Audra Shay Not Found on Social Media

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While browsing the wires today, we decided we would follow both candidates for chairman to see what was developing via Facebook and Twitter.

Surprisingly, we could no longer find Audra Shay in Twitter or Facebook searches.

Shay, who is the YR Renewal candidate for chairman, has found herself in a media hail storm over the last 2 weeks over several comments that could label her a racist.  We do not know the reason behind the sudden secrecy, but it definitely raises questions as to why she has suddenly become invisible online.

Shay was recently caught in a situation where it appeared that she agreed with a racial comment on her Facebook account, followed by removing the individuals who called her out for her apparent support of the racial comments.  Later in the week, it was discovered that more comments were made concerning President Obama and a noose.

Either way, it appears that there is more to this story if she is not leaving her profile open to the public anymore.

We were able to search and add Rachel Hoff, Next Level candidate for chairman.

American Clean Energy And Security Spoof

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As many of you may know, the United States Congress voted for the largest tax increase in history Friday evening.  H. 2454, the American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009 (aka cap-and-trade, cap-and-tax, screw you America, you name it), passed by a narrow margin, 219-212.

House Minority Leader Boehner was able to take an hour and read multiple pages of a 300 page amendment to the House expressing several points of great concern.  Especially points stating that a tax would be imposed on countries who do not meet our new, insane, regulatory standards.

If Bernanke thinks auditing the fed will collapse the economy, wait and see what happens if this passes.

Anyways, we decided to go to all of our candidates for the 4th Congressional District and ask for their opinions on the bill and how we can stop it in the Senate..  5 of the 6 candidates have responded, here’s what they said:

Trey Gowdy

Cap and Trade will raise energy costs for families and send American manufacturing jobs overseas

The House of Representatives passed the largest tax increase in the history of our country today by passing what is dubbed “Cap and Trade.”  The bill is better titled “Tax and Send.”  Americans will be taxed hundreds of dollars in increased energy and utility costs and this bill – if it passes the Senate and becomes law – will send manufacturing jobs overseas.  With the national debt spiraling to numbers we can scarcely comprehend and spending fully out of control, the Congress is on the precipice of forcing families to pay more for energy.  And with unemployment high and increasing the Congress has in essence shipped jobs overseas to countries like China and India, where those governments have boldly proclaimed they will never hamper economic growth by raising the cost of energy.  Bills like “cap and trade” or “carbon taxes” are bad for the country as a whole and devastating for a region like the Upstate of South Carolina.

What can we do to stop it?  In the short term, encourage Senators Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham to actively oppose passage in the United States Senate.  In the long term, we must establish a Republican Party that is capable of reclaiming the Congress and the White House so American families are protected and American jobs saved.

Bob Inglis

Christina Jeffery

There are articles in the Wall Street Journal 6/16/2009, that can guide us in insuring the defeat of H 2454 in the Senate.

The first was “The Climate Change Climate Change” by Kimberly Strassel, that details the breakdown of the scientific consensus on man made global warming, the fact of which is of course the rationale for the tax on carbon that would be instituted by the bill.  The Dems know they have to act quickly because the truth about their chicken little-ism is fast coming out.  We must spread the word about their industry-destroying, money-making (for them) hoax.

The second article, an editorial entitled “The Cap and Tax Fiction,” explains how the CBO cooked the numbers in “scoring” the cost of the carbon tax to citizens over the next ten years.  The Dems are using deceit in order to make the bill more palatable.  We can’t let them get away with the sugarcoating canard that it will cost the average American only the cost of one postage stamp a day!  (Of course an easily inflatable standard to boot!)

Third was the editorial entitled “The Albany-Trenton-Sacramento Disease,” detailing how the same “progressivism” that has ruined New York, New Jersey and California now threatens to do the same kind of damage at the national level and thus subject South Carolina to the same stupidity that has ruined NY, NJ, and California for business. It also explains the main purpose of the Cap and Tax Bill, that is, is to get the Dems as much money as possible to make their destruction of our country a reality.  NY, NJ, and California are three states we can use to illustrate to our fellow citizens the bleak consequence of not standing up to the Obama/Democrat agenda.

Jim Lee

“Congress has once again let us down. They have demonstrated clearly their contempt for ‘We the People’ by passing without reading and fully understanding the euphemistically titled American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.2454). As Congress did in passing the bail-out bill, the so-called stimulus bill, and the pork-laden omnibus appropriations bill, to mention but a few, they have continued to demonstrate they are not serious about doing what is best for America but, rather, are only concerned with their own self-serving interests. Their irresponsible and arrogant abuse of power in passing a massive 1,200+ page bill that was not even complete when it was brought before the House is an insult to ‘We the People.’”

