Why Did DHSG Drop Jeffrey’s Campaign?

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Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

We learned July 1st that DHSG dropped Christina Jeffrey’s campaign for Congress.  A month later we are still searching for the true reason and we will put it to you to figure out.

We spoke with Kerry Wood at Dark Horse Strategy Group and he stated that a lack of confidentiality and a refusal to sign a contract were the leading causes for their separation.  Kerry refused to go into details in respect of his relationship with Jeffrey.

In an email we received from Jeffrey, she confirms that DHSG did drop her campaign but they were never her consultants.

According to our email records from Dark Horse Strategy and Christina in the months prior to the separation, several indicated that they were organizing and working on projects in regards to her campaign.  The press releases concerning the Keyes events and the press release announcing her candidacy indicates that DHSG was consulting her campaign.

But if you don’t trust my reporting, then let us go to the Herald Journal’s Craig Peters:

Jeffrey has hired Kerry Wood as campaign manager and consultant. Wood most recently managed Shane Martin’s successful run for the S.C. Senate 13 seat.

Spartanburg Herald Journal – 1/24/2009 – Jeffrey says she’ll challenge Inglis in 2010 GOP primary

We decided we would go visit the all telling FEC Data.  If she is following the rules, we should find something in her reporting.

According to Wood, he claims he was working with Jeffrey on her campaign starting in the last quarter of 2008. FEC records reveals that Dark Horse Strategy received $1870 from the campaign in the 7 months he was working with her.  She also paid 2 other organizations $2500 for consulting services.

In other notes:
Andrew Smart dropped out of the race and endorsed Trey Gowdy for the seat.  We learned about this rumor late in June but we were never able to confirm it.  We wish Andrew and Julie the best as they continue on with their lives.  I don’t expect Andrew to be missing long.

Inglis has yet to publically call on Sen. David Thomas to take a leave of absense or take part time pay while serving as a State Senator.  On June 1st, Inglis called on Gowdy to take a leave of absense or part time pay while campaigning.

Sen. David Thomas is further looking into Gov. Mark Sanford “trysts”.  It was reported that only 1 Senator attended his hearing on July 24th, himself.

Big Changes in 4th Congressional Primary

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Andrew Smart, Candidate for Congress

Andrew Smart, Candidate for Congress

In a press release issued by the Andrew Smart Congressional Campaign, he has planned a major announcement that will change the dynamics of the race.

This may be the rumors that we have been hearing that we mentioned the other day with Jeffery’s campaign.  We’ll have to wait and see.

The announcement is scheduled for 11:45am Friday, July 10th, at Duke’s Sandwich Company on 626 Congaree Rd.

American Clean Energy And Security Spoof

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As many of you may know, the United States Congress voted for the largest tax increase in history Friday evening.  H. 2454, the American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009 (aka cap-and-trade, cap-and-tax, screw you America, you name it), passed by a narrow margin, 219-212.

House Minority Leader Boehner was able to take an hour and read multiple pages of a 300 page amendment to the House expressing several points of great concern.  Especially points stating that a tax would be imposed on countries who do not meet our new, insane, regulatory standards.

If Bernanke thinks auditing the fed will collapse the economy, wait and see what happens if this passes.

Anyways, we decided to go to all of our candidates for the 4th Congressional District and ask for their opinions on the bill and how we can stop it in the Senate..  5 of the 6 candidates have responded, here’s what they said:

Trey Gowdy

Cap and Trade will raise energy costs for families and send American manufacturing jobs overseas

The House of Representatives passed the largest tax increase in the history of our country today by passing what is dubbed “Cap and Trade.”  The bill is better titled “Tax and Send.”  Americans will be taxed hundreds of dollars in increased energy and utility costs and this bill – if it passes the Senate and becomes law – will send manufacturing jobs overseas.  With the national debt spiraling to numbers we can scarcely comprehend and spending fully out of control, the Congress is on the precipice of forcing families to pay more for energy.  And with unemployment high and increasing the Congress has in essence shipped jobs overseas to countries like China and India, where those governments have boldly proclaimed they will never hamper economic growth by raising the cost of energy.  Bills like “cap and trade” or “carbon taxes” are bad for the country as a whole and devastating for a region like the Upstate of South Carolina.

What can we do to stop it?  In the short term, encourage Senators Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham to actively oppose passage in the United States Senate.  In the long term, we must establish a Republican Party that is capable of reclaiming the Congress and the White House so American families are protected and American jobs saved.

Bob Inglis

Christina Jeffery

There are articles in the Wall Street Journal 6/16/2009, that can guide us in insuring the defeat of H 2454 in the Senate.

The first was “The Climate Change Climate Change” by Kimberly Strassel, that details the breakdown of the scientific consensus on man made global warming, the fact of which is of course the rationale for the tax on carbon that would be instituted by the bill.  The Dems know they have to act quickly because the truth about their chicken little-ism is fast coming out.  We must spread the word about their industry-destroying, money-making (for them) hoax.

The second article, an editorial entitled “The Cap and Tax Fiction,” explains how the CBO cooked the numbers in “scoring” the cost of the carbon tax to citizens over the next ten years.  The Dems are using deceit in order to make the bill more palatable.  We can’t let them get away with the sugarcoating canard that it will cost the average American only the cost of one postage stamp a day!  (Of course an easily inflatable standard to boot!)

