's NCAA Bracket

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