History 101

June 7, 2009 by  
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After listening to commentary by Rush Limbaugh regarding President Obama’s latest and greatest speech on his denigrate the US tour, I decided to do some fact checking of my own. I researched statements Obama made about the historical achievements by the Muslim world at large. If the President’s speech is any indication, everything I have heard about how terrible our education system is true. The remarkable President in his most recent tour to apologize for how great the USA is has given me irrefutable evidence to support this fact. In his address today he spoke highly of the contributions and greatness of the Muslim history. The Muslim nation does have a long and storied history, most of it marred in blood; nonetheless they do have along history. The nation of Islam began around 610 AD when Mohammad was enlightened by Allah, prior to being kicked out by his own people at which point he decided to start his own nation. I digress, my blog is not going to be about the history of Islam or its contributions, but rather what they did not do.

In his speech the President stated that the Nation of Islam was responsible for inventing Algebra. The only problem with that is that, as stated above the Muslim nation did not begin until 622 AD and, I hate to break it to Mr. Hussein, but the origins of algebra are from Egypt and Babylon . Although these areas are Muslim today, circa 1800-1600 BC (at the advent of algebra) those countries were pagan by today’s standards.

Mr. Obama also said that the Muslim people were responsible for inventing the compass. Once again the timing and even the continent are off this time. The Chinese are credited with inventing the compass between 221-206 BC. Even though much of Asia is Muslim today, China never has been, nor is it currently a Muslim country.

B. Hussein Obama then went on to say that the Muslims were responsible for the printing press and calligraphy. For the first time during his speech, Barry was correct in that the Muslims are to thank for the advent of calligraphy. But once again the Muslims were not responsible for the printing press. Most historical authorities recognize Gutenberg, a German, as the inventor of the ‘modern’ printing press in 1439 AD. There is a reference to a Buddhist who used a press first in 888 AD. Never the less, Buddhist is not the same as Muslim and therefore credit for the printing press cannot be bestowed to the Muslims.

Once again Mr. Obama overstated the contribution of the Islamic world. This time the Nation of Islam supposedly invented spires and arches in architecture. The Greeks and Romans are typically credited for first use of arches in architecture between 850 BC and 476 AD. The French are typically credited with the use of spires first in the 12th century.

So as stated in the beginning the lack of a good education is evident by the fact that even our great and mighty President does not know his world history.

Perhaps the President needs to go back to school and take a refresher course in world history before he continues on his Apology Tour. While he is brushing up on his historical facts, maybe he should reread the Constitution of America.