Al Franken Wins Minnesota…Finally

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Al Franken

Al Franken

After 8 longs months of recounts, court cases, and the Minnesota Supreme Court, Franken is finally the candidate to take the seat in the US Senate.  Republican Norm Coleman issued a concession speech shortly after the announcement made by the court.

Democrats now have a 60 vote majority in the Senate.  Some could say thanks to Arlen Spector, but this now becomes a larger issue with the new cap and trade bill coming to the Senate.  Many argue the only way this is going to stop is a filibuster by the Republicans.

Based on party lines, the Democrats have a filibuster proof majority.  The question is will they stick together or will the divisions seen developing in the House spread to the Senate.

C-SPAN should get more interesting now with the comedian on the floor.  Franken may provide some well needed humor breaks once debate begins on H. 2545 and as we continue to see this onslaught of madness in Washington.

What else are we going to do between now and Nov. 2010.  Raise hell and complain just to watch our representatives not listen to us.

I am immediately reminded of Charles Gonzalez [D, TX] who said last week he went against his constituents that called on him to vote no.  Oh yeah, and our very own Bob Inglis [R, SC-4] who decided that the people got this one wrong and voted for TARP.

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Littlejohn, Tenenbaum, Swine Flu, and Elbows

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Lanny Littlejohn, Representative House District 33

Lanny Littlejohn, Representative House District 33

So, it’s been about a week since I posted here at The Conservativist and for good reason, I guess.

For those of you who don’t know, I love sports and when I play, I play hard.  The latest chapter in the saga ends with a awesome looking dive that ends with a nasty flip and a severely messed up elbow.  So here’s a quick overview concerning a few topics over the last week.

Senator Arlen Spector – Some say this is not a big loss, others say it is huge.  The fact Spector admitted the fact that he didn’t want to lose his seat to angry Republican primary voters and that was the primary reason he changed parties is this biggest problem with politics in America today.  Some people get so used to the power that they cannot let it go.  Kind of like me forgetting that I’m not 19 anymore and the body doesn’t take a beating like it used to.

Spartanburg County Delegation – The fued is over in Spartanburg over who is chairman and vice-chairman.  Monday, May 4th, the delegation reached a compromise naming Lanny Littlejohn the chairman and Shane Martin the vice-chairman.  Part of the deal that was arranged is to have the leadership positions rotate between members of the House and Senate in future terms.  Still at question is weighted voting.

Air Force One & the Statue of Liberty – Just when you thought it was safe to take to the streets of Manhattan after 9/11, Obama’s staff decides to send one of his aircraft to perform a flyby at the Statue of Liberty.  Some individuals had been notified of the events, excluding Mayor Bloomberg, and panic was amuck in NYC as this low flying aircraft buzzed Manhattan.  To add to the egginess, an F-16 was in hot pursuit…to take photographs.  This taxpayer funded fly by was to replace the photo of the aircraft over Mt. Rushmore.  I guess Washington is becoming Wall Street’s best friend.

Swine Flu – A panic is created over the rapid spread and 150 deaths linked to a swine flu out of Mexico.  CNN reports that 250,000 – 500,000 people die a year from the regular flu.  Your guess, manufactured panic or a real threat?

Tenenbaum Appointed by Obama – South Cakalaki’s most recent past Superintendent of Education and one time rumored candidate for Governor was tapped by Obama to head up the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  This is somewhat concerning to us.  I read some stats somewhere today (if you know where the link is, please forward) that stated she was in charge of the State Education Department thru the years we dropped from 46th to 50th in the nation.  So if she tanked our education department, what is she going to do to our consumer products?

Well, it’s time to go ice the elbow again and do real work.  Let us know what you think.