New Yankee Stadium = New Launch Pad

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New York Yankees

If you have not heard, the New Yankee Stadium has set a new record for the number of home runs hit in an opening series  at a new stadium.

There are many theories right now concerning the design of the building, a “wind tunnel” effect, and it has even gotten the attention of AccuWeather.  We have only seen a few reports of the Yankees possible pitching problems.

Of the 13 games they have played this season, 4 of which have been at home, they are currently 12th in the AL with a combined 6.53 ERA, 10th in the AL giving up 19 home runs, 11 of which they gave up over the weekend against the Cleveland Indians.  The Yanks only hit 9 in that same series.

Ok, I think I just convinced myself there is something wrong with Yankee Stadium after that last stat.

That sucks though, I visited the shrine last year to see the Yanks and Red Sox play and didn’t see one home run.  That was the most I had ever paid for a ticket to see a baseball game, but well worth it.  Yanks fans are the best though.  It was funny listening to their taunts.  From the harassing of Coco Crisp, calling him “Manny’s Girlfriend” referring to Manny Ramirez.  And then the Sox fan who chanted “A-Rod’s girlfriend” when Derek Jeter came to bat.  Bad decision.  Insert your random string of expletives here.  My favorite rebutal, “you wish you were A-Rod’s girlfriend.”

So for you meteorological and physics minded people, the theory is the new gradual slope of the stands in the new stadium is providing for a wind current to actually come across the stadium and rise across the right field stands, therefore causing the ball to lift more.

Either way, this is bad for the Yanks pitching staff and CC Sabathia’s $161 million dollar contract.

What do you think, poor pitching or a meteorological phenomenon?

See AccuWeather’s story below:

Tar Heels NCAA Champions!

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I cannot name a better way for Tyler Hansbrough to finish his career at North Carolina.

After the Tar Heels jumped to a 20+ lead at half time, breaking NCAA records for most points in the first half and largest margin at half time, the Heels beat Michigan State 89-72 Monday night.

The man of the night though was Ty Lawson.  He lead the Heels with 21 points, 8 steals and 6 assists.  Goran Suton led the Spartans with 17 points and 11 rebounds.

Congratulations to the Tar Heels and I look forward to another successful season next year!

Chipper Jones to Finish Career with Braves

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Chipper Jones, 3B, Atlanta Braves

Chipper Jones, 3B, Atlanta Braves

The Chipper Jones saga has finally been resolved.

Jones, 36, will get a chance to finish his career as an Atlanta Brave, signing a 3 year contract extension with an option on a fourth securing his future until 2012.

Personally, the Braves made the right move.  Jones has been with the Braves since he was drafted in the 1990’s, came through Greenville Braves organization before making it big, playing full time in Atlanta in 1995.

The John Smoltz saga left a sour taste in our mouth’s and I feared Jones may get the same treatment, so it is very refreshing to see this is a done deal.

You can find the details on Chipper Jones contract at

I Finally Agree with President Obama

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I never imagined the day coming so soon.  That is the day that I would finally agree with President Barack Obama.

Today, the President unveiled his NCAA Tourney bracket, and lo and behold, he chose the Tyler Hansbrough led Tar Heels to win it all.

That is about the only area we agree though because I am hoping to see 3 ACC teams in the final 4.  Here are our brackets.

President Obamas NCAA Tourney Bracket

President Obama's NCAA Tourney Bracket

Gary's NCAA Bracket

Gary's NCAA Bracket

Tar Heels Win ACC Regular Season Title

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The Tar Heels (26-3, 12-3) finished off the season with a 79-71 victory over the Duke Blue Devils (25-5, 11-4) at the Dean Smith Center Sunday afternoon.

Tyler Hansbrough finished Senior Day with 17 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks leading the #2 ranked Tar Heels to their second straight ACC regular season title.  They will secure the #1 seed in the ACC tournament and play Friday, March 13 at noon.  The Tar Heels should be playing the winner of the Miami/Virginia Tech game on Thursday, March 12.

The Tar Heels should head into the ACC Tourney ranked #1 in the AP & Coaches polls after #1 Connecticut lost to #3 Pittsburgh Saturday night.

All we had to say is we told you so.

So, who do you predict to win the ACC Tourney?

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