Third was the editorial entitled “The Albany-Trenton-Sacramento Disease,” detailing how the same “progressivism” that has ruined New York, New Jersey and California now threatens to do the same kind of damage at the national level and thus subject South Carolina to the same stupidity that has ruined NY, NJ, and California for business. It also explains the main purpose of the Cap and Tax Bill, that is, is to get the Dems as much money as possible to make their destruction of our country a reality.  NY, NJ, and California are three states we can use to illustrate to our fellow citizens the bleak consequence of not standing up to the Obama/Democrat agenda.




Jim Lee

“Congress has once again let us down. They have demonstrated clearly their contempt for ‘We the People’ by passing without reading and fully understanding the euphemistically titled American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.2454). As Congress did in passing the bail-out bill, the so-called stimulus bill, and the pork-laden omnibus appropriations bill, to mention but a few, they have continued to demonstrate they are not serious about doing what is best for America but, rather, are only concerned with their own self-serving interests. Their irresponsible and arrogant abuse of power in passing a massive 1,200+ page bill that was not even complete when it was brought before the House is an insult to ‘We the People.’”

“I believe the cap and tax legislation will accomplish nothing except to punish the middle class and reward special interests. Increased taxes on businesses result in increased costs to consumers. However, regardless whether one is in favor of the overall objectives of the legislation, to hastily pass what is considered by some to be the ‘bill of the century’ without even reading and fully understanding the legislation is an insult to the intelligence of every American and demonstrates the dishonesty and arrogance of our Congress.”

“Speaker Pelosi asserted in January 2006 that Democrats would turn Congress into ‘the most open and honest Congress in history.’ Frankly, watching the disingenuous exchanges over the cap and trade bill and the insincere debate amongst members of Congress, I feel as though ‘We the People’ are simply being mocked.”

“I am doubtful that any amount of collaboration and bi-partisanship will resolve the underlying problem with a Congress so out-of-touch with the American people. We need representation that is not driven by what’s best for Washington but, rather, driven by the desire to do what is best for America and to serve ‘We the People.’ We need a different kind of representative that will fight for ‘We the People.’”

Andrew Smart

This is highly unfortunate and once again another set back to the American people.  I encourage every Senator to think long and hard before they vote to in act measures that are going to force more restrictions, taxes, and regulations on the already struggling businesses and manufacturers within our country. This is not a time for ideology but for reality and the reality is our government is not taking steps to truly help the people but to force us to adhere to the ideas of a small but powerful sect.

David Thomas

“The cap and trade bill that passed the House the other day is one of the worst pieces of legislation for the American people.  With gas prices rising once again, average Americans are starting to feel the pain at the pump.  The last thing that we need is this carbon tax legislation that was pushed through the House with last minute additions that left Representatives without a chance to review.  I applaud the efforts that Minority Leader John Boehner was able to use to try and expose this horrible piece of legislation.  We need more Congressmen like John Boehner who will stand up and fight for the conservative cause in the House.”

“We have some hope to stop this bill in the Senate.  I am confident that Senators DeMint and Graham will fight to end this legislation in the Senate.  Hopefully, the Senate Republicans will be able to convince some of their colleagues across the aisle to vote against this legislation.  They need our prayers and support.”

Jim Lee to Announce Candidacy in 4th Congressional District

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Jim Lee, Candidate for Congress

Jim Lee, Candidate for Congress

Bob Inglis will get his 3rd confirmed challenger in the Republican primary on June 10, 2010.

Jim Lee, an Air Force Veteran and reservist, will announce his candidacy for the 4th Congressional District Thursday, April 30th, 2009 at 3:30pm.  The event will be held at the Mauldin Cultural Center Community Room.

Christina Jeffrey and Andrew Smart have already announced their candidacy as Republicans to challenge Congressman Bob Inglis.  Rick Mahler has decided to run as an Independent.

Be looking for the next installment of the Race for the Fightin’ Fourth in the next few weeks.

Smart Announces Candidacy for U.S Congress

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UPSTATE, SC – On April 2, Andrew Smart, President and CEO of Duke Sandwich Company, will announce his decision to run for US Congress.  Smart will make this speech on the seventh anniversary of his father’s tragic passing,
dedicating his Congressional announcement to his father’s memory.

“On this day seven years ago, I had to grow up quickly, taking a leadership role in the family business – one that has prospered for over ninety years.”

In discussing this race, Andrew stated, “It’s time for a new generation of conservative leadership.  With the economic turmoil facing our state and country, let’s elect more leaders who have met a payroll and understand how important
small business is to our nation.  I will go to Washington to be a servant, not to be served.  My office will focus on economic solutions, healthcare strategies, and excellence in education, undergirded by true conservative values.”

Andrew will travel across the 4th district, announcing his candidacy first in Greenville, then meeting with supporters in Spartanburg and Union counties.

Join Smart for Congress – get out of the stands and onto the field!


  • Andrew Smart, CEO of Duke Sandwich Company
  • Introduction by Dr. Frank Page, Senior Pastor, Taylors First Baptist; Past President, Southern Baptist Convention


  • 8:00 am, April 2, Duke Sandwich, 1001 Poinsett Hwy, Greenville, SC
  • 12:15 pm, April 2, Ikes Corner Grill, 104 Archer Rd, Spartanburg, SC

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