YRNF-Better Future for Young Republicans?

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Young Republican National Federation

Young Republican National Federation

Recent events have made one wonder about the future of the Young Republicans on the national level. The first thing that goes noticed is that ORGANIZATION is needed, because of how the convention was run and how many issues were handled.

The first thing that I noticed was registration and credentialing, the biggest mess I have ever seen in my life. Only 4 of the SC delegates had name tags printed and were in the registration book, the rest of the delegation had to re-register. The credentialing for SC went very smoothly, but for the state of Texas it was a different story. The entire Texas delegation was not credentialed until almost 11:oopm Friday night due to issues with the credentialing committee.

The best part was the convention on Saturday morning which was supposed to have begun at 9:00am sharp, well if the rest of the week was a foreshadow it was not different because the convention did not begin until almost 12:00pm as there were still credentialing issues. What I want to know is, why weren’t people credentialed before 9:00am Saturday morning?  When the convention began, the debate began over what convention rules should be kept and what should be discarded. SC put on a show at this point, as we were number one in Parliamentary Procedure. Todd Kincannon, Adam Piper and Jay Ragley all showed off their skills and put SC on the map.

When it came time for the elections, it was a complete bombshell, as Team Renewal won every single seat on the executive board, Audra Shay’s team won several seats due to candidates from Team Next Level dropping out of the race. I will give credit to Team Renewal and Rachel Hoff as they fought a very good fight, and put so much hard work and effort into the campaign.

But if the convention is a revelation of the future, I am not sure if that is something to look forward to. Many people wonder why the RNC never has had a large affiliation with the YRNF, well it is because of spectacles like this past weekend that make the YRNF an untenable organization. When it takes 3 and a half hours with arguments over convention rules and whether or not there should be secret ballot or roll call, things get a little bit ridiculous.  When people are still being credentialed at 9am the time the convention should be starting, yeah people start to get a little antsy as to why they weren’t credentialed earlier that morning or the day before.

If this is what the future of the YRNF is looking like, I am not sure if many people will be affiliated with it for much longer. The YRNF proved to me that they can’t even control their people, why would anyone want to be affiliated with an organization that can’t control their people.

The YRNF, has a questionable future and it may have a very heavy impact on the young republican leaders in the United States (ie whether or not that future is succcesful or not).

MLB – All Star Game in St. Louis

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With Derek Jeter starting at shortstop and Mark Texiera starting at First Base there is no doubt in my mind that the AL All Star Team is a winner. Even better Roy Halladay is the starter. The rest of the lineup for the American League team includes Ichiro Suzuki, Josh Hamilton, Joe Mauer, Jason Bay, Michael Young and Aaron Hill. On the National League starting lineup is Hanley Ramirez, Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Ryan Braun, Raul Ibanez, David Wright , Shane Victorino, Tim Lincecum, and Yadier Molina.

In the first inning Lincecum walks Jeter(HBP)  and an error by Pujols allows Jeter to score the first run. Lincecum allowed two runs in the first, which didn’t look good for the National League team.  Michael Young starting at third base was a big surprise as Evan Longoria had an infection from a cut. First inning was a solid one for the American League as it was 3up and 3down. Looked pretty good there to begin with, but then the bottom of the second inning happened and the National League scored 3 runs. The 3rd and the 4th innings were pretty quick as no one got a single hit or on base.

The innings that followed were pretty quick, until the 7th where the AL gained another run. In the 9th inning Mariano Rivera in to close the bottom of the 9th.  As always he was the “sandman” and put the batter to sleep! With one strikeout and 2 plays in the field….and that ended it for the All Star Game 4-3 AL winning. This means the last 13 years have been dominated by the American League and have home field advantage again in the world series.

The game was the shortest since 1982 with a  time of 2 hours and 10 minutes, and Carl Crawford won the All Star MVP award. I must admit this wasn’t the  most entertaining All Star game I have ever seen in my entire life, but I’m really looking forward to the world series in October!

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