New BMW X3 Causes Bomb Scare in NYC

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American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

With tensions on high in New York City, New Yorkers are keeping their eyes out for the least little thing.

This time, a brand new BMW X3, that will be built here in Spartanburg, SC, was the source of the scare.

Reports state that a BMW executive forgot to turn the car off before leaving it parked outside of the American Museum of Natural History.  The new X3 was wrapped in heavy camouflaging to disguise it from the public which further fueled speculation outside of the museum. As to what he was doing, some say he went for a stroll in Central Park while other reports claim he was having a picnic with a girlfriend.

Police knocked the rear windows out of the vehicle while trying to determine if the car was a threat to the public.

Check out the new BMW X3 at

Audra Shay Resigns as YRNF Chairman

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Audra Shay, YRNF Chairman

Audra Shay

After a turbulent fight last year to somehow win the Chairman’s post of the Young Republicans National Federation, Audra Shay turned in her resignation today.

For those of you who don’t remember, Shay was caught up in the middle of a racial controversy over some comments made last summer by a friend on Facebook.

The friend referred to “Obama as a terrorist” and that we “need to take the country back from these mad coons” in which Shay responded with “You tell em Eric! lol”

Shay sited that the stress of a national organization with no salary and no support organization as a part of her reason for leaving.

“Recently the stress of running a national organization has begun to take a major toll on my personal, and professional, my health mentally and physically.  The responsibilities or running this organization without a salary or full time staff has become overwhelming.”

You can read her full resignation announcement at The Atlantic.

From sources we have spoken with across the nation, there is still a large division in the YRNF after the elections last summer that have yet to be ironed out.  So much so that several members of the National Committee were not notified of her decision before the cat was let out of the bag.

I hope that the new leadership can mend that gap and continue to make progress with the gains Shay claims in her resignation letter.

Special Programming

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Thanks to Wesley Donehue at Donehue Direct, he has aquired a “Bloggers Row” table for various SC bloggers at the SC GOP Silver Elephant banquet in Columbia, SC.

You will be able to follow events live via Facebook and Twitter and we will be interviewing various candidates throughout the night.  I hope to be able to provide a live blog during the keynote.

Karl Rove, former advisor to President George W. Bush will be the keynote speaker this evening.  Check back later for the details.

The Truth Will Set Christina Jeffrey Free

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Jeffrey Working for Rudy Giuliani

Folks, I do my best effort to provide accurate statements concerning the individuals I report about on my blog. I like to think that I am accurate 99% of the time and I update accordingly when I’m not.

With that said, since I broke the story concerning Jeffrey’s support of Giuliani several weeks ago, her supporters, family members and friends a like have graced this blog giving me hell.  Claiming I’m lying, someone has deceived me, etc.  They tell me I’m destroying a good candidate, trying to split the Tea Party up or this is just a flat out lie.

So if one news article wasn’t enough, you believe Mike Littwin from the Rocky Mountain Times made this up, then the picture above should answer all of your questions about the real Christina Jeffrey.

I was working on some other stories tonight and it dawned on me that if Mike Littwin interviewed her at the Spartanburg GOP convention, someone, somewhere had to have a picture of her.  Jeffrey never shies away from a camera (she will now), even when she is not invited (Upcountry Coalition Against Karen Floyd for example).

If there was one thing Rick Beltram was good at, he knew how to get media coverage of the Spartanburg GOP events.  The Herald Journal provides good coverage and a photographer typically follows Jason Spencer to scope out some interesting footage.  So I decided to browse the photo galleries of the Herald Journal, searching for Rudy Giuliani.

Enter Alex Hicks.  If you have ever had the opportunity to talk with him, he is an awesome individual and he taught me a lot about photography on our trip to DC for Obama’s inauguration, thanks Alex.  You still owe me a beer for saving your tail with your computer.

Hicks snapped the above photograph of Christina Jeffrey decked out in Rudy attire at the convention.  In attendance that day as well, Mike Littwin of the Rocky Mountain Times and Duncan Hunter.  If she was supporting Duncan Hunter as she claims to have in the March 5th WORD debate, why wasn’t she working for him then.