“I believe the cap and tax legislation will accomplish nothing except to punish the middle class and reward special interests. Increased taxes on businesses result in increased costs to consumers. However, regardless whether one is in favor of the overall objectives of the legislation, to hastily pass what is considered by some to be the ‘bill of the century’ without even reading and fully understanding the legislation is an insult to the intelligence of every American and demonstrates the dishonesty and arrogance of our Congress.”

“Speaker Pelosi asserted in January 2006 that Democrats would turn Congress into ‘the most open and honest Congress in history.’ Frankly, watching the disingenuous exchanges over the cap and trade bill and the insincere debate amongst members of Congress, I feel as though ‘We the People’ are simply being mocked.”

“I am doubtful that any amount of collaboration and bi-partisanship will resolve the underlying problem with a Congress so out-of-touch with the American people. We need representation that is not driven by what’s best for Washington but, rather, driven by the desire to do what is best for America and to serve ‘We the People.’ We need a different kind of representative that will fight for ‘We the People.’”

Andrew Smart

This is highly unfortunate and once again another set back to the American people.  I encourage every Senator to think long and hard before they vote to in act measures that are going to force more restrictions, taxes, and regulations on the already struggling businesses and manufacturers within our country. This is not a time for ideology but for reality and the reality is our government is not taking steps to truly help the people but to force us to adhere to the ideas of a small but powerful sect.

David Thomas

“The cap and trade bill that passed the House the other day is one of the worst pieces of legislation for the American people.  With gas prices rising once again, average Americans are starting to feel the pain at the pump.  The last thing that we need is this carbon tax legislation that was pushed through the House with last minute additions that left Representatives without a chance to review.  I applaud the efforts that Minority Leader John Boehner was able to use to try and expose this horrible piece of legislation.  We need more Congressmen like John Boehner who will stand up and fight for the conservative cause in the House.”

“We have some hope to stop this bill in the Senate.  I am confident that Senators DeMint and Graham will fight to end this legislation in the Senate.  Hopefully, the Senate Republicans will be able to convince some of their colleagues across the aisle to vote against this legislation.  They need our prayers and support.”

Health Care for Everyone

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In a perfect world everyone would be happy, healthy and we would not have to worry about going to the doctor or medical expenses.   Our country, no matter what else we think or feel, is still the best country in the world, although it is not perfect.   Unlike what you have heard or been hearing  there is no great unwashed mass that do not have insurance available to them.  In our  country of 250 million people only 45.7 million people were not insured at one time or another in 2007.  Folks, that is only 18% of the population.

There is no doubt that our health care industry is not messed up and that the insurance companies do make it worse.  I do believe like most people that the health care system could be tweaked to work better.

According to research of the 45.7 million who did not at some point have insurance last year 26% of those did not choose to accept a form of public coverage.  That reduces the number of people uninsured by 11.88 million.

Another 21% that are not insured are immigrants here legally or illegally.  So that once again reduces our uninsured number by 9.59 million.  For those of you keeping count that brings our total uninsured to 24.23 million.

The next group is actually the one most hurt by a lack of insurance.  20% of the uninsured make at least $75,000 but are not offered insurance by their company.  These individuals actually make enough to afford private insurance, but can not get it becasue of a health situation.   Subtracting this 9.14 million from the total leaves us with 15.09 million uninsured.

The last group that we have is made up of the younger generation.  40% of the uninsured either consider themselves healthy or do not have it available to them.

Now that we know who is not insured and how their groups are divided does it help us find a cure for the uninsured.  No, but now that it is known what the groups are, does it sound so horrifying that 10 million of the people not insured (and I feel that is incredibly low based on the number of illegals in our country) are immigrants legal and illegal.

Our country was not founded to give free health care to all of us.  It is simply not feasible to expect it, those who know the truth realize that our country is responsible for protecting our borders, not providing health insurance.  If we can get real torte reform that will help lower overall cost of health care.  If we don’t allow illegal immigrants to make use of our facilities illegally that would also decrease our cost.  If we could all step back and take a look at the situation we would realize that the government is not the one that should be running our insurance.  If you need more proof simply look at how Medicare and the VA are run.

If the goverment can not take care of the men and women who have protected us why would we think they could take care of our health needs.  I hope that these measures are not passed and that we can find a diffrent way to help those who trully need help.

History 101

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After listening to commentary by Rush Limbaugh regarding President Obama’s latest and greatest speech on his denigrate the US tour, I decided to do some fact checking of my own. I researched statements Obama made about the historical achievements by the Muslim world at large. If the President’s speech is any indication, everything I have heard about how terrible our education system is true. The remarkable President in his most recent tour to apologize for how great the USA is has given me irrefutable evidence to support this fact. In his address today he spoke highly of the contributions and greatness of the Muslim history. The Muslim nation does have a long and storied history, most of it marred in blood; nonetheless they do have along history. The nation of Islam began around 610 AD when Mohammad was enlightened by Allah, prior to being kicked out by his own people at which point he decided to start his own nation. I digress, my blog is not going to be about the history of Islam or its contributions, but rather what they did not do.

