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WOW!  I leave for a week to spend time with my family and this place is on fire!  I love the discussion and encourage you to keep it up.

Here are a few comment claims I would like to address and check out the coming stories over the next few days.

Pam says I am transparent.  That is so.  I have stated on this blog that I’m volunteering in my spare time (which isn’t much, just ask Lee) to work with Lee’s campaign.  As for splitting the Tea Party vote, my intent is for the electorate to know what they are getting and expose the untruths when they are said.  As I uncover untruths, I share them.  All I’m doing is calling Christina out on this just like I have called out Inglis multiple times before.

Maria Brady (Boiling Springs Tea Party) – I have read Ray Moore’s statement concerning Jeffrey.  Everything he has stated I have stated.  The fact of the matter is, she told the 4th district in the WORD Radio debate that she was for Duncan Hunter.  She voted for Huckabee and worked for Giuliani and changed her mind in between.  She refused to tell Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal and she told Mike Littwin she was supporting Giuliani and gave the multiple reasons why.  As I have stated before, don’t go on the record if you don’t mean it.

Brian Frank – Glad you got in touch with Liberty Organization and got a reason out of them.  They didn’t provide a reason to me.  Just said they voted and she was no longer on board.

The Best Healthcare in the World

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Yesterday, I was able to witness some of America’s greatest individuals in action.

Around 7:45 yesterday morning, I began having an allergic reaction to some medicine I had taken for sinus troubles.

Within 20 minutes my face had swollen so much I could no longer breathe out my nose, swallowing was extremely difficult and my eyes were almost completely swollen shut.

Thankfully, we live close to our local fire department and my father was able to get me there fairly quickly (He drove across town to help me out, I’ve got a great dad and am ever so thankful for everything he has taught me).

The team over at the North Spartanburg Fire Department are top notch and I owe my life to them today.

Without hesitation, the staff took control of the situation and did what was necessary to get the swelling under control.

The EMS staff and medical staff over at Mary Black were awesome too. They quickly assesed the situation and took care of me and my family, ensuring my health and their well being.

Later yesterday afternoon, I realized that I was one lucky dog.  I was literally 10-15 minutes from dying today and our healthcare system performed flawlessly.

The training these guys go through to ensure our medical well being is top notch and they deserve the money they make.

They spend 10+ years in school ammounting some $150K in debt to ensure our health.

Occassionally they make mistakes, they are human. We must remember that and put a hold on so many frivoulous law suits.

I’ve had many people say I could have a lawsuit over this but I disagree.

The medication prescribed had never caused an issue before and today, my body decided to reject it.

With all of this said, our healthcare system needs reform, but a government take over is not the right thing to do.

Some government dergulation of the industry would help lower costs. Staffs have had to be expanded for each requirement put in place by the government. There is an immediate cost savings.

I believe Congressman Inglis shared that Medicare / Medicaid only pays 83% of the costs, therefore increasing the costs on others.

Why don’t the government pay equal costs, they are no better than you and me.

Maybe doctors should advertise prices and let consumers make decisions.

In the end, I don’t have the answer, but to implement more beaucracy and red tape would only be detrimental to one of the best systems in the world.

Again, I want to thank the crew at the North Spartanburg Fire Department for saving my life yesterday.

Bob Inglis Supporting Earmark Ban?

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Bob Inglis

Congressman Bob Inglis, circa 2008

Wow, Bob Inglis 3.0 continues to evolve into a fire breathing, “stop the debt”, fiscal conservative.

We cannot count the number of times we have heard Bob Inglis hesitate at eliminating earmarks at various Let’s Talk events across the Upstate.  Congressman Inglis consistently said that it was the job of the Congress to appropriate funds and earmarks were a method to accomplish such.

Now, we have chief-of-staff Wayne Roper and Congressman Bob Inglis’ bragging about standing up to ban earmarks and convincing the Republican Conference to support a 1 year earmark ban.

Inglis Claims Support For Earmark

For to long, you have said we messed up (I think your words in 2006 were “we need a slap on the wrist”) and now that you are in a tight election, you decide it is time to change your ways.