Jeffrey has Ray Moore swear up and down that she did not work on the Giuliani account but this picture speaks louder than any words.

I think it is becoming more clear that Jeffrey has some explaining to do to her closest supporters, Maria Brady at the Boiling Springs Tea Party, Brian Frank, Dean Allen and Ray Moore.  But more importantly, the people in this district.

It is time for Christina Jeffrey to step forward and address the lies she has spread concerning other campaigns and to tell the people the truth.

Picture:  Courtesy of Alex Hicks, Spartanburg Herald Journal

It didn’t take long for someone to take this picture and run with it, tying it to the campaigns use of E. Ray Moore statements that she never worked for him

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4th Congressional 2010 April Filings

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Ladies and Gentleman, the first quarter of 2010 has come to an end.  Look and see how your candidates are doing and vote in the poll below!

Bob Inglis

Donors: 132 itemized non-PAC donors $67,136.82
Contributions:  $103,837.82
Expenses:  $163,306.26
Cash on Hand:  $246,810.15

Inglis received a ton of money from PAC’s this quarter including CH2M Hill, Boeing, Caterpillar, Microsoft and the NRA.

Inglis also spent $81,000 at Brains on Fire in Greenville for various marketing strategies.  One of those expenses was for his outdoor marketing campaign ($49,000) that, in my opinion, sucks.  You see a billboard but don’t even know who it belongs to because his name is so small.  Inglis’ wife also pocketed $6,233 from the campaign as her salary.

Trey Gowdy

Donors: 200 itemized donors contributed $83,163.39
Contributions:  $97,297.39
Expenses:  $113,220.00
Cash on Hand:  $188,727.13

Gowdy’s largest expenses went to Warren Tompkins associates in Columbia; First Tuesday Strategies, On the Mark and Under the Power Lines collected $41,354.

If you are looking for a money battle for this seat, it is between Gowdy and Inglis.

Christina Jeffrey

Donors: 12 itemized donors  ($3,810)
Contributions:  $7,176.10
Expenses:  $16,539.55
Cash on Hand:  $6,897.83

Jeffrey spent $9,000 with Mountain Media based out of NJ for her radio ad and a survey.  Other expenses went to the Boiling Springs Tea Party (Upstate Printing & Publishing) in the amount of $1,541 and filing fees with the SCGOP.

Jeffrey has caught a lot of hell this quarter.  From her lying about who she voted for President in 2008 to being called about by another former campaign manager who claims she is now on #6.  Number six by the way is Dean Allen, who was unsuccessful at raising money for his run at Adjutant General.

Needless to say, she is sliding fast, only 3 of her listed donors this last quarter were from within the district.

Jim Lee

Donors: 18 itemized donors ($8,250)
Contributions:  $10,780.00
Expenses:  $12,887.08
Cash on Hand:  $2,039.65

Fundraising for the Lee campaign has picked up some with Jeffrey’s relevations coming to light.  With that said though, Lee only has $2,000 on hand and has debt due to Dark Horse Strategy Group for $7,767.

Most of Lee’s expenses were paid out to Dark Horse for consulting and materials ($7,661) and the SCGOP for his campaign filing fee.  They announced the hiring of a fundraiser earlier this quarter and Col. David Hunt has come to visit to.  Lee needs to pick up his fund raising efforts to help earn attention or he is in serious trouble.

David Thomas

Donors:  48 itemized donors ($27,900)
Contributions:  $29,390.00
Expenses:  $73,740.08
Cash on Hand:  $46,823.58

As we suspected earlier this year, Thomas spent a ton of money on advertising with WHNS, WYFF and WSPA.  How much?  $41,743  Considering the contributions he pulled, it doesn’t look like his Olympic advertising was all that successful.  Thomas has about $3,000 in loans out due to himself as well.

On the questionable front, Thomas received donations from Larry Marchant ($2400) who has been in some heat recently for, say drunk driving?  We don’t know Marchant personally but we have seen his name in the blogs recently.  Don’t know how this will affect Thomas in the end though.

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