In his speech the President stated that the Nation of Islam was responsible for inventing Algebra. The only problem with that is that, as stated above the Muslim nation did not begin until 622 AD and, I hate to break it to Mr. Hussein, but the origins of algebra are from Egypt and Babylon . Although these areas are Muslim today, circa 1800-1600 BC (at the advent of algebra) those countries were pagan by today’s standards.

Mr. Obama also said that the Muslim people were responsible for inventing the compass. Once again the timing and even the continent are off this time. The Chinese are credited with inventing the compass between 221-206 BC. Even though much of Asia is Muslim today, China never has been, nor is it currently a Muslim country.

B. Hussein Obama then went on to say that the Muslims were responsible for the printing press and calligraphy. For the first time during his speech, Barry was correct in that the Muslims are to thank for the advent of calligraphy. But once again the Muslims were not responsible for the printing press. Most historical authorities recognize Gutenberg, a German, as the inventor of the ‘modern’ printing press in 1439 AD. There is a reference to a Buddhist who used a press first in 888 AD. Never the less, Buddhist is not the same as Muslim and therefore credit for the printing press cannot be bestowed to the Muslims.

Once again Mr. Obama overstated the contribution of the Islamic world. This time the Nation of Islam supposedly invented spires and arches in architecture. The Greeks and Romans are typically credited for first use of arches in architecture between 850 BC and 476 AD. The French are typically credited with the use of spires first in the 12th century.

So as stated in the beginning the lack of a good education is evident by the fact that even our great and mighty President does not know his world history.

Perhaps the President needs to go back to school and take a refresher course in world history before he continues on his Apology Tour. While he is brushing up on his historical facts, maybe he should reread the Constitution of America.

SCFYR Convention

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We will be providing updates throughout the morning covering the South Carolina Federation of Young Republicans convention.

9:15 am

Karen Floyd, Chairwoman of SCGOP speaks to convention.

She is encouraging the YR to recruit and run for office. We must regain control of this sect of the electorate

Karen believes that technology is an untapped resource in our state. In October, she wants to work with the YR to build a stronger technology program.

9:25 am

1st State Executive Committee will be having their first meeting on Monday. The meeting will be held using Skype and will provide a method of roll call voting for the state executive committee meeting.

9:30 am

Spartanburg is well represented. The growing club has three delegate to the State Convention; Justin Bradley, Gary Coats, and Nic Lane.

Gary and Nic are candidates for national delegate.

Introduction of Speakers

Candidates for Governor are being introduced to speak.

Andre Bauer
Who can sell the state of SC across the World? Who can work with the General Assembly to get things done as well. These characteristics need to be in our next Governor.

Andre won a democratic senate seat in 1999.

9:33 am

Introduction of Congressman Gresham Barrett, candidate for Governor

We need fresh invigoration in the party, we need people with dark hair

We need new ideas and I am excited to be hear today.

I have seen things in the last 4 months that I thought I would never see.

We have a future and the future is SC. If we are going to take the nation back one state at a time.

9:37 am

We will have a plan for the economy, education and we will be able to say this is what we have done.

3 pillars, economy, education and energy

Need to make sure industry is promoted that way the state of South Carolina is not the largest employer.

We need to work with the work force to make sure our people can get better jobs

SC should and can be the worldwide leader in Energy, using nuclear and other alternative energy sources.

Why can we not take dormant tobacco land and convert it to switch grass and make that SC’s #1 cash crop

go online to

9:41 am

Introduction of Attorney General Henry McMaster

We must remember we are not angry with our Democrat friends. Their is real hope for them. They are real kind one on one, but in a pack they can get real mean.

Don’t let anyone tell you not to be proud of your state.

We are second largest hydrogen fuel cell developers in America (1st is California).

South Carolina is full of hope, just look at the fans that continue to go to Williams Brice Stadium year after year to support the Gamecocks.

9:48 am

We have one of the best technical college systems in the world.

Promoting works and attendance of the hydrogen conferences

We have a port and we need to work it to be an economic jewel

We cannot outsource our tourism industry

We must keep our taxes low and broad.

9:50 am

I want to be governor. I am the only one to have executive experience. I worked with Reagan. I went after craigslist, created a great cdv program, and we have locked up 157 child predators.

NC is taking our water and filed lawsuit with Supreme Court and they agreed to hear it. In my office, the buck stops with me.

The essence of the governors job is to get things done. I have done that as attorney general.

The deficiencies in power at the governors office has been on display in the stimulus monies battle.

I can work with the legislature.

9:53 am

Introduction of Senator Larry Grooms, candidate for Governor.

Senator Grooms is presenting the history of his life.

Over a period of 10 years, I was able to create a multi-million dollar corporation.

I’m gravely concerned. Government is hindering me. It took $32 million and several days to get the permits to build a new convenience store across the street from the one it took me one day to get 8 years earlier.

Today, there are on 12 of us that stand up for our core values in the State Senate.

10:00 am

I’m more concerned about my country and my state than I have been in my entire life.

This isn’t the time for status quo candidates. This is not the time for a beauty contest.

The question is about who has the drive to work hard and get things done.

I believe the hope of America is South Carolina (playing off a quote of Winston Churchill)

for faith, family, and freedom, I am running for governor.

10:02 am

Introduction of Nikki Haley, candidate for Governor

Proud member of the Lexington County Young Republicans

I originally ran because I was always told not to complain, do something about it.

My race to unseat a 30 year incumbent a few years ago was about new ideas.

The YR has been told you need to wait, but now is not the time for waiting.

Waiting has led to unprecedented spending in our state that is going to take years to pay back

We must talk about spending. Tax relief doesn’t mean anything unless we reign in the spending

We must have accountability in government. Every legislative vote needs to be on the record.

Government was never meant to be all thing to all people

When are we going to do something about education.

We can no longer continue to spend 13K per student and it funnel thru 1000 people at the state dept of education.

10:08 am

The YR is doing what they should be doing, get loud and active.

10:09 am

Introduction of Bill Connor, candidate for Lt. Governor

In the last 3 months, Josh Gross and I have put over 25K miles on our cars

I am the ultimate outsider in this race.

My father, grandfather, and great grandfather are lifetime veterans

Was commander and XO of several units while serving in the military.

The Lt. Gov. is the XO, the second in command.

My first action will save you 140K a year. I will get rid of my SLED escort. I have a CWP, I fought in Afghanistan, I can defend myself.

I can see it in your eyes that you want leadership

I came into politics b/c I saw the people looking to government as a god.

SC taxes military retirement. Military retirees are moving out of state because of the states high tax rate.

10:30 am

I apologize to Ken Ard. The network failed and I was unable to type his comments during his speech.

Inserting another conventioneers notes here:

I have a philosophy: there’s nothing wrong with South Carolina that more and better jobs won’t fix.

I have a background in business and want to grow the economy of South Carolina.

I want to, as Lt Governor, build relationships with people who can bring jobs to our state.

I want to see less government, less taxes and more freedoms.

A lot of people say that South Carolina is a backwards state, but it’s not.

I love South Carolina, I was born and raised here.  I’ve never wanted to be anywhere else.

Jobs is engine that drives the economy: if there are more and better jobs, then the economy will improve.

I care about our future and our children’s future, that’s why I got involved in politics, that’s why I decided to run for Lt Governor.

I’m not going to stand here today and ask for your vote or your support, but I want you to give me a year to work my butt off to earn your vote.

SCFYR Legislator of the Year: Garry Smith, HD 27
SCFYR Young Republican of Year: Carl Clegg

10:40 am

Remarks by Chairman, Patrick Haddon

10:51 am

49 of 51 delegates in attendance.

Election of State Officers
Patrick Haddon nominated Britton Pruett for State Chairman

Elected by acclamation.

10:59 am

Election for Vice-chairman.
Patrick Haddom nominateds current vice chair Paul Howell

Elected by acclamation.

Election of National Executive Committeman
Adam Piper nominates Josh Gross.

Josh Gross nominated by acclamation.

Election of National Executive Committeewoman.
James Gibney nominates Heather Ammons.

Elected by acclamation.

Election of Treasurer
Nomination of Robin Quinn

Nomination of Bridgett Vergara


Voting begins for treasurer.

Quinn wins

Nomination of secretary
Matt Wills nominated

Elected by acclamation

11:31 am

Election of national delegates.

A motion from the floor to change SC vote from Team Renewal to Next Level.

Debate is on the floor.

Contention on the floor because this will change support.

Arguments that new charters did not get to participate in teleconference to cast vote in favor of Renewal or Next Level.

20-15 vote to overturn support in favor of Next Level.

Delegates to National Convention
Heather Ammons
Katie Baham
Jason Bailey
Nettie Britts
Carl Clegg
Can Crawford
Gary Coats
Joshua Gross
Patrick Haddon
Shelly Haddon
Drew Johnson
Todd Kincannon
Nic Lane
Liana Orr
Adam Piper
Britton Pruett
Jay W. Ragley
Jamie Lee Rogers

I added some more of the discussion from the debate to change the states endorsement.  I also added notes from a commenter concerning Ken Ard’s speech.

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