Apple Opens Haywood Mall Location Saturday!

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Apple Comes to Greenville

The wait is over and my bank account officially broke.  Well, maybe not broke, but I have definitely considering picking up a part time job at Haywood Mall to fund my habits.

Apple will open its second SC retail store this weekend, Saturday July 10th, 2010 at Haywood Mall in Greenville.

To bad I just made my recent purchase at BB Mobile, but will definitely visit when the opportunity presents itself.

Apple is Coming to Haywood Mall

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Apple Is Posed to Open Store in Greenville, SC

I was doing my nightly wrap up of programming and reading the latest reviews on Apple’s newest product, the iPad, I decided to see if the rumors we had heard two years ago were finally coming true.

What rumors, Apple opening a retail store in Greenville, SC. I had heard that a store would be coming to the new Magnolia Park Town Center in Greenville or the Pointe development across from the Shoppe’s at Greenridge on Woodruff Rd.  Both of those projects, I believe, have been put on hold.  So the only other logical place to put one is in Haywood Mall or downtown Greenville.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a web developer by trade and unfortunately for my wife, a Mac geek.

So while taking a look, we found on Mac Rumors updates that started talking about a Greenville Apple Store again.  So I decided to take a look and found job listings on Apple’s website for a Greenville retail store!

Apple Greenville Job Listing

I for one can’t wait to have a Apple store 30 minutes from home.  It beats driving to Charlotte or waiting a few days for my new items to come in the mail.  My wife on the other hand is all but pleased.  She immediately envisions hours of trolling around the new store playing with gadgets which inevitably leads to a new purchase.  My best bet may be trying to get a part time job, I could use the discount!

So we want to know what you think about the possibility of an Apple Store in Greenville.  Leave a comment below.

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iPhone Operating System 3.0

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The much anticipated announcement of the new iPhone and its new operating system today has already shocked many.

I am a Apple fan and was looking forward to upgrading my original iPhone to the new version, expecting to finally have the ability to hook it up to my laptop and use it to connect to the internet (tethering).  This was the big announcement at MacWorld in January.

Upon reading the fine print, disappointment set in…

Tethering is not currently offered in the U.S. and some other countries. See your carrier for availability.

That’s right, not available.  The iPhone meets all of my needs with, especially with the new features found in the iPhone 3s.  For us junkies, we would finally get copy/paste, voice recording, video capabilities, MMS, voice activated controls and tethering (except in the US).  Everything the iPhone has been missing.

The tethering leaves me questioning more whether or not it is time to go back to Verizon?  It does have better coverage in the Upstate and I can tether a Blackberry to the laptop for connectivity while traveling.  Decisions, decisions.

So are the rumors true, will the iPhone be moving to Verizon?

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