You voted for one of the largest spending bills in history and now you want to “Stop the Debt” as seen in the billboards?  I am talking about TARP.  You gave the Treasury unsupervised authority to expend funds as they see necessary without Congressional oversight!  How much is that costing the American people?  Inflation? Interest? Unaccounted Spending?

Bob, quit playing politics and speaking out of both sides of the mouth.  It is time that you be up front and honest about your positions to the people in your district.  We deserve a true representative and not someone who changes their ways to get re-elected.

By the way, we are looking to order a batch of our very own “Bob Inglis” flip flops.  We’ll let you know when they come in.

Too Little Too Late for Bob Inglis

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Congressman Bob Inglis

Representative Bob Inglis has turned into a fire-breathing conservative as of late, revision 3.0?  Just a few short months ago he was beating his constituents up with health care, accusing those of us opposed as willing to leave someone to bleed to death on the hospital steps. My… how he has changed his tune.

Most just naturally assume; Bob has four challengers so he has to swing back to the right in order to win.  Maybe it goes a bit deeper.  I have been told Bob’s poll numbers are down to 35%.  I have no reason to doubt my multiple sources, but rather surprised he has that much support.  The recent WORD poll following the debate had Bob only pulling 5% of the vote. A debate the other night in Fountain Inn with about 200 in attendance had Bob winning only 7% in the straw poll following the debate.

For the sake of this article, let us assume that the 35% is completely accurate.  This means nothing less than Bob is finished politically and here is why…

I have heard much discussion lately that there are too many opponents, and that the field needs to be narrowed in order to beat Bob.  The fact that Bob has this many opponents demonstrates how vulnerable he is, but with all due respect, the Primary Election in South Carolina is for the very purpose of narrowing the field.

To win a Primary Election you must get 50% plus one vote.  That is one single vote over the 50% threshold.  Let’s assume Bob get’s that full 35% of the vote and the other 65% is divided among the four challengers.  That 35% is Bob’s ceiling and that is not enough to win.  Whoever finishes second to Bob will go to the Runoff Election two weeks later. Just the two of them.  This is where Bob loses as his ceiling will remain 35%.

Basically, no matter how you slice it, Bob loses.  We’ve heard many rumors to the effect if Bob’s poll numbers are low enough, he will not file to be on the ballot.  Personally, there are many of us who hope Bob remains in this race because when he loses badly (and he will), Bob will never be able to come back. If Bob decided to lie out, things could play out like they did before where he will have not been defeated and he can pop back up after a couple of election cycles.  It is better he stays in and we put him away in this election once and for all.

All of this does assume Bob has that 35% to begin with.  Based on how things are going, the anti-incumbent sentiment will do nothing but grow.  Bob will not place first or second to be in the Runoff Election. We are expecting Bob to place no higher than third and could actually finish dead last at the rate he is declining.

Kelly Payne Relationship Revealed – What Does It Matter?

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Kelly Payne - Sup. Ed Candidate

Today, media outlets are reporting the sexually explicit emails of a relationship between Kelly Payne (candidate for Sup. Education) and Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom.

I for one am sick and tired of the media and public deeming the private lives of citizens, public or not, fair game.  Lets be real people, what the hell does it matter that Kelly Payne and Richard Eckstrom had a relationship!  Are we going to start announcing everyone’s affair to the mass public for us to oooh and ahhh over?

What is wrong with them expressing their sexual desires for each other?

How often do you share with your significant others your sexual desires via email or text message?

The person responsible for leaking these emails accomplished one thing and one thing only.  They have potentially ruined the careers of these individuals.  Payne’s teaching career will probably will come to a close because her private sexual messages were revealed to the public.  She could have returned to teaching had she lost her bid to be Superintendent of Education.  Now she will not be able to.

We don’t know what the repercussions for Eckstrom will be.  We have heard rumors of candidates jumping into this race and they will probably hurry to it now this so called “scandal” has been revealed.

Politics aside, the individual who hacked her emails is officially a criminal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Our advice, don’t forget to change your passwords